Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. You brace yourself to be struck by Arcueid, only to suddenly feel her arms wrap around your sides and envelop you in a leaping hug! Of course, as Arcueid's intended target had been Morgan, this ends up causing her to collide into you with more force than she wanted, and she ends up slamming into you and landing directly on top of you! You hit your head on the floorboards as you go down, and end up dazing yourself momentarily while something smothers your face. The world is dark...
  3. "Oh no! Shinji! Are you OK" You regain your senses about twenty seconds later, to see Arcueid's concerned face looking down at you. The fact that she's not covered from head to toe in fairy blood reassures you that she wasn't planning on killing Morgan after all, though you have no idea why Arcueid is getting a dirty look from Sakura right now.
  5. Part 18
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