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  1. Yeah, uh-huh,
  2. Uh-huh, been awhile,
  3. It's good to see you, how you been?
  4. Yeah, we're back!
  6. How long has it been?
  7. Hope I'm not dreaming,
  8. Looking good too aren't you, it's time to unwind.
  9. Eager to catch your smile, ain't shown it in a while.
  10. So set free the mind!
  12. Remember the times,
  13. How we laughed and joked around.
  14. (Yeah the soul is unbound!)
  16. It's party night!
  17. No need to hold back anymore.
  18. Only night.
  19. What are you waiting for?
  20. Vivid night.
  21. Let it all go and rock the floor!
  22. Come a little closer, lend your hand!
  23. (Burn my dread!)
  24. Don't need no words, we'll dance the night away together.
  25. Passing hours, embrace the feeling forever.
  26. It's all ours!
  27. Till the gradient sky signals closure.
  28. Come on, don't be shy now.
  29. Won't you take my hand?
  30. (Burn my dread)
  32. Been a long time coming, nothing but love baby,
  33. Going way back, back when we were bunch of teenagers.
  34. Things done changed, from back in the days,
  35. However things as tight as this never ever changes.
  36. Leaving y'all wasn't easy!
  37. But for the better good, much needed.
  38. Tonight's the night, reunite, party over here!
  39. No mass destruction needed!
  41. Wherever you are, we'll meet again.
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