Henric and Alex XV (v1.2)

May 2nd, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous male knight / virtuous female squire, voyeuristic necromancer, rape, soul puppetry/body control
  4. When Kerran stole her senses of smell and taste and Alex was left only with her sense of touch, she was most bothered by the fact that she couldn’t even taste her own tears or even the misery snot that got in her mouth as it drained out of her nose. It wasn’t that she wanted to taste it, it was just awful that she could not, and she wiped her face on her sleeve and tried to wait things out.
  6. Hours of sensory deprivation felt longer. With time she started to hate her clothes and no position she could sit was comfortable. She tried to stand but felt Henric push her back down to the chair and clench her shoulder more tightly. The girl contemplated sleeping, but was too afraid of the dreams she might have, or the dreams that Kerran might give her.
  8. In the past it had rarely unsettled Alex to be alone. Some people went mad in solitude, but she could handle it well. She got bored just like anyone else whenever she was cooped up in Henric’s apartment healing, but being alone with herself had never been the issue.
  10. Was it possible that it was because she was a twin? Was that the sort of thing that she was being tested for here, to see how she handled the utter aloneness of senselessness? Because today, with only her sense of touch and Henric’s hand holding onto her shoulder, she felt very alone. And it was not a feeling that she remembered feeling. The girl found herself delving into memories for company. Memories of Henric were trash. Memories of Ellis calmed her, but seeing him ultimately made her feel bad for the weight she had put on his shoulders. She thought of Glenn and Micah, but felt distant from them. Her footsteps traced back, all the way back, all the way to her childhood and she thought about her brother. There were so few solid memories, but they were the only things that helped.
  13. At the end of the day, she felt a calming rush into her chest and an explosion of dazzle and noise in her mind, an intellectual riot until Alex could once again get a handle on her senses, open her eyes, and look at Henric and Kerran. She still felt like she was missing something somewhere, but felt with an innate certainty that most pieces were in place. She soon saw them distinctly and heard their voices. She could even very faintly smell Henric’s odor of iron and musk.
  15. They were talking. Still. They spoke of knights now.
  17. “Still as contemptuous as always of your chosen profession, I see,” Kerran said, stepping back to his table to pick up the little wooden puzzle and sit in a more comfortable chair by his fireplace. He took the toy apart and solved it a few times before he finished speaking. “Have you made any friends there yet?”
  19. “No,” Henric said. “And I don’t intend to.”
  21. Alex asked, “Was he always like this?” Immediately after speaking her throat felt raw and she was winded. Kerran laughed at the question and, Alex thought, he laughed to tease Henric.
  23. “Sour about buddying up? Yes indeed. He hated being a squire and he hates being a knight. What kind of work would you enjoy, Henric?” The men were grinning at each other over some private joke shared only between the two of them.
  25. Henric sat down in a chair next to Alex and ran his hand through her hair as he had been doing when she'd been deprived of sense. “Well, you know I’ve always said I’d have made a great king.”
  27. The squire barked an angry laugh. Her outburst was ignored and Kerran smirked to Henric. “Well that’ll be Roxanne’s job someday, won’t it? Once the little lady pretending to be a lord marries the princess.”
  29. “That’s not my name,” Alex said, letting her anger flare up so high that it started to creep out of her control. This was a button no one had pressed to annoy her before, and it triggered a very potent rage. “I’ve told you, I’m not Roxanne.”
  31. Though the men ignored her again, she saw a hard edge in Henric’s eye. It was very alien to him to hear Alex referred to by some other name. There was a moment of silence too long and she said, “Fuck you,” under her breath.
  33. At that, the men laughed together, and Alex stood up to leave but was wrenched back down to a sitting position by her knight. “Stay,” Henric told her as if she were his pet.
  35. She gave him an exceptionally hateful glare, but her own ferocity started to give her a headache and she gave up to just listen to the conversation. The only consolation came from within and she was at least able to reassure herself that knowledge was power, and she’d be there to catch it if anything important was said.
  37. The girl slumped in her chair. She would have much rather been outside playing cards with Aziz. He was a jerk who followed Henric around and he was a criminal, but he was a lesser evil who managed to have funny conversations. It amused her and endeared him to her that he was so worried about finding her a girlfriend, which was Alex’ last concern in the world.
  39. Outside, he had managed to pull Yorick and Ssazra into cards. Aziz was certain that Ssazra wasn’t cheating but absolutely convinced that Yorick was. Still, without evidence he would let it slide--he believed that a man who could cheat and hide it from him was a man who deserved to win the game of cards. And Yorick had been winning for a few rounds now, judging by the tallies that Ssazra had been carving into a tree to keep track of their score and the growing pile of gold before Yorick..
  41. The three inside the tree dome were oblivious to their fun and games, but it didn’t stop Alex from wanting to leave. Eventually she waited for a lull in conversation and asked Kerran, “Can I use your bed?”
  43. He blinked. “To sleep? Fine. It’s not like I use it.”
  45. “Thanks,” she muttered, but when she got up she felt Henric’s hand snag the back of her dark red tunic and pull her back. She complained, “Seriously?”
  47. He pulled her back to him, awkwardly making her fall to sit on his lap. Immediately his arm wrapped around her waist like a belt to hold her in place against him. “Seriously,” Henric confirmed in her ear.
  49. She leaned back against him and tried to dig her tailbone into his groin, but was unsuccessful in making her knight uncomfortable. She rested her head back on his shoulder and glared at the ceiling, feeling fatigued even from that small point of defiance.
  51. “And you were complaining to me,” Kerran said with a soft chuckle. “I remember weeks ago you complaining about having to fight her and make her bleed until she was senseless.”
  53. Alex set her jaw. Being mocked by Henric was bad enough, she didn’t appreciate being mocked by his mentor as well.
  55. “She’s a faster learner than I took her for,” Henric said. It was anything but a compliment.
  57. “It’s not like he doesn’t already watch us,” Alex muttered. Her lips were close enough to Henric’s ear with her face pointing up.
  59. “Of course he watches,” Henric said. He lay his free hand on Alex chest, over the wraps that made it as close to flat as it could be.
  61. “Of course I watch,” Kerran echoed and nodded in agreement. His brown eyes had warmed up and Henric saw the light from the fireplace dancing in them. But his next words were a touch colder. “There are downsides to being me. One of them is that I can’t really participate.”
  63. You don’t deserve to be able to fuck anyway, Alex wanted to tell him, but she kept it to herself.
  65. “He’s been very kindly keeping tabs on me every since I was a boy,” Henric explained.
  67. “Not every single moment of course, just off and on when I have the time,” Kerran said, picking up casually where Henric had left off. The simplicity with which they seemed to work as a team in speaking reminded Alex again of their physical similarities, this time how close their voices were. Kerran’s voice was just scratchier, deeper, a tad more deliberate. A man who had smoked a pipe too often in his youth, perhaps. “I wouldn’t mind seeing it in person.”
  69. That was the first time that Alex really thought over the idea of being watched while Henric raped her. It was one thing from a distance with magic, that seemed to her much the same as if he had been told what had happened. But in the same room...
  71. “I believe I could arrange that,” Henric said, and he stood up, forcing Alex to stand as well on weak legs that nearly gave out. She had to lock her knees to stay standing, and pleaded to Henric with her eyes for him to let her leave. He saw the wavering and initial buildup of tears in her blue eyes. The desperation, a caged animal that was whipped every day for reasons it did not understand.
  73. “A-are you serious?” she asked Henric. “You’re just going to do what he says? Him? He’s--”
  75. “I’m not doing what he says, Alex,” the knight replied sternly as he unbuckled Alex’ belt with practiced ease. Her hands covered his hands but she was too weak to even make it a challenge or him. “I’m doing what I want to do. Kerran and I just tend to be on the same page.”
  77. With Alex’ jaw dropped at Henric, it was easy for Kerran to get up silently and step up behind her. Hands far too warm to be dead--and too calloused besides--found the hem of her tunic and pulled it backwards over her head. It made her twist back and made her short hair fly in odd directions. She didn’t have a chance. This would be another in a long chain of dehumanizing things that Henric would continue to do to her until she became a knight, or until she turned him in and gave up on everything. Or until she was able to do something about it.
  79. Henric unwrapped her breasts. Kerran pulled her pants down. Henric stepped on the toes of her boots to make her pull her feet from her shoes. She nearly fell backwards, but Kerran caught her and on his chest as Henric sat back down in his chair with an extremely prominent bulge showing at the fork of his legs. He was excited enough that he shape of his cock was fully distinct as it pressed against the fabric. He was excited by a new situation, the opportunity to flaunt Alex and show off her pert body performing his favorite function.
  81. “Let me get these for you, Roxanne,” Kerran said, hooking a finger into Alex’ panties and pulling them down. She smelled him now, hovering behind her like Henric loved to. The necromancer smelled of wet, tilled earth, of cut grass, and of sulfur buried underneath. His fingers grazed the horizontal scar between her shoulderblades and then snatched at tendrils of her soul. She felt him pull them back tenderly, stretching them out while still toying with them. He took the breath out of her and assumed control.
  83. Playfully, Kerran stepped back and played games with the threads of Alex’ inner self, weaving and twisting the little connective lines around his fingers like a child playing cat’s cradle. The girl felt this for the violation that it was, the quick shifts of Kerran’s fingers disorienting her or making one of her hands twitch when he put pressure on certain spots.
  85. Under other circumstances Henric might have been jealously protective of Alex and wouldn’t have liked her to be touched, but so long as he felt he controlled the situation and had the final say, it was more as though he was giving Kerran a gift by letting Kerran participate in what little ways he could. Henric beckoned to Alex with a single finger.
  87. With a few twitches of his fingers in turn, Kerran gave Alex a nudge and she weakly stepped to Henric. The knight pulled her to straddle him in his chair, and the heat from his crotch sent her body wild as soon as she sensed it and a full-body flush crept down from her cheeks. Kerran paced a quiet circle around them.
  89. Alex had little time to decide what to do. Her birthday was soon. She doubted Kerran knew what she had planned. He would have told Henric if he knew, and Alex thought that she still had a good chance of getting away with her plan. But if she fought Henric too much here, he wouldn’t believe the lies she planned to tell him in the coming days. Yorick would have been proud of Alex’ machinations.
  91. Henric stroked Alex’ chin and kissed her briefly on the lips.
  93. “She resists her instincts,” Kerran commented, and stopped pacing. “Her body wants her to be turned on. But she tries her best to not be. Poor, poor little girl.”
  95. Rat, Alex thought, and she gave the necromancer a dirty look. He quickly forced her to look back at Henric.
  97. “Well,” Henric said, watching Alex’ head twitch as she tried to fight Kerran. “Help her body along, would you old friend?”
  99. Alex seized up on Henric’s lap and groaned as a heat rose up from between her legs, and she leaned forward against her knight. Immediate arousal instantly pulled her to the peak of horniness and held her there steadily.
  101. “You bastard,” the squire grunted at Kerran, panting as Henric’s hands dove between them to undo his pants at long last. He was sick of waiting, and he became absolutely unable to stand by any longer now that she was panting and red in the face.
  103. The girl wanted to grind her hips on him, but Kerran’s magic held her in place. Clear fluids slid out of her while she waited for Henric--and she did find part of herself wishing he would hurry up so that he could relieve this pressure that Kerran had forced into her.
  105. “Oh young one,” Henric said as he looked at the girl’s pink cheeks and the way her eyes were focused in the far distance. “You’ll enjoy it.”
  107. The sick part was that all three people in the room knew that was absolutely true.
  109. Henric stroked his member a few times before moving it to slide between Alex’ dripping labia, to tease her now by rubbing against her clitoris. He told Kerran, “Don’t let her finish yet.”
  111. “I wouldn’t dream of it,” Kerran said with a smirk. He held Alex still, keeping her from pressing herself desperately to Henric so she could orgasm and relieve the pressure. She was a prisoner of Kerran, of her own body, of her own arousal. It was almost painful, how swollen her little pink clitoris and labia were, and every time her heart beat she felt an excruciating throb deep inside as her tunnel demanded to be filled by any means necessary.
  113. “So wet,” Henric teased his squire as she smeared his erection, his balls, his entire crotch with her excitement. The whole room was coming to smell of sex thanks to her. “You must be ready to cum soon.”
  115. She didn’t want to dignify it with an answer, and continued struggling against Kerran’s magic to try to relieve herself of the burden he’d placed on her. The head of Henric’s thick erection pressing and rubbing against her clitoris as it throbbed did not satisfy her, it only made her feel more desperate.
  117. “Give me a kiss, Alex,” Henric offered. “And I’ll fuck you properly. I know you want it.”
  119. Kerran eased his grip on Alex but stayed alert in case she tried to pull away. The girl looked to Henric with desperation and shame. The sooner she cooperated, the sooner things would be over. She leaned forward and placed her trembling lips on Henric’s, ignoring that his short beard scratched at her face. One of his hands squeezed at the meat of her thigh, the other cupped her face as he parted her lips with his own and they kissed.
  121. And they kissed deeply. Alex shut her eyes and let him force his tongue into her mouth, let him nip at her and spar with her tongue. But she had to stop him after a while and said, “Please, Henric, please I can’t handle waiting any longer...”
  123. “Sir Henric,” Kerran corrected Alex for the knight, and earned himself even more of Alex’s disgust while Henric sniggered.
  125. But she did rephrase nonetheless when she begged him again, “Sir, please…”
  127. “Please, what?” he asked, and trailed a finger down Alex’ face, tracing the path of one of her tears, then bringing his finger to his lips to lick at the salty stuff.
  129. “Please fuck me,” she whispered, hoping that only he would hear her, and take pity on the fact that Kerran was messing with her body. They were not words she had ever wanted to say. She pressed her face into his neck, defeated, knowing she wouldn't be able to bear whatever expression he wore on his face.
  131. “Of course, young one,” Henric purred smugly into her ear, and he slid his entire cock inside of her. When fucking Alex, his erection felt like it was at home. There was no better place, no better warm, wet, squeezing, pulsing crevasse he would rather have buried his dick than in the young squire with her curvy hips and deceptively large breasts. He’d fucked her so hard, so often, in so many different ways that he would almost have been willing to believe that her pussy was now molded specifically to the gentle upward curve of his throbbing member now. If that was possible.
  133. Alex held onto his tunic as he pumped a few times inside of her and waited for an orgasm that didn’t come. With each upward thrust of Henric’s her eyelids fluttered and she expected to cum. But Kerran’s grip on her soul, holding her like a dog on a leash struggling to run after a cat, kept her from pleasure. She felt him reeling her back, and looked up from Henric’s neck to see the Necromancer leaning against the wall and playing with the threads of her soul like toys still. He smiled like a jack o’lantern and stepped closer, spooling up the give of the soulstring around his index finger. He walked in close until he was right behind Henric, and Alex’ face was level with his abdomen.
  135. “He won’t let me cum,” Alex complained in Henric's ear. It was a sad state of affairs when she needed to beg him for anything, but the girl was desperate with discomfort. It was an added slap to the face. “Henric, I’m already naked, I’m already doing what you want, he doesn’t have to be doing this.”
  137. “No need to act like I’m not in the room,” Kerran said as though offended. He tugged at Alex’s puppet strings and the wind rushed out of her lungs.
  139. Henric stopped his passionate motions to recline in the wide chair and lay his hands on Alex’ thighs. Kerran was being immature by taunting Alex unnecessarily. Normally, taunting Alex was great fun, but in this particular case he believed that it was making her less cooperative and would ultimately be disadvantageous. He gave his mentor a look that asked him to at least try to not complicate things.
  141. If you say so, the necromancer emoted with a shrug. He circled around to stand in front of Henric and behind Alex.
  143. Kerran let a single string of the girl’s soul go, and it snapped back to Alex like it had been made of elastic. Instantly, the squire came and held Henric as tightly as possible with her hands and thighs and vagina, clutching him just like he always wanted. The force of her orgasm left her unable to control her reactions, and it took both Kerran and Henric to hold her still and keep her from bucking too hard.
  145. Alex cried softly. Her mind felt scrambled moreso now than ever, and didn’t bother to say anything now. She was already so humiliated, she didn’t think things could get worse for her.
  147. She was just how Henric liked her. Helpless, and with his cock as far inside of her as it could be. The squire was riding out the last waves of her orgasm, spasming every few seconds or so. Henric felt her nails through his tunic as she gripped him, and he stroked her hair while she panted and shed tears against his neck.
  149. Henric smiled at Kerran. “Was that satisfying for you?”
  151. “As satisfying as watching gets,” he replied. There was an edge of resentment and disgruntlement to his tone, but neither were aimed at Henric. “If you’re ready to be done, no need to hold off for my sake, Henric. I’ll be able to watch other times.”
  153. The knight nodded to his mentor and turned his attentions back to Alex as Kerran went to his papers at the table on the other side of the room. “What do you say, young one, one more kiss?”
  155. “Do I have to?” she asked under her breath. She received her answer in the way he grabbed her hair and turned her head to his, and pressed his lips to her mouth. Tired, unfocused, sloppy, disgusted, Alex reciprocated only because she feared what might happen if she did not. He groped at her breasts and bounced her a few more times in his lap, and finally Alex felt the familiar pattern of throbbing from Henric’s cock inside of her as he came, and she felt the slight warmth as he poured upward.
  157. “Get dressed,” Henric told her. He finally sounded winded. “And you can go. I want to speak to Kerran privately.”
  160. The other criminals didn’t try to speak to Alex when they saw the squire leave the dome. Aziz saw the tear streaks and wondered what the boy had endured. Ssazra and Yorick had a better idea--with Ssazra feeling like a monster because he did not interfere and with Yorick feeling something like a sense of camaraderie with Alex.
  162. In this, Yorick was deluded. Yes, she had been raped by Henric, but he had also been a novice to the crime back then, experimenting with her body as much as his own when they had been Alex’ age. As unfair as it would be to try to measure the suffering of a person and compare it to someone else’s suffering, it would be more unfair to deny that Henric was worse to Alex than he had ever been to Yorick.
  165. Alex lay in the fur bed. She felt hopelessly alone. The world seemed grey to her, and time seemed either too slow or too fast. She thought it was probably a symptom of having her soul molested, and was worried that some unspeakable soul-grime from Kerran’s hands had found its way inside of her.
  167. She thought about her brother. Found herself anxious wondering about him, and found herself missing him. For the first time in a very long while, she was not at peace with his absence, and she was not at peace with being herself, being Alex.
  169. Ssazra came to his tent after an hour. He went to the corner where his things were--piles of cloth wrapped around gourds full of powders and liquids, a books and journals that he scribbled by hand in a cipher of his native language, mixing utensils--and cleared his workspace so he could lie down on his stomach with his snout on his forearms.
  171. Alex smelled like sex and misery. She smelled like Henric.
  173. “Ssazra,” her voice came from across the tent. It seemed to travel low to the ground, creeping along like a cat in the dark to the lizardman’s subtle earholes. “How did you end up working with Henric?”
  175. “A few years ago he hired me to show him through a bog.”
  177. “What made you keep working for him?”
  179. Ssazra answered truthfully. “There is frequent work. It pays well and I get to travel and sell my chemicals. But more than those things I believe that great things are going to happen around him.”
  181. Alex cackled like a sick crow.
  183. “You may be one of those great things,” Ssazra said. He didn’t say anything else, in case Henric later found out. But he hoped the squire could experience some reassurance.
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