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  1. newspapers
  3. Rosenberg, Howard.Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext); Los Angeles, Calif. [Los Angeles, Calif]08 Mar 1985: 24.
  4. ...hitVince hitMcMahon, who heads the prominent World hitWrestling Federation, and his loyal...
  5. ..."hitWrestling TNT," the supremely seedy, triumphantly tacky USA Cable show (5 p.m....
  6. ...mirrors the national resurgence of professional hitwrestling. It is TV's most...
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  11. newspapers
  12. The year in review: [METRO Edition]
  13. Minneapolis Star and Tribune; Minneapolis, Minn. [Minneapolis, Minn]28 Dec 1986: 05C.
  14. ...High became the first girl in California hitwrestling history to score a pin in...
  15. ...Scott Fusco of hitHarvard Twin Cities Marathon/ Men, Bill Donakowski; Women,...
  16. ...hitMcMahon. "And there I was with cheese dripping down my chin. I must have looked...
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  24. newspapers
  25. INSIDE NEW YORK: [CITY Edition]
  26. By Michael Fleming, Karen Freifeld and Linda Stasi.Newsday, Combined editions; Long Island, N.Y. [Long Island, N.Y]10 Oct 1989: 11.
  27. ... Major mat maneuver in the world of pro hitwrestling: Spandexsources...
  28. ...hitVince hitMcMahon-owned World hitWrestling Federation, have given notice that they will...
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  33. newspapers
  34. AIDS needle suit goes to trial: [FINAL HOME Edition]
  35. Tulsa World; Tulsa, Okla. [Tulsa, Okla]02 Jan 1990: 2A.
  36. ...World hitWrestling Federation impresario hitVince hitMcMahon and hitMcMahon's Titan Sports...
  37. ...a precedent that hospitals are liable when an employee is infected, said hitHarvard...
  38. begin today in the clash between Hogan, the 307-pound World hitWrestling...
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  44. newspapers
  45. Hitting the zebras is a 2-stroke penalty: [METRO Edition]
  46. Star Tribune; Minneapolis, Minn. [Minneapolis, Minn]26 July 1991: 02C.
  47. ...-time hitwrestling a sport or just bad theater? ...
  48. ...6 feet 1, 132 pounds and had a big nose, so he was called "Stork." At hitHarvard,...
  49. ...slip by World hitWrestling Federation owner hitVince hitMcMahon, in announcing tests for...
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  57. newspapers
  58. 3 optimistic Centennial graduates belie dreary `Lost Generation' label 1994 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATIONS: [HOWARD SUN Edition]
  59. Guidera, Mark.The Sun; Baltimore, Md. [Baltimore, Md]01 June 1994: 3B.
  60. ...for hitHarvard University. A high point of her Centennial years: the National Merit...
  61., track, hitwrestling and football teams. "If you have...
  62. ... Kevin Michael hitMcMahon Jennifer Lynn McManus ...
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  67. trade journals
  68. 40 under forty
  69. Dodosh, Mark; Bullard, Stan; Prizinsky, David; Mooney, Barbara; et al.Crain's Cleveland Business; Cleveland Vol. 16, Iss. 48,  (Nov 27, 1995): 25.
  70. in education from hitHarvard University, Mr. Brand has worked as manager of...
  71. ...of research that is top tier and is right there with the Stanfords and hitHarvards...
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