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  1. Remove unused CSS rules (205)
  2. 22.30KB (47%) of CSS is not used by the current page.
  4. cite, .citation cite.article, .citation cite.contribution
  5. .citation cite, .citation cite.periodical
  6. .hlist dl dl, .hlist dl ol, .hlist dl ul, .hlist ol dl, .hlist ol ol, .hlist ol ul, .hlist ul dl, .hlist ul ol, .hlist ul ul
  7. .hlist.hnum ol
  8. .hlist.hnum ol > li
  9. .plainlist ul
  10. .plainlist ul li
  11. .compact-ambox table .mbox-image, .compact-ambox table .mbox-imageright, .compact-ambox table .mbox-empty-cell
  12. .compact-ambox table.ambox
  13. .compact-ambox table.mbox-small-left
  14. .compact-ambox table .mbox-text
  15. .compact-ambox table .mbox-text-span
  16. .compact-ambox .hide-when-compact
  17. .rellink i, .dablink i
  18. .geo-default, .geo-dms, .geo-dec
  19. .geo-nondefault, .geo-multi-punct
  20. .longitude, .latitude
  21. .sysop-show, .accountcreator-show
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