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  1. Game News -- Jan 18 2019
  2. UnrealPT has been removed from the marketplace by the author.  :RIP:
  3. Therefore, I've provided some mirrors for anyone who wishes to download both publicly-available versions of UnrealPT that were released on itchio prior to the takedown.
  4. To my knowledge, the author voluntarily removed it from download to mitigate the amount of attention they've been getting about this.
  5. I also put a readme and archive settings image inside the v1.0.7 archive for preservation purposes.
  7. All links are formatted to manually copy/paste to mitigate the preview feature of Discord cluttering up this #news section.
  9. Unreal PT Archive
  10. Initial Release - v1.0.0 @ Jan 6th 2019
  11. Download:!RQgkBCgI!TGkjIZWbMcyAGOE6ArdT58v-MrYBk35_Zlm-Nc4sNB0
  12. SHA-1: 0A76A0E8BDEC3760A06470AEF26ED662239D15E8
  13. SHA-256: CF013C9258257A196127139C2260AB53FA22B15F48B299DC5884215E52AE327B
  15. Fixed Release - v1.0.7 @ Jan 11th 2019
  16. ChangeLog/Readme:
  17. Download:!1VpG1CiY!1t6I5c1vn8y5NYTTXqDC1V1OUpNZD7EV0Xxcct26zmg
  18. SHA-1: 450C97498535A7A4053A65CBBE24389FCF2E4881
  19. SHA-256: C81980B7F1B8EC9329E575AEB0E0E8ED5692C100EAB214E2E4CCC97E00A5A337
  21. Both of these archives are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives v4.0 license:
  22. When attributing, please attribute the ORIGINAL author of UnrealPT (RadiusGordello):
  23. I don't need any attribution!  DO NOT alter the archives at all!  Please and thank you!
  25. I've added both SHA-1 and SHA-256 Hash Checksums to both of the files.  Enjoy!
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