Said and Done

adefrederico Mar 26th, 2019 77 Never
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  1. Said and Done
  2. -------------
  3. Andrew Defrederico - 2019 Mar 26 21:41
  6. My life has been wrote
  7. Pen and paper makes the will
  8. To do more when there's more
  9. To be done, helping the sun
  11. A give back to the throwback
  12. Satchel in carry, behind when
  13. You're all alone, it wakes
  14. Wakes you, in heat for the evening
  15. Complete
  17. Let it be, to the self, an apology
  18. One you can't forsake
  19. Come for more
  20. when you shouldn't take
  22. Let it be, to you, an apology
  23. Knowing me
  24. One of them can't be known
  25. And the death is all around
  26. Of the flowers, beauty, I see
  27. It's one less mistake
  28. I have as an endeavour to bestow
  29. Make it known
  31. My life has been a whole lot
  32. Writing the deeds to be done
  33. And there's more
  34. More of me on the run
  35. For the will
  36. To be said and done
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