SCP Ennobled

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  1. Welcome to <color=yellow>Ennobled</color>, the official server of Mr. Noble!
  3. <b>Join our <link=""><color=#7289DA><u><size=+1>Discord</size></u></color></link> to get more info!
  5. <size=15><color=green>Rules</color></size>
  6.    - Respect Staff decisions
  7.    - No teaming with enemy roles with intent to prolong the game or killing allies.
  8.    - No camping out rooms for long periods of time.
  9.    - Don't harass others. We all love each other, maybe.
  10.    - Music playing through mic is allowed, just don't be hurt that everyone might mute you if you don't play some gucci Lil' Pump.
  11.    - Hacking results in instant ban.
  12.    - Cheating/Glitching may get you kicked/banned.
  13.    - Screaming on the mic when there's no jump scare is a no-pass, re-class. Go directly to Jail. Do not Pass Go. Do not collect $200.
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