Half-Moon in Equestria 38

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  1. "Are you sure this is going to work?" Luna asks looking at you.
  2. "I dont't know, but if I'm wrong, nothing should happen, right?" You say after adjusting your tiara. Truthfully, your heart is pounding a mile a minute and your mind is filled with thoughts of all the ways this could go wrong. "Everypony ready?" They all nod, and you turn to Pinkie "If anything feels wrong, be sure to say so, okay."
  3. When she nods, the six of you begin charging the elements. The rainbow energy swirls around the group before shooting straight up. It curves back down, bathing Pinkie in its radiant power. Nothing happens at first, but then stone starts flowing up from her hooves, slowly covering her.
  4. Everypony looks on in horror, and a look of sadness crosses pinkies face, which becomes etched in stone as it finishes covering her completely. All around you clouds return to normal, Trixie's wagon returns to its regular state, all the apples AJ transforned revert back, and yet nopony notices.
  5. "She's... She's gone... I can't believe it..." Dash says, wings dropping while staring at the statue. Fluttershy is crying her eyes out and Applejack is fighting back tears. You, Trixie and Rarity are all stunned and Luna is much the same.
  6. Turning to Luna and grabbing her by the shoulders you start shaking her. "LUNA! WE HAVE TO REVERSE IT!" You shout "We have to save her!" She shakes her head, downtrodden "Come on.. There has to be..." With one hoof, you start weakly beating against her chest "theres gotta... theres gotta..." Her wings wrap around you and you collapse against her chest, crying.
  7. The others approach and you all share hugs, letting out your sadness. "Ah never thought she'd be the first ta go... She always seemed the happiest... The most full o' life." Aj chokes out between sobs.
  8. The sound of cracking pulls you all away from your moment and you see the statue that was one of your best friends crack and crumble to dust, which blows away in the breeze. "Th,,, Thats it. She's gone forever..." YOu sob, tears returning anew.
  9. "Who's gone?" A perky voice from behind you asks. Everypony spins around to see Pinkie, in all her poofy maned goodness standing there.
  10. In an instant, everypony was piled on her, hugging like there was no tommorow. "We though we had lost you." Rarity says while dabbing away tears with a hankerchief.
  11. "Well thats silly. The Elements didnt hurt me, they jjust made the chaos around me turn into stone." Pinkie says while giggling, until she looks around. "Awww... The cotton candy clouds are gone."
  12. You give a quick sigh before everypony giggles amd you all split up. "I guess I better prepare a letter to Anonymous and Celestia; that is unless Luna has other ideas."
  13. Luna smiles "Actually, Anonymous had something planned for when you managed to take care of the chaos. We will send for you and Trixie when everything is prepared." As she takes off she adds "We recomend you get dressed up, but not too much." She gives you a wink, before turning away and flying off.
  14. Before either of you can say anything you feel magic grab you, and Trixie is wrapped up as well. "We simply MUST get you two cleaned up for your date. Come, we are going to the spa." Both of you sigh before giving each other a small smile.
  18. Luna and Celestia not only Invited you to dinner in a private dinning room, but they hade you get all dressed up... 'Something must be up.' You think while straightening your tie. A few quick brushes through your hair and a go over of your suit and you find everything perfect so you make your way down to the dining hall.
  19. The doors open magically and you step inside. Everything has been altered, making the room appear smaller. The normally bright chandeliers have an opaque aura around them, muting the light and giving it a rose hue. Instead of the usual long banquet tables that normaly adorn the floor, there is instead only one, small table with two figures sitting at it.
  20. Behind you, the doors close and lock leaving only one place to go. Approaching the table, the two figures  turn out not to be Celestia and Luna, but Twilight and Trixie. Sitting in the available seat, you find yourself admiring their done up appearances.
  21. Twilight's usualy straight mane is done up with small curls, adding volume and appearance without detracting from her overall look. Her dress is a deep blue like the night sky, the hem adorned with stars. Around her neck is a silver chained pendant, adorned with the same half-moon as yours, and Trixie bears one as well.
  22. Trixies mane is lying flat with almost a wet look, but you can't deny it doesn't look good on her. Rather than her usual hat and cape, she is wearing a ruffled dress of the same color. The dress is plain, but it is accentuated by a belt with numerous tiny, sparkling gems in it.
  23. They both smile warmly at you, and you smile in return. "I take it there is good news, since we are here celebrating." You say, leaning forward slightly.
  25. Twilight's smile practically splits her face as she says "We did it! We got rid of the chaos!"
  26. "Great! Both of you." You compliment, reaching to scratch behind their ears, just like in the dream. Also like the dream, they lean into your hands, eyes closed in contention. "I knew I made a good choice when I chose you to wo be my students and frieds.
  27. "Do you think maybe..." Trixie starts.
  28. "...We could be more than friends?" Twilight finishes, and they look over at you hopefully.
  29. Pulling back, your hands run gently up the length of their horns teasingly and you say "We'll see if you two can get through dinner first." As if on cue, dinner carts are rolled in by a unicorn with a pure white coat and a faint pink mane. The girls manage to control their bushes as the trays are levitated over.
  30. As the three of you begin eating, you take the time between bites to ask "How did you figure out who was the host? After having been locked away so many times, I would guess it was good at hiding."
  31. Twilight and Trixie explain all about when and where the chaos appeared. They explained how it seemed to follow the Elements of Harmony specifically, more pronounced effects appearing where there were multiple of them in close proximity.
  32. "But that alone wasn't enough." Twilight says, finishing her meal. "What made me realize it was Pinkie who was the host was what the chaos was. The cotton candy clouds were a Discord favourite, and a favourite of Pinkie as well. If you add in the candy growing everywhere and apples turning to oranges, its all things Pinkie loves."
  33. You nod "Of course. It was attached to her subconcios, and it expressed itself through that."
  34. "How do you know that Anon?" Trixie asks as dessert is brought in by a deep blue unicorn with a lighter blue mane.
  35. Accepting your plate you reply "It is similar in alchemy. There have been a couple cases of sleep alchemy, and it often brings up subconcious dreams or desires. With concious alchemy it can pop up too, usualy in the form of aestetics." They look at you confused so you elaborate. "You may not have seen it, but in combat, alchemy is usualy done with as simple a circle as possible. The resulting weapon or effect often carrys some of the aestetic principle of the alchemist, even though it is often not intended."
  36. "Do you think you could show us?" Twilight and Trixie ask.
  37. The blue unicorn returns to take the dessert plates away and you say "Thank you Luni" and with a whisper add "For all of this."
  38. As she carts the tray out, you hear a voice in your head say 'You're welcome, but its not over yet.'
  39. The white unicorn enters and says "Your room has been prepared for you and your guests." so the three of you rise.
  40. "Shall we go?" You ask, and they nod in agreement. They take up positins on either side of you, and you drape an arm on theur shoulder, holding them close. Leaning against you, they both give small mental cheers and you soon arrive at your room.
  41. Opening the door reveals your room is lit much like the dining hall, a faint rose color leading to a romantic feeling. Celestia and Luna appear behind you, and their magic pushes you all into the room. As they close the door you hear them say "Enjoy yourself kiddies" before the door closes and locks.
  42. Turning to the girls, you can see their blushes so you kneel down and pull them both into a hug. "We don't have to rush, my special someponys, but whatever we do, it looks like we are stuck here for tonight."
  43. A brief glance is shared between them, and they smile "I think we can think of something to do." Twilight says, before locking lip with you.
  44. The moment Twilight breaks off, Trixie dives in. When she lets go, she says "I am inclined to agree." Behind you, you can hear giggles through the door, o you take the lead, one hand gently wraps around Trixies horn as you take over Twilights lips with your own.
  45. Tonight is going to be fun.
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