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  7. * In general, the FirstInstallmentWins of any given work, regardless of the genre. Saying that you prefer a sequel, adaptation, or cover version is one way to get a lot of folks riled up in all but a relative few cases.
  8. * Shipping is bad enough. But you must have a steel pair of balls/ovaries if you admit that you ship ''both'' pairings of a LoveTriangle, or that you ship the main character with his token love interest ''and'' with his [[HoYay best friend]], or that you like a [[ShipTease teased]] pair as a couple ''and'' as just friends, help you God...that you ship a ''threesome'' with a LoveTriangle. You will be flamed to death by ''all'' sides of the shipping wars, provided of course that their heads don't explode at the idea of someone shipping two opposing ships at once.
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  12. * Try saying you like any [[SubbingVersusDubbing dub over the subbed version]], or sometimes even the sub over the dub to any Anime fandom. Even if you prefer the ''manga'' version. [[CowboyBebop There are]] [[FullmetalAlchemist a few]] [[{{Baccano}} exceptions]], but they're exceedingly rare.
  13. ** For MassiveDamage, if the series in question [[DubNameChange had the characters' names changed in the dub]], try to say that you prefer the changed names to the original ones.
  14. ** There's a bit of tension between preferring scanlations and official translations released as well. Saying that you prefer the official translation (especially if there are [[DubNameChange name changes]] or minor/massive {{Bowdlerised}} edits can be heretic on a fan forum, especially if said forum is strongly connected to scanlation groups.
  15. * ''{{Naruto}}'': never mention that [[AntiVillain Itachi]] wasn't...much of a hero. You WILL be dogpiled by his rabid fans who bring up the databook as proof of his...heroics. Oh, and don't you dare mention to Uchiha fans that the Uchiha brought their execution upon themselves-you'll be labeled a person who supports 'genocide' and dog piled. And finally, don't mention that [[CompleteMonster Madara's]] claim that the Uchiha were discriminated was false. ALL of which will get you dogpiled by the rabid, deluded Uchiha Fanbase.
  16. ** Yeah, but no one remembers Sasuke's elderly uncles, who were cool people. Apparently, being nice doesn't compete to being HotShounenMom, so they conveniently ignore these two characters' existence and say that all Uchiha, except for Mikoto, deserved to die. Because that old couple, like every other elderly and [[FridgeHorror possibly]] [[HarmfulToMinors child]] from the Uchiha Clan [[SarcasmMode clearly deserved to die]]! Also, don't say that most people hate the Uchiha Clan as a whole [[{{Hatedom}} just because they hate Sasuke!]]
  17. ** Try saying that Fugaku had too little show time for people to affirm he was a proud elitist, and that [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation he might have been an Reasonable Authority Figure that was worried about his family being exiled or, as occurred, massacred]]. Some seem to think that him being a hard and worried about his kids' training and his family's prosperity are the marks of an evil father, despite the fact they live in a CrapsackWorld that is in a Cold War of sorts.
  18. ** Saying anything remotely good (or voicing a neutral opinion) about Danzo is a great way to get a bunch of diehard fans bitching at you nonstop.
  19. * It's only okay for UC era ''{{Gundam}}s'' to be "hax", never '''ever''' point out the DoubleStandard involved when complaints are made about suits like the [[MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Strike Freedom]] or [[MobileSuitGundam00 00 Raiser]] being similarly superpowered, or say that you liked ''[[MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny Seed Destiny]]'', and definitely don't imply that UC era shows aren't the best ''Gundam'' shows EVAR! you '''will''' get a colony dropped on you. You ''might'' survive supporting ''GundamWing'', but only as a member of the herd of non-Gundam fans of the show.
  20. ** Gundam fans who didn't enjoy ''TurnAGundam'' are frequently derided as shallow for allegedly disliking the unorthodox mecha designs, even on this very wiki.
  21. * In the early days of ''{{Zoids}}'' anime fandom, it used to be heresy to confess to preferring [[ZoidsNewCentury New Century]] over [[ZoidsChaoticCentury Chaotic Century]]. New Century bashing largely died off when Fuzors premiered and became the fandom's new go-to bashing target; a sentiment that remains to this day. And woe be unto you if you say ''anything'' negative about Genesis...
  22. * ''{{Tsukihime}}'' fandom. Saying anything positive about the anime adaptation (other than the music) will provoke rage. For that matter, reminding people that "[[WordOfGod The canon ending of Tsukihime]] is [[CuttingOffTheBranches Arcueid's True Ending]]," will generally get you dirty looks. Also, saying that [[DemotedToExtra Satsuki]] should never get her own route.
  23. * Mercy be to the soul that says anywhere on the internet that the [[PokemonAnime Pokemon anime]] is in any way better than the [[PokemonSpecial Pokemon manga]], or better yet, the games.
  24. * Both people who seldom enjoy anime and the most obsessively devout of {{Otaku}} agree that not liking HayaoMiyazaki's films (or StudioGhibli in general) is a sign that you might be insane. Disliking ''CowboyBebop'', ''{{Akira}}'' or ''GhostInTheShell'' are also Fandom Heresies. ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' used to be considered something every self-respecting otaku should watch from beginning to end before they die, but ever since the AdultSwim NewbieBoom, deriding the series for being {{Emo}}, [[ContemplateOurNavels heavy handed]] and/or [[MindScrew cryptic]] has been a favorite pastime amongst [[ImageBoards /b/tards]].
  25. * Admitting that ''DragonballEvolution'' wasn't that bad, or even admitting to liking it will get you [[{{Understatement}} more than a few funny looks.]]
  26. * Never, EVER say you liked the [[MoeBlob new character design]] in the second season of ''HaruhiSuzumiya''. If you do by any chance, don't expose yourself to even more humiliation by saying you liked ''[[{{Ptitlei5gydjrz}} K-On!]]''. You have been warned.
  27. ** Also, saying Nagato Yuki is a [[NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei]] Clone will very probably get you in an argument with her fans - and you'll certainly lose if you haven't watched TheMovie or at least read the corresponding novel.
  28. * Mention that you dislike/hate Alucard on a {{Hellsing}} forum. The fans will ''not'' be pleased.
  29. ** Likewise, mention you thought the Anime was better than the Manga/OVA series will also piss off the fans, as well claiming you think ''both'' versions are good.
  30. * The ''SoulEater'' fandom will [[{{Understatement}} not be pleased]] if you mention you don't like Death The Kid.
  31. * In SomethingAwful, mentioning anything by Fumikane (''SkyGirls'' and ''StrikeWitches'') or anime with strong BrotherSisterIncest potential is going to be a death sentence. No ifs or buts.
  32. * Woe betide those in the ''MahouSenseiNegima'' fandom who don't like [[SchoolgirlLesbians Setsuna/Konoka]]. The results will not be pretty at all.
  33. * ''GunslingerGirl: Il Teatrino'' is inferior to the first season in every conceivable way. No ifs, ands or buts about it.
  34. * In ''SailorMoon'' fandom, ''Never'' pair [[SchoolgirlLesbians Haruka or Michiru]] with a male. You will be immediately bashed for homophobia, and that's only the start.
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  37. [[folder:{{Comic Books}}]]
  38. * If you're a comics fan, do NOT say that you think either ''{{Watchmen}}'' or ''TheDarkKnightReturns'' are overrated or -- heaven forbid -- not very good. Actually, never say anything bad about AlanMoore at all.
  39. * Try telling a fan of AlanMoore's comics that you like the film versions better -- or that you've seen the films and never read the comics.
  40. ** Try saying you didn't even find ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'' that good, or even saying that you didn't like it (Given the [[HypeBacklash ridiculously high pedestal it's placed on]]...)
  41. * There are certain comic book Web sites so protective of GrantMorrison that merely opining that a new comic he's written is good but not the best thing currently on the shelves will provoke a storm of hatred that will make you wish you'd just made a controversial statement about religion. Suggest that ''FinalCrisis'' was confusing and you WILL be branded a moron ''despite the fact that [[WordOfGod Morrison has said in interviews]] that it was SUPPOSED to be confusing.''
  42. ** Oh, try saying that you found ''ArkhamAsylumASeriousHouseOnSeriousEarth'' confusing and too [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic metaphysical]]. You'll be called a simpleton.Bonus points if you also complain about [=~Dave McKean~=]'s artwork. Points taken away if you criticize the story, but praise the artwork.
  43. * Tell any fan of Miracleman/Marvelman that you don't think Young Miracleman/Marvelman is gay, and that Marvelwoman/Miraclewoman only told Miracleman/Marvelman that because of her distorted worldview (she thinks everything is about sex) or an intentional attempt to drive a wedge between Marvelman/Miracleman and Young Miracleman/Marvelman. You'll be called a raging homophobe. This, of course, ignores the comic itself implied this.
  44. * If you are a member of the X-Men fandom, say you mildly dislike Kitty Pryde or just don't see what all the fuss over her is about. Your end will not be swift. Even if you think her [[spoiler: [[DroppedABridgeOnHim being stuck in a space bullet]]]] was complete bull, [[UnstoppableRage they will still rage]].
  45. ** "I like Emma Frost for Scott more than I ever liked Jean". Though, weirdly, you are allowed to (a) not like Jean Grey, (b) not like Scott Summers (hell, that's almost even part of the requirement for Wolverine-centric storylines [read: all of them]), (c) not like the drama surrounding their relationship. ...But you still can't ship those two over Scott/Jean.
  46. ** Whatever you do, ''do not'', under '''any''' circumstances, mention having anything less than total, universal loathing for every aspect of Chuck Austen's run. You will be eaten.
  47. *** Saying you liked TheJuggernaut as a good guy seems to be the one exception.
  48. * Saying anything positive about {{Spider-Man}}'s ''OneMoreDay'' (at least without a lot of qualifiers about how everything else about it sucks) would amount to a death sentence. Even the legendarily-bad storyline ''TheCloneSaga'' is safer. Almost as dangerous is admitting to liking Carlie Cooper, the new love interest (who most consider a RelationshipSue).
  49. * Saying that you like the Modern Age of DC Comics and/or saying that you didn't think that JLI and Young Justice was all that great online will brand you many negative things on the internet. Especially if you say it on scans_daily.
  50. * On some areas of the internet, saying that [[DeadSidekick Jason Todd's death]] was Batman's fault will lead to a zillion Batfans calling you an idiot and explaining that Jason Todd's own stupidity was the only thing to blame for his death. This in spite of the fact that Jason's death was canonically touted as Batman's MyGreatestFailure and was a major part of the Bruce's character development, until InfiniteCrisis and various re-tellings of that period opened the door for those RunningTheAsylum to have various characters vigorously dump on Jason Todd as a jackass who failed Batman.
  51. * Praising the trappings of TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks as "cool" or "deep", or liking the NinetiesAntiHero trope will provoke widespread ridicule from almost all comic fans, and you will be compared to slang-spouting, flannel-clothed, {{Doom}}-playing, Nirvana-blasting '90s teenagers.However, it also becomes stupid in some areas of the internet, where even if you only praise the DarkAge for its never-before-seen ambitiousness in characterization, plot development, and concepts; you will still be ridiculed, because the NinetiesAntiHero excesses were apparently the ''only'' thing that happened during the '90s.
  52. * If you are a female comic book fan, you are not allowed to dislike ''WonderWoman''. Even if the reason for your dislike has to do with things that are not remotely related to her gender, you are still not allowed to dislike her. If you do, you are a spineless self-hating wimp kowtowing to the patriarchy.
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  55. [[folder:{{Film}}]]
  56. * In ''StarWars'' certain characters are simply above reproach; a fan can easily get away with criticizing, say, Luke or Anakin, but say something bad about ''Yoda''. People who say they enjoyed the prequel trilogy more than the originals are treated as if they were about to go berserk by other fans of StarWars.
  57. ** Characters! Lessee... Jar Jar Binks was a well-intentioned substitute for Han Solo who didn't quite pan out and was a little annoying, but didn't really hurt the enjoyment of ''ThePhantomMenace''. Boba Fett was a faceless mook with no importance other than being the son of Jango Fett. There was nothing wrong with the Ewoks; in fact, they may have worked even better than Wookies because they were easier to see as scrappy underdogs against the mighty Empire. Watto had jumping jack crap to do with Jews. Grievous was more a bullying blowhard than an actual threat and it'd make perfect sense that he'd lose a straight fight to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Go ahead and offer these statements on a Star Wars board if you wish.
  58. *** That's not even getting into Ahsoka Tano. In some circles, if you even insinuate that she's slowly being RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap (starting in Season 2), hope your Force powers can repel InternetBackdraft. On top of that, if you even ''suggest'' that Cad Bane is slightly more interesting than Boba Fett? Make your jump to hyperspace and never look back.
  59. ** And the ''StarWarsHolidaySpecial'' [[OldShame NEVER HAPPENED]].
  60. ** Also, any mention of GeorgeLucas after the prequel trilogy's debut is practically troll-level guaranteed flamebait.
  61. ** No matter how much you love the series, to some ''Star Wars'' fans admitting ''any'' film is better than the original trilogy (especially ''Empire Strikes Back'') is equivalent to sacrilege.
  62. *** Hell, in some circles you can get [[TorchesAndPitchforks LYNCHMOBBED]] if you prefer ''anything'' more than ''Star Wars''. To some people, if you consider the series to be anything less than the central achievement of humankind, START RUNNING.[[hottip:* : You don't have to go far. This class of ''Star Wars'' fan isn't big on cardio.]]
  63. * Don't ever, EVER imply that TheJoker wasn't the best part of ''TheDarkKnight'' and that you wished Batman, y'know, The Dark Knight himself, got more screentime. The same happened in the case of Tim Burton's ''Film/{{Batman}}''.
  64. ** You can aslo be accused of FandomHeresy if you suggest that while Heath Ledger as The Joker was great, but thought Aaron Eckhart as Havey Dent/Two Face
  65. * And don't ask, no matter how innocent or well-meaning your question is, why [[BatmanBegins Batman]] [[spoiler:didn't even stretch out his hand to offer to save Ra's Al Ghul when he would go the extra mile to save the Joker]]. Even if you're just trying to justify in your head what happened in the movie.
  66. ** Or to save Two-Face, for that matter. Not that the movie didn't play up ThouShaltNotKill the entire time.
  67. ** Never suggest [[spoiler: alternatives to Batman taking credit for Dent's killings]] because obviously the way it ended was the only possible ending because Chris Nolan is perfect. Or suggest that Gordon saying that [[spoiler: Dent killed five people, or four if you include Dent in the statement "five dead"]] was a continuity boo-boo, because then you will be flamed with at least five [[WildMassGuessing theories]] as to why it's not a continuity boo-boo as though said theories were canon, also because Christopher Nolan is perfect. [[hottip:*: We only see Dent kill three people. Admittedly, some of the theories about the fifth dead person are more plausible than others, but most of them still leave the question of how exactly Gordon knows who Dent killed when he was obviously surprised to see Dent at all.]]
  68. * Want to get ''{{Godzilla}}'' fans to turn on you? Easy, just mention that you like the InNameOnly remake. Or ''Godzilla's Revenge'', ''Godzilla vs Megalon'', ''Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla'', or any of the other films often forked into the series' alleged DorkAge.
  69. ** Likewise, mention you like [[TheScrappy Minya]] or kaiju that never appeared in any of the movies be it video games, comics, or books; however, the ones in the cartoons are tolerated. The fandom will ''[[{{Understatement}} not be pleased]]''.
  70. * Do not go to a ''RockyHorrorPictureShow'' related fanbase and claim you hate [[TimCurry Frank N Furter]]. Doing so will not garner any pleasant results.
  71. * Like {{horror}} films? Great! Just don't mention to any other horror fans that you prefer a remake to the original version of a film. Most other fans will shun you for it. Unless it's JohnCarpenter's ''TheThing'' or DavidCronenberg's ''TheFly''. Those two movies are practically unassailable in horror fandom. With them, it can be argued that ''the reverse'' is true.
  72. ** Tell a group of fans of George A. Romero that you find the ''DawnOfTheDead'' remake to be a better and more enjoyable film than the original.
  73. ** The usual response by fans of '80s SlasherMovies to anybody who admits to liking ''{{Scream}}'' (or any other horror movie from the late '90s, for that matter) is this
  74. * ''Blues Brothers 2000'' seems to get a lot of hate in the ''{{Blues Brothers}}'' fandom.
  75. ** It's almost worth the watch for the amazing music - particularly James Brown and Sam Moore's "John the Revelator" (complete with gospel choir) and the Louisiana Gator Boys (basically every single big-name blues artist from the 20th century, including B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Dr. John, Bo Diddley, and Koko Taylor) doing "How Blue Can You Get". Unfortunately, anything without JohnBelushi would be heresy to Blues Brothers fans.
  76. * Tell fans of the original ''[[{{Airplane}} Airplane!]]'' that you think ''Airplane! II: The Sequel'' is a SurprisinglyImprovedSequel. Their reaction will ... not be favorable.
  77. * Nowadays, it's cool to say that ''TheGodfather'' is overrated and, in some circles, even ''CitizenKane'', but never, ever pick on a foreign classic like ''8 1/2''.
  78. * Movie fans, try saying that you think TheHangover was merely okay and NOT the amazing life-altering gift from God that everybody makes it out to be. For bonus points, express the opinion that it's gotten horribly overrated. You will be engulfed by stunned, horrified gasps from whoever you say this to.
  79. ** To make things even worse, try saying that you thought that Bradley Cooper's character was kind of a douche.
  80. * Saying that you liked ''{{Highlander}} II'', or even that you acknowledge its existence. There is a reason that the administrators on ThisWiki had to step in and tell people not to make pot-holes to FanonDiscontinuity.
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  83. [[folder:Food and Drink]]
  84. * Think Velveeta is a good quality cheese? If so you might want to keep that to yourself when discussing cheese with other cheese fans.
  85. * [[TwoWordsObviousTrope Two words:]] American beer. Don't talk about this in a discussion with beer fanatics.
  86. ** Only ''mainstream'' American beers. Prestigious American microbreweries like North Coast Brewing Co. and Dogfish Head are all the rage among beer snobs, and Mexican beer has a worse reputation than even the American market leaders--"Corona" is practically a synonym for "swill" among beer enthusiasts.
  87. * In foodie circles, admitting to using a microwave for '''''anything''''' other than thawing or reheating and you'll be anathematized within the hour.
  88. * In general, stating that you like the trimmings and fixings of a particular meal (the Thanksgiving dinner, for example) -- but not the main course (the turkey, in aforementioned example) -- falls under this. The view is so commonly held, it's often used as an analogy to claim why it's wrong to like other portions of a particular franchise -- but not the part that's most esteemed.
  89. * Try telling pizza enthusiasts that you like just cheese and pizza sauce on your pizza, and watch them react with disgust. As far as they're concerned, a cheese pizza is [[NoTrueScotsman not a real pizza]]. To a lesser extent, pepperoni pizzas and sausage pizzas may receive similar treatment.
  90. * Try liking an unusual combination of foods (such as cheese and jam on toast). Cue immediate flaming from anyone you tell.
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  93. [[folder:{{Literature}}]]
  94. * Want to find yourself an outcast among the fans of ''HarryPotter''? Go onto one of the discussion forums ([=FictionAlley's=], for example), and announce that you consider everything [[WordOfGod Rowling has said in the interviews]] to be canon. You'll be burned in effigy before you hit the "post" button.
  95. ** This depends on where you're posting. Other forums will eviscerate you for the ''opposite'' opinion, and others still just don't care that much. Of course, [[BrokenBase pretty much every opinion is guaranteed to piss off a sizable portion of]] the ''HarryPotter'' {{fandom}}. Also, don't ''dare'' say you dislike Snape.
  96. ** Or Luna. God forbid someone dislike Luna.
  97. ** Or Neville. And inverting this trend, [[AVeryPotterSequel Wizard God]] help you in some places if you dare suggest that being in Slytherin isn't synonymous with AlwaysChaoticEvil, and in others if you say that it is... (Knowing this fandom, of course, you could probably get the same reaction with Gryffindor).
  98. ** If you want the most violent and agonising death possible, say that you absolutely loved the ''DeathlyHallows'' epilogue.
  99. ** But most of all, never ''ever'' say [[Film/HarryPotter the movies]] are better than the books. Or that you prefer the earlier ChrisColumbus films to the latter ones. (PrisionerOfAzkaban is fair game, though, since it's a YMMV case).
  100. ** Go into any Harry Potter-themed website and say absolutely anything, positive or negative, about [[BaseBreaker Ginny Weasley]]. Chances are you will be ripped apart.
  101. ** Try criticizing Snape, even mildly, or saying that Lily '''wasn't''' an ''evil, evil harpy'' who shunned a poor misunderstood {{Woobie}} and the berserk Snape fans will probably demand that the Hague sentence you to death for committing a crime against humanity.
  102. * In Polish fandom it is heresy to admit to like ''{{Dune}}'' or ''LordOfTheRings'' in translation of certain J. Łoziński, commonly considered BlindIdiotTranslation. To be honest, it ''is'' generally bad, but some of the issues are arbitrary and some others sound not worse than in "official" translations.
  103. ** In Russian fandom, this role is assigned to Kistyakovskiy and Murav'ev translation of ''LordOfTheRings''. Their main fault is making a wrong guess and holding onto it stubbornly. For example, names are translated based on finding a single familiar-sounding syllable: Glorfindel is "glorious one", etc. If no familiar pattern is found, any minor character can be called "Thunderstrike". The root of conflict is that K-M translation is probably the most consistent one, and also the first that was widely distributed.
  104. ** In the German fandom, the translation of Wolfgang Krege fills that role. It was pubslished around the same time the movies came out and tried to take a more "modern" approach, e.g. Sam calling Frodo "Chef" (= "Boss") instead of "Herr" (= "Master").
  105. ** In the Spanish HarryPotter fandom, say that you like Salamandra's translation. I'll bring the popcorn.
  106. * It is perfectly okay (in some circles) to like the 2004 ''PhantomOfTheOpera'' movie, but don't you ''dare'' say you liked it better than the original novel. Say you didn't like the novel because [[CompletelyMissingThePoint the Phantom was too ugly]], and you'll wind up dodging [[FallingChandelierOfDoom falling lighting fixtures]] for the rest of your brief life.
  107. ** And even suggesting that you might like Raoul the same as or even, gasp, MORE than [[DracoInLeatherPants the Phantom]] WILL get you incinerated alive in some forums. Meh, screw it, God forbid you even THINK that Raoul is anything less than a {{Complete Monster}} who will ruthlessly abuse Christine who deserves it because she didn't get with [[StalkerWithACrush Erik]].
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  110. [[folder:{{Live-Action TV}}]]
  111. * Try telling just about ANYBODY who watches late night TV that you prefer JayLeno over ConanOBrien. Good luck.
  112. * Tell certain fans of BuffyTheVampireSlayer you like Kennedy. Prepare to die... slowly.
  113. * Go ahead, tell a ''DoctorWho'' fan you liked [[Recap/DoctorWhoTVMTheTVMovie the TV movie]] - if they haven't tried to strangle you, tell them you believe the Doctor really is half-human. Proceed to run like hell.
  114. ** For another way to piss off ''Doctor Who'' fans, mention that TomBaker sucks or badmouth DavidTennant.
  115. *** You might be able to get two of those past [[ItsPopularNowItSucks a select group of purists]] ''provided'' that you praise William Hartnell extensively.
  116. ** For most of 2010, the most dangerous thing you could do was suggest that Matt Smith's Doctor was superior to [[DavidTennant David Tennant's]]. Nowadays, it's a bit safer now that the Eleventh Doctor has grown into his own. Though a lingering annoyance that crops its head almost every episode is a random forum thread saying exactly how Tennant would have done it better. Best just to steer clear.
  117. ** Do ''not'' mention Rose Tyler as anything other than an awesome companion. Of course, it depends on which [[BrokenBase part of the fandom]] you're in. On Livejournal, it's generally the opposite way around.
  118. ** On the main communities it may be, but there are quite a few pro-Rose ones as well. In LJ, it's more of a case of look around before opening your mouth.
  119. ** Dare to badmouth StevenMoffat - at least at the moment. ''DoctorWho'' {{showrunner}}s have a tendency to become {{Scapegoat Creator}}s.
  120. *** For that matter, suggest that Russell T Davies was a better writer than StevenMoffat. Or that Moffat is a better writer than Davies. Some days you just can't win...
  121. ** Say [[ScreamingWoman Melanie Bush]] or [[TheWesley Adric]] were two of the best companions (pre-[[BigFinish Big]] [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap Finish]] in Mel's case). Go on. We dare you.
  122. ** Try to tell the fans that you liked the new redesigns for the Daleks/Cybermen/Practically any Classic villain brought back post-2005 or you liked the Slitheen. May heaven help you. Though the RussellTDavies era Daleks are probably safe, especially as ''they've'' since been redesigned.
  123. ** Say that you preferred the Ninth Doctor to the Tenth Doctor and Tennant's fans will probably try to impale you with rusty knives, even though both actors have left the show. When it's the other way around, Eccleston's fans generally just grumble amongst themselves.
  124. * In any place frequented by hardcore Trekkers, say you liked the latter three series just as much as ''StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' and ''StarTrekTheNextGeneration''. Woe betide you if you dare to like ''StarTrekVoyager'' or (especially) ''StarTrekEnterprise''; not so much with ''StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'', although there are haters of that series as well, for its darker take on GeneRoddenberry's "pure vision". Also, if you dare to bring up fault in any TOS episode that isn't "[[Recap/StarTrekS3E1SpocksBrain Spock's Brain]]", you will be incinerated.
  125. ** The Trekkies vs. Trekkers terminology debate. Tread carefully.
  126. ** Go to and say that you love Kes. Prepare to die very painfully. Especially if you add that you hate Seven. Ditto if you say you like Ezri or Wesley (However, Welsey hate does ''not'' extend to hating his actor WilWheaton. Badmouth ''him'' as a person on a Star Trek forum, and prepare to be squished into nothingness).
  127. * Mention having anything other than the utmost respect for [[TwentyFour President David Palmer]]. Now run away very fast. No, faster than that. ...try riding a cheetah and you ''might'' survive. If the cheetah doesn't hate you so much she eats you.
  128. ** Jack Bauer has become way more of a land mine topic. Say that he's anything other than a worthy hero and well....prepare to get slaughtered by your fellow fandom bretheren.
  129. * If you tell certain pockets of the internet that you like [[{{Lost}} Jack Shephard]] (or Kate, for that matter), expect to be shanked by ''someone''.
  130. ** Or if you say you hate Sawyer. Doubly so if you like Jack ''and'' hate Sawyer.
  131. ** Some forums hate all three and saying you like either one is a bad idea.
  132. *** Mention that the show itself is lost, and has been since season 3 (or maybe 2) and watch everybody swarm you and dismiss your complaints.
  133. ** Try saying you're a fan who doesn't love the final season or series finale. In one memorable incident, even co-creator Damon Lindelof got in on it and dismissed a fan parody of the final season by saying he was [[ "revoking" the creator's fandom]].
  134. * Many ''SuperSentai'' fans will shoot you down in flames if you suggest ''[[SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Shinkenger]]'' was anything less than spectacular, or ''[[EngineSentaiGoOnger Go-onger]]'' was anything other than a blight on the franchise. If the said fan hasn't seen any series more than five years old, be prepared to run for your life.
  135. ** Go ahead, go to any ''PowerRangers'' fansite and explain how Kat was a perfectly decent girl for Tommy to hook up with, and it was only Kim to blame for leaving and dumping him. I'll be here waiting for the nuclear fireball to reach into the sky.
  136. ** Within Power Rangers, there's certain seasons you're not allowed to like. If you say you're a fan of Wild Force or Operation Overdrive, sleep with one eye open.
  137. ** [[GodNeverSaidThat Scorpion Rain]] and [[PowerRangersWildForce Forever Red]].. Thread closed and you are nuked from suborbit.
  138. ** Or better yet, go to the most hardcore boards of either ''PowerRangers'' or ''SuperSentai'' (or even sites that are friendly towards both or toku boards in general) and ask which one or say that the other is better. Not even [[FanNickname Kalish]]-[[MadeOfExplodium plosions]] will describe the agony you will face.
  139. ** There are characters in PowerRangers and SuperSentai that you are absolutely not allowed to dislike. [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers Tommy Oliver]] and [[ChoujinSentaiJetman Gai Yuuki]] in particular.
  140. * Speaking of toku, ''KamenRiderDenO'' is a common source of hatred. Saying you like it more than other Kamen Rider iterations WILL reap undesirable results. [[KamenRiderDecade Decade]] as well, though not to nearly as much of a degree, but [[KamenRiderKiva Kiva]]... if you even mention that you didn't think it was ''that'' bad, you better hope you're immune to Rider Kicks.
  141. * Say that you believe Isaiah Washington was either scapegoated or didn't deserve to be fired from ''GreysAnatomy'' and watch the message board not just attack you, but ''[[BrokenBase each other]]''. Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight topics cause the same reaction.
  142. * Unless you're a glutton for punishment, never speak well of Bobby Flay to fans of the original ''IronChef''.
  143. ** Don't praise Bobby Flay around '''any''' professional chef other than Bobby Flay, for that matter, especially if said chef is within arm's reach of his knives. Unless, of course, the chef you are talking to when you do the praising ''is'' Bobby Flay. And if it is Bobby Flay you're talking to, don't you dare praise any other professional chef, especially if Flay is within reach of his knives...
  144. ** Speaking of IronChef, do not tell fans that you liked Iron Chef USA (the abortive UPN attempt, not Iron Chef America, Food Network's well received spinoff). Iron Chef UK is quickly gaining such notoriety as well.
  145. * Go to a ''WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' fan forum. Say you don't like Ryan, Colin, or Greg. Better yet, don't.
  146. ** Also, not hating Kathy is a sin and you should be ashamed of yourself if you think she was ever funny.
  147. *** Interestingly, on Youtube this seems to be completely reversed with regards to Kathy. If you're a straight guy, just TRY saying you don't think she's hot. Get ready for the thumbs down.
  148. *** Same goes for John Sessions in the UK version.
  149. ** While you're at it, say you don't think Wayne needed to be in every single episode.
  150. ** You think ''Drew Carey's Green Screen Show'' was a step in the right direction, or even better than the original? Mercy be on your souls.
  151. * Go on, tell a fan of the original UK version of ''LifeOnMars'' that you think ''AshesToAshes'' was better. If you really want to see them turn fun colors, mention that Alex ''isn't'' a two-bit hooker or that Sam was a crybaby. And badmouthing Gene Hunt is grounds for firing squad.
  152. ** You might survive the above depending on which corner of fandom you inhabit. However, if you say that the US version of ''Life on Mars'' was anything other than a steaming pile of shit, please have your last will and testament written out.
  153. * Killing off [[Series/RobinHood Maid Marian]] was a stupid, stupid, stupid decision. To think otherwise is to be a weirdo.
  154. * Fan of ''{{iCarly}}''? Try telling an avid Seddie shipper that you're a Creddie shipper. That may or may not turn out well. You'll probably hear one of them tell a Creddie fan about how they aren't 'true fans' as well.
  155. ** Or even worse, if you like ''{{Victorious}}'', and you prefer the pairing of Tori and Beck, tell that to a fan of the current pairing, Jade and Beck. Those guys are critical. Let me know how that turns out.
  156. * For a remarkably quick disembowelment, suggest to a ''LawAndOrder'' fan that Serena Southerlyn's SuddenlySexuality didn't offend/confuse/irritate you in the slightest. And that you liked her better than Abbie Carmichael. The fans will have your guts in ''seconds''.
  157. ** Or, for that matter, say you didn't care for Claire Kincaid.
  158. * Go tell fans of ''TheWire'' that you ''don't'' think it's the greatest tv show of all time, the results will not be pretty.
  159. * Say that you like the current [[NetworkDecay live action shows]] on CartoonNetwork. I'll be waiting.
  160. ** Or saying that "old school" Cartoon Network kinda sucked sometimes. Duck and cover.
  161. * To lose all credibility with ''{{Dexter}}'' fans, confess to sincerely enjoying the third season.
  162. * If you like the original ''TheWildWildWest'' TV show (or even simply think you [[NostalgiaFilter remember seeing the show a few times in your childhood]], don't ever say that the [[WildWildWest Will Smith movie]] was anything less than a blasphemous mess (make sure to mention the [[MemeticMutation giant spider]]).
  163. * Please don't make the mistake of mentioning to the average CriminalMinds fan that you're not overly enamoured of Special Agent Dr Spencer Reid. Blood is so hard to get out of the carpets.
  164. ** Also that forcing AJ off the show wasn't something that deserves having network execs strung up in front of CBS headquarters.
  165. * Try being a {{Smallville}} fan who doesn't mind the deviations from {{Superman}} comic book canon, or expressing the view that you ''liked'' the witches/lost artifacts storyline from Season 4, or saying that you ''don't'' think that every new plot development is a "retcon." Or, perhaps worst of all, try expressing the opinion that Chloe Sullivan is '''NOT''' the living embodiment of perfection. The InternetBackdraft will probably burn you to a smoldering crisp.
  166. * If you really want to test your nerve, try telling the average ''{{Glee}}'' fan that you don't think much of Lea Michele's singing voice. Just...try.
  167. [[/folder]]
  171. [[folder:{{Music}}]]
  172. * Happens often if not most of the time with long-running bands: a true fan fervently stands by the band's early material the point of {{Discontinuity}}; liking their later output more makes you an untrue fan who probably jumped on the bandwagon after a NewbieBoom. The exceptions are bands that once specialized in a DeadHorseGenre but have since moved on to something more elitist-friendly and have thus been RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap; in such a case, considering their early albums anything more than OldShame will earn you the title "trendy poseur".
  173. * SJ Tucker's song "I'm So Sorry" parodied this trope but, at the same time, caused a minor dispute on YouTube and LiveJournal when it poked fun of ''Firefly'', ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'', ''Babylon 5'' and ''Doctor Who'' fans.
  174. * Not liking a band's or artist's SignatureSong often falls into this. After all, if it's their most well-known and highly praised song - then it's surely their best, right? Oh, and it makes no difference if the ''[[CreatorBacklash creators themselves]]'' dislike it. [[SarcasmMode After all, the creators' fans are to be held to a higher standard than the creators themselves.]]
  175. ** Of course, the opposite is also true. Only liking or even only recognizing a SignatureSong is irrefutable proof that you're not a true fan. ''Especially'' if the band themselves denounced it. Go on, tell a TheCure fan you like "Friday I'm in Love". I'll wait.
  176. * Want to be eviscerated by metalheads? Say you liked ''[[{{Metallica}} St. Anger]]''. Even the band admits [[OldShame that album was crap]]. The only songs from that album that it is permissible to like at all are Frantic and the title track.
  177. * Saying that TheBeatles are overrated or even saying you don't like one of their songs can get you ostracized by 'real' music fans. (Unless you're criticizing a song sung by Ringo.)
  178. ** On Beatle-centric boards, it's worse: saying George Harrison's guitar playing was mediocre compared to, say, JimiHendrix or EricClapton and you'll get blisters on your fingers!
  179. ** Though there will always be a fiercely loyal contingent of {{Rolling Stones}} ready to back you up. But then again a nice chunk of each fandom will just say 'hey, they loved each other, can't we just tolerate them?'
  180. ** Also, you're not supposed to have one particular favourite song. It you can name one song that you like best with little to no difficulty, then you apparently aren't a 'real' music fan.
  181. * The war between the [[BobDylan Dylan the Protester fans and the Dylan the Poe]]t bases will never end. They may as well have their own Inquisitions to catch the heretics. And the fans of his new works. They apparently have no worth.
  182. * Saying any musical performer is 'better as a solo act' after leaving a group or partnership is generally heresy, unless the other members were TheGarfunkel or Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon.
  183. * If you are a Nightwish fan, mentioning that you like Annette Olzon is one of the fastest known means of committing suicide. Even though the majority of the fandom agree that firing Tarja was a [[ShootTheDog necessary decision]], you're not allowed to think that Nightwish is Nightwish without Tarja's opera-singer voice.
  184. * Don't dare be a Róisín Murphy fan and then say you also like LadyGaga. [[FanDumb The results are not pretty]].
  185. * "The original version of [beloved song by beloved band] is pretty damn good, but I like [cover version by less beloved band] better," said [[ThisLoserIsYou the clueless newbie]]. "'''[[InternetBackdraft PREPARE TO DIE!!!]]'''" replied [[SeriousBusiness the interwebs]].
  186. ** Averted with Bob Dylan covers, since nobody listens to his songs for his vocal talent.
  187. * Among HeavyMetal FanDumb, liking non-metal music makes you a poseur, with a few rare exceptions like genres related to metal (e.g. PsychedelicRock and {{Blues}}) or genres that make you look "deep" or intellectual for listening to (e.g. ClassicalMusic and {{Ambient}}). Liking {{Rap}}, AlternativeRock or {{Emo}} are unforgivable sins; same goes for [[DeadHorseGenre Dead Horse]] metal subgenres like {{Metalcore}}, HairMetal and of course NuMetal.
  188. ** Don't discuss power metal, especially symphonic power metal, on a thrash metal or death metal forum. You MIGHT get away with some forms of melodic gothic metal or symphonic death metal, but admitting to outright liking power metal when not among other fans of power metal is likely to get you chased off the internet.
  189. * Many people believe that, if you dislike any type of [[ChristmasSongs Christmas music]] (with the possible exception of rock and metal, which there is very little of), then you're some sort of Scrooge with no appreciation for the holidays.
  190. ** Unless you work in retail, in which Christmas music is the same {{Glurge}}-filled CD of music played over and over and over and over. (Seriously, they ''never'' change the music.) Then they'll leave you alone... or just [[TheChewToy laugh at you]], especially if they play fifteen versions of the same damn song.
  191. * Liking ''anything'' in the MyChemicalRomance fandom will get at least once person screaming "HERESY!!!" at you.
  192. * When you complain about MichaelJackson lip-syncing (which he did a lot of from TheNineties onward) or something, the most defensive MJ fans will treat you no differently from a {{Troll}} saying, "he bleached his skin, touched the kids, and clearly intended to kill Blanket until he noticed the crowd of potential witnesses!"
  193. * It's generally not permissible to like {{Nickelback}} in a rock music community. Worse yet if you say "Rock Star" is your favorite song by them.
  194. * If you're a Rolling Stones fan, don't tell other fans that ''Their Satanic Majesties Request'' isn't as bad as they say.
  195. * If you are a big fan of any of the bands/artists that are highly lauded for their lyrical content (such as Bob Dylan, U2, or Rush), stating that you only care about the music and not the lyrics of those bands/artists can lead to accusations of "heresy" from other fans.
  196. * Say you like MaryJBlige's version of LedZeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" among Led fans. For more fuel watch the Mary defenders point out Led covered songs too. Sure enough you have a bitter FlameWar going with UnfortunateImplications fueling it along.
  197. ** For that matter, stating that you don't like "Stairway to Heaven" or think the song is overrated can lead to flames from a sizable portion of the Led fanbase. On the other hand, stating that it's your favourite song can lead to another sizable portion calling into question whether or not you're truly into the band -- or you just know that one song.
  198. * Stating that you're an avid radio listener (at least, to terrestrial radio) can also get you ostracized by "real" music fans. No, not even listening to "classic rock" radio or "oldies" radio will excuse you.
  199. * Go to a {{Vocaloid}} video and ask "what anime is this?" If you get out of the hospital tell me how that worked out.
  200. [[/folder]]
  202. [[folder:Other]]
  203. * Go to any specialty shaving enthusiast board (those who like shaving with old-fashioned straight and safety razors) and ask what kind of shaving foam or gel they recommend. You'll be instantly and derisively dogpiled for using "canned goo". If your shaving soap doesn't come from a dish, a tube or a jar, it's crap. And even then, you'll catch some hell if it's something you can get at Wal-Mart.
  204. * Tell any font enthusiast that you like Comic Sans. Go on, say it. The results will not be pretty.
  205. ** Papyrus seems to be hated only slightly less.
  206. ** Tell them that Arial looks exactly like Helvetica to you. They will beat you with a shovel until the noises stop.
  207. [[/folder]]
  209. [[folder:People]]
  210. * Amongst PeterSellers fans, it's risky to say you read ''and enjoyed'' Roger Lewis' biography ''The Life and Death of Peter Sellers'', regarded by the diehard fandom as garbage that falsely portrays Peter as a CompleteMonster (the fact that some of his family members and friends/colleagues didn't care for it doesn't help). The 2004 [[Main/{{Biopic}} movie adaptation]] is given more slack, but isn't well-regarded due to its focusing on Peter's failings as a human over his virtues.
  211. * Tell any group of BillHicks fans that you actually like DenisLeary (Leary has frequently been accused of raiding Hicks' material for his early stuff). Conversely, even mention Hicks to a Leary fan and watch them go in to angry rebuttal mode. Or you could piss off both groups at once by mentioning GeorgeCarlin.
  212. [[/folder]]
  214. [[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  215. * Are you a fan of ProfessionalWrestling? You may not be a fan of VinceRusso, and you may not be a fan of Buff Bagwell, a man considered the prime example of SmallNameBigEgo in the wrestling biz. He gets most of the blame with regards to {{Vince McMahon}} souring on {{WCW}} as a separate entity, thanks to the disastrously bad match between him and Booker T (Which was the first such match between WCW alumni on [[{{WWE Raw}} RAW]]), as well as the fact that he's also a walking heat magnet, from instigating a fight with Gregory (Shane) Helms to getting [[MommasBoy his mother]] to complain about his travel schedule.
  216. ** On the flip-side, you will be spared the fandom's wrath if you say you're a fan of [[XPacHeat Sean Waltman]]. Mostly because no one will believe you.
  217. ** It used to be that you ''had'' to be a fan of ChrisBenoit. These days? Not so much.
  218. * Tell a member of the IWC that you think TripleH or JohnCena are better wrestlers than SamoaJoe, BryanDanielson, or A.J. Styles. Watch their heads go 'splode.
  219. ** For some real fun, mention that you agree with MichaelCole about how "overrated" BryanDanielson is. The internet will ''kill'' you.
  220. * You want to create some REAL controversy? Say something remotely positive about WWE's [[LighterAndSofter PG Era]] and watch the mass amount of "PG SUX!!1!!1!" messages flood the board.
  221. * You want to take the chance on being immediately banned from any wrestling board? Say even the slightest thing negative about CM Punk. Go ahead, I dare you.
  222. [[/folder]]
  224. [[folder:{{Radio}}]]
  225. * Name any music-format radio station with a "morning zoo" program. Now, admit that you don't tune in for the morning show - and that you only tune in for the music. Chances are, fans of the morning show will accuse you of not truly being a fan of the radio station - since many will view the morning show as an integral part of the radio station's identity.
  226. [[/folder]]
  228. [[folder:Sports]]
  229. * There are exactly two "correct" answers to "Who is the greatest basketball player in history?" Not answering "Michael Jordan" is only acceptable if you are older than 45, or a Duke fan, in which case "Wilt Chamberlain" is valid.
  230. ** Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) is also acceptable if you state that you are referring to the NCAA.
  231. *** You can get away with including "I ever saw" in your answer, but that only really applies to those young enough not to have seen Jordan in his prime (started watching from 1997 or later).
  232. * Prior to his [=Retirement/Un-Retirement=] revolving door, NFL fans were not allowed to say a single disparaging word about Brett Favre (Pointing out that he's the career leader in interceptions, for instance, would be dismissed as "being a hater".) Saying you think he was overrated will still get you yelled at by the vast majority.
  233. * There are only a very few things that gets you ridicule in FormulaOne fandom easier than supporting Ralf Schumacher.
  234. ** Speaking of Schumachers, while his elder brother Michael is the subject of ''[[{{Understatement}} much]]'' debate, do not dare suggest he was in the right when he nearly put Rubens Barrichello into the wall to block him from passing in the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix. [[EvenEvilHasStandards Even Schumi Fans Have Standards.]]
  235. * In AustralianRulesFootball, if you don't barrack for Collingwood, you are obligated to loathe Collingwood and deride their fans as obnoxious cretins.
  236. * Amongst mixed martial arts fans who've been following the sport for some time, touting Ultimate Fighting Championship over the smaller Pride Fighting Championship is a good way to get yourself branded "stupid n00b" (at best) or a Dana White (owner and president of UFC) sycophant. Saying that Fedor Emelianenko and Wanderlei Silva were overrated will ''just'' get you screamed at.
  237. * In Australia's V8 Supercar circuit, you MUST suppourt either Holden or Ford, and regard the other as the devil incarnate. Mention that your favourite brand is, for example, BMW, and you’ll be thought of as a poofter at best, and a traitor to your country at worst. Wistful recollections about ‘Godzilla’ (the Nissan Skyline R32), however, are acceptable.
  238. * For many sports fandoms - especially for older fans and for baseball in particular, the home stadium's original name is ''still'' its name, naming rights be damned. San Francisco Fans will tell you they play at Candlestick Park, not 3Com Park[[hottip:*:Even though there is an actual, separate Candlestick Park, which houses the NFL's 49ers.]], and the Chicago White Sox play in Comiskey Park, not U.S. Cellular Field. Many football teams (college and pro) dodge this by naming the playing field itself while keeping the stadium name sponsor-free. (Ex. The NFL's Denver Broncos play at "Invesco Field At Mile High Stadium.")
  239. * If you value your very soul, you will never be seen in any location inhabited by Liverpool fans (to say nothing of the city itself) brandishing a copy of ''The Sun''.
  240. * May God have mercy on your soul if you admit to liking ''any'' other football team besides the Oakland Raiders amongst a grouping of Oakland Raiders fans...even if you're also a Raider fan!
  241. * If you live in [[ClevelandRocks Cleveland]] (and even if you don't, in some cases) you are NOT permitted to like [=LeBron=] James after he went over to the Miami Heat. If you do, I hope that you have a really good life insurance policy, for your loved ones' sake.
  242. [[/folder]]
  244. [[folder: Tabletop Games]]
  245. * ''MagicTheGathering'': Try to say that Nicol Bolas is a better BigBad than Yawgmoth. Or vice versa, depending on the fan-base.
  246. [[/folder]]
  248. [[folder: Traditional Gaming]]
  249. * Don't ever mention Hasbro board games in front of dedicated board game players (Games like ''{{Monopoly}}'', ''{{Clue}}'', ''{{Scrabble}}''. The dominance and popularity of European Board Games and Fantasy Flight Games have made it almost a crime to mention such games.
  250. [[/folder]]
  252. [[folder:{{Video Games}}]]
  253. * We ''dare'' you to be a ''{{Sonic|TheHedgehog}}'' fan and then say you preferred any one of the [[PolygonCeiling 3D games]] to any one of the older 2D ones bar ''SonicLabyrinth''. Come on, do it. Or better yet, that you like the [[SonicUnleashed Werehog]]. Or [[TheScrappy Silver]]. In fact, anything from recent years that's not been in 2D can't be touched with a seven-hundred-and-sixty-eight-mile pole. You're safe if you liked the SonicAdventureSeries, ''[[SegaSuperstars Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]'', and/or ''SonicColors'', though. For a good substitute, say you didn't like ''{{Sonic 3 and Knuckles}}''. Try to avoid the flaming bricks afterwords for bonus points.
  254. * Admit you like {{Cheating}} on a certain videogame. You thought that was a reaction? Now admit it to a ''NetHack'' forum.
  255. * Varies by the neighborhood, but go to some ''{{Pokemon}}'' video game fora and say anything good about [[Anime/{{ptitlei015gc004kw4}} Ash]]. Or worse, claim that "Red", the protagonist from Red/Blue/Yellow/Fire Red/Leaf Green (who also appears in the Johto games, where he is not the protagonist), ''is'' Ash.
  256. ** This overlaps with GannonBanned
  257. ** Try saying that you ''liked'' all of the generations and you'll be flamed by "Generation 2/3/4 sucks, man"-types. Or that you don't particularly ''care'' for any of the Game Boy or DS games.
  258. *** And for that matter, trying to say you found Kotone to be anything ''but'' an insult to their families will make you an AcceptableTarget.
  259. **** Just try and say that Lyra ''is'' in a new design, that Leaf exists in the games, or that Barry's game name is Damion or Pearl.
  260. ***** This is taken UpToEleven in [[{{StopHavingFunGuys}} competitive battling circles]]. Don't only try saying that you like Ash, try expressing ''any'' positive feelings towards the anime in the first place (unless they're fueled by [[{{NostalgiaFilter}} nostalgia]], and they ''must'' be towards the very early episodes of the anime). Say that you want to use your Legendary Pokémon in battle and that you therefore prefer the "Uber" tier to the standard tier. Conversely, say that you want to use a [[{{AwesomeButImpractical}} nigh-useless Pokémon that happens to be cool and popular]] (such as Charizard) in standard play, and that you prefer it to [[{{BoringButPractical}} more useful, less cool alternatives]]. Also, try saying that you disapprove of the idea of IV/nature breeding and EV training.
  261. ** Blessed be the ones who genuinely likes the newest generation pokemon, especially when they're revealed, for they shall hear cries of "this doesn't even look like a Pokemon!", "Now there's, what? 100 legendaries?" or "They already have a [insert species here], Gamefreak [[RuinedFOREVER running out of ideas!]]"
  262. ** God help you if you prefer ''{{Oblivion}}'' to ''Morrowind'' - even if you still love ''Morrowind'', enjoying ''Oblivion'' automatically makes you a lowlife "consolefag" whose shallow interests and short attention spans mean you prefer flashy visuals and are incapable of appreciating the deep, artistic brilliance of a "true" RPG.
  263. ** You are, however, authorized to believe that Bethesda should have stopped at Daggerfall. Or that Arena was the only real TES game ever made (though if you're not over 30, no one will believe you).
  264. ** More generally, liking ''Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel'' is considered a crime by everyone in the Fallout fandom.
  265. * Try saying anything a sequel to ''DeusEx'' did better than the original - There has not been one recorded survivor.
  266. * Try saying to ''SystemShock'' fans that you didn't really like ''SystemShock2''. Or that you liked ''{{Bioshock}}'' better. Fans will immediately ignore any valid praises (such as its more unique and detailed setting or its interesting story) and put you on a spaceship strapped with incendiaries.
  267. * While it's been shot down in congress, it has been considered a terrible thing to say you liked ''FinalFantasyVII'' for a little while now by the Final Fantasy fans
  268. ** Final Fantasy fans have many ways to do this on a generalized ''FinalFantasy'' fan forum. One guaranteed way is to express the opinion that either ''FinalFantasyVIII'', ''FinalFantasyXII'', or ''FinalFantasyXIII'' was the best game in the series. Step back, watch nuclear explosion ensue. Alternately, if you don't want quite as apocalyptic a flamewar, criticize ''FinalFantasyVI'' or ''FinalFantasyIX'', which will bring the fervently devoted fans of those two games down on your head like locusts, ''especially'' if the target of your disdain is Kefka. (Criticizing ''FFVII'' will get you some fan rage, but also an equally devoted contingent of defenders who just like to poke at ''FFVII'' fans, because ItsPopularNowItSucks and TheyChangedItNowItSucks.) Or claim that ''FinalFantasyXI'' or ''FinalFantasyXIV'' count as part of the main series.
  269. ** Among fans of ''FinalFantasyVII'', expressing a desire for a [[spoiler: way to revive Aerith or even prevent her from dying all together]] in a potential future remake is an almost universally blasphemous suggestion. Which is ironic, seeing as there were petitions to 'save' her before the game was even out in America.
  270. ** God save the person who dares admit that they liked the English voice acting in ''DissidiaFinalFantasy''.
  271. ** Well, some of the voices get a pass. Golbez, Exdeath and Kefka are generally safe. And Laguna's definitely on his way to a pass. He spouted a meme after ONE VIDEO.
  272. * Go ahead. Tell a fan of ''KingdomHearts'' that Axel in ''KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories'' was the same guy as in ''KingdomHeartsII'' and that he was as much a manipulative arse as he was in the castle. I DARE YOU. I'll be sat here watching the blood fly.
  273. * Go to a ''{{Rayman}}'' fan forum. Say that you like the Rabbids. As soon as you hit 'send', the fans will hate you so much.
  274. * Say that ''{{Halo}}: Reach'' looks like more of the same and the beta is unimpressive. On that same note, say that Halo Reach is impressive and is the best Halo ever made. [[UnpleasableFanbase You have been warned.]]
  275. * Enjoy ''{{Touhou}}''? Don't say you liked the ''Silent Sinner in Blue'' manga. [=SSiB=] is almost universally reviled.
  276. ** When seeing a TouhouProject video on YouTube, never ask [[DidNotDoTheResearch "What anime is this?"]]. [[MemeticMutation Touhou is not an anime]]. Touhou never had an anime. This isn't like the {{Tsukihime}} MemeticMutation; Touhou really doesn't have an anime. Anything that seems like an anime is really a FanVid or a {{Fanime}}. {{Troll}}s are mostly the ones doing this nowadays, but you still get real-world [[NaiveNewcomer Naive Newcomers]] who seem to think it's an anime, not an independently produced video game series.
  277. * Fan of the ''TalesSeries''? Thought ''TalesOfLegendia'' was a great game? You'd be advised to keep that opinion to yourself. ''Especially'' if you thought Shirley was anything better than a horrible character who needed to die in a fire. Enjoying ''Legendia'' more than ''[[TalesOfSymphonia Symphonia]]'', ''[[TalesOfTheAbyss Abyss]]'', or ''[[TalesOfVesperia Vesperia]]'' is an unpopular opinion
  278. ** Disliking ''TalesOfSymphonia'', ''TalesOfTheAbyss'', or ''TalesOfVesperia'' can provoke this reaction also.
  279. *** On the other hand, did you like ''[[TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld Dawn of the New World]]''? You have a very good chance of attracting hatred and derision. Say you liked it ''more'' than ''[[TalesOfSymphonia Symphonia]]''?
  280. ** Not hating ''TalesOfTheTempest'' is even more of a sin than loving ''TalesOfLegendia''. If you thought the game was SoOkayItsAverage or possibly even fun, admitting it is not a good idea.
  281. * ''EliteBeatAgents'' fans do nottake lightly to someone within the fandom saying "You're the Inspiration" is one of the fifty worst songs of all time, ''EliteBeatAgents'' fan, they will deem you
  282. * Rejecting Capcom of America's {{Bowdlerization}} of ''MegaManBattleNetwork'' is only a step in the right direction for the fans. To be a true fan, ensure that you refer to every character only by their original Japanese names. No, don't even use the proper romanizations of the obvious name-puns; it's Meiru, not Mayl. For that matter, the series is called ''[=Rockman.EXE=]'', and don't you forget it.
  283. ** Some communities are perfectly fine with you using the English ''game'' names. Using the English ''anime'' names (Chaud Blaze, Torchman, Maylu, etc) on the other hand? Well, I hope you have a good bodyguard.
  284. ** Also, saying that you dislike ''[[MegaManLegends Legends]]'' in some communities is not to be advised
  285. ** Say good things about any third-party material for any series that isn't one of Hitoshi Ariga's works or the tepid OVA.
  286. * Are you a fan of the ''CommandAndConquer'' series? Well, good luck trying to like any game that was released after Red Alert 2. After all according to the fans, EA Games only made Tiberium Wars and RedAlert3 to rape your childhood. And don't you dare mention Tiberian Twilight.
  287. * Admit to liking ''StarControl 3'', to the StarControl fandom and this audience reaction will happen
  288. ** Even admiting the existance of ''StarControl 3'' can cause uproar. Even if you don't like, but accept it as StarControl game.
  289. * ''SilentHill'' fans seem to really hate anyone who doesn't like ''SilentHill2''. Even if you like the other games in the series.
  290. * ConsoleWars. ''ConsoleWars!!'' Before discussing ''any'' gaming medium (PC, XBox 360, PS3, etc.), be very, ''very'' sure to see what is or isn't accepted in the community you're posting in. Console wars are brutal, painful, and very, very lengthy. PC fans universally hate every console ever, console fans refuse to even consider [=PCs=], and the few who try to suggest that maybe each has their own benefits or that they use both are instantly disregarded by both sides, who then go back to arguing with each other.
  291. * Admit to liking the ''BaldursGate'' novelizations to Infinity Engine fans and you'll probably be treated like you have mental issues of the 'you wear underpants on your head' kind. [[DisContinuity Even acknowledging their existence]] will in some cases be enough. Proclaiming that the plot of the novels is superior to the games', well... Ah, who are we kidding, [[RefugeInAudacity no-one would believe you if you did]]. Even if you were serious.
  292. * Anyone that claims to like, or even ''enjoy'', MetroidOtherM must obviously be insane, even if it's only for the gameplay. ''Reasonable'' people know that Yoshio Sakamoto is a misogynist who is trying to ''kill'' the Metroid series.
  293. ** Similarly, SuperMetroid was the best Metroid game, bar none. Heaven help you if you prefer MetroidFusion...
  294. * It's more than okay to say you liked the 3D [[SuperMarioBros Mario]] games, just don't say they're better than the 2D games. And whatever you do, don't say you liked ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'' more than ''[[VideoGame/SuperMario64 64]]'' or ''[[SuperMarioGalaxy Galaxy]]''. Similarly, it's okay to like ''SuperMarioBros2'', just don't say it's superior to [[Game.SuperMarioBros 1]] or [[SuperMarioBros3 3]].
  295. * Do you think [[ValkyriaChronicles Faldio]] made the right decision given the circumstances he was in? Were you not impressed by Alicia as a feminist icon? Did you have even a single member of Squad 7 that you didn't care for, let alone actually ''disliked''? For the love of God, don't say it out loud, the fandom will ''get you''.
  296. ** You're not allowed to like the plot of ValkyriaChroniclesII, and God forbid if you don't agree on the fact that Avan is nothing more than an idiot with a really annoying laugh.
  297. * If you thought the fates of the ''characters'' in ''UminekoNoNakuKoroNi'' were bad, just see what happens to you if you say you liked the anime better than the sound-novels.
  298. ** Or worse, try to come up with theories about what's happening without having read all of the [=SNs=].
  299. * ''TeamFortress2'':
  300. ** Of course the only ''real'' way to play [=TF2=] is with competitive rules. Where else are you going to find a balanced game that actually takes skill instead of just random spamming to win?
  301. ** Of course the only ''real'' way to play [=TF2=] is in public servers. Where else are you going to find the game Valve intended the fans to play where you can actually have fun?
  302. *** Similarly, the updates either ruined everything or made it amazing.
  303. * Anyone who buys a console to take advantage of the motion-controlled features and accessories isn't a real gamer. They're just jumping on with the fad.
  304. * ''SuperSmashBros. Melee'' is the consensus for the best Smash Bros. game. If you openly proclaim your adoration for ''Super Smash Bros. Brawl'', you'll have three fandom factions chasing you out: The competitive who say that ''Brawl'' is slowed down for the casuals, those who loathe the Wii and everything it stands for (including any games released on it), and Mewtwo fans.
  305. ** On top of that, for any Smash game, try playing with someone you've never met before with items on. Bring earplugs and maybe some protection, because chances are you'll need them. This got so bad, Treehouse localizer Nate Bihldorff coined the phrase, "Real men use items" and placed it on the Smash Bros.' official site as a TakeThat.
  306. * Go to a ''MetalGear'' forum and say that the NES port of [[Game/MetalGear first game]] was not that bad despite all the changes and that the omission of the Metal Gear itself doesn't matter that much. Also say that ''SnakesRevenge'' was a worthy sequel to the first game and could've easily passed for a HideoKojima-directed game in the series. You can also tell them that you thought that the [=GameCube=] version of the first ''MetalGearSolid'' was a worthy remake of the [=PlayStation=] original.
  307. *  Choose ''{{Rift}}'' or WoW. No, you're ''not'' allowed to like both games.
  308. [[/folder]]
  310. [[folder:Web Original]]
  311. * I dare you to say you like the [[TheAmazingAtheist Distressed Watcher]] to anyone in the ThatGuyWithTheGlasses community. Bonus points if he's your favorite out of any of the reviewers.
  312. ** Less so, but still a pretty stupid idea: say that you prefer ''AtopTheFourthWall'' when it's solely a funny review show and that you aren't really interested in the arcs. Troll-calling in 3, 2, 1...
  313. ** Say to fangirls (or [[StupidSexyFlanders fanboys]]) that you don't want to bang TheNostalgiaCritic, TheNostalgiaChick, [[AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]] or [[TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]]. The best you can hope for is "where has your taste gone?".
  314. [[/folder]]
  316. [[folder:{{Western Animation}}]]
  317. * Try ever questioning among [[BatmanTheAnimatedSeries DCAU]] fans that MarkHamill's performance as the Joker, and to a slightly lesser extent, Kevin Conroy's performance as Batman, was anything less than perfect. If you feel really daring, say you like any of the ''other'' voice actors who have played these characters better, like, say, KevinMichaelRichardson, JeffBennett, or JohnDiMaggio. As an example, an administrator on the DCAU [[WikiRule Wiki]] once made a list of his favourite voice actors in any DCAU show. Most of the comments were just complaints that Mark Hamill was not on the top of the list and Kevin Conroy wasn't on it at all.
  318. * Similarly, it's very much verboten to be a animation fan in general and also state you dislike LooneyTunes and/or any of the 90s Warner TV series. Only execption to that are the 60s 7Arts shorts which are fair game though don't be caught liking those either. For some "purists", this can run to dislike for anything from TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation finding you in the firing line.
  319. * There is [[BrokenBase next to nothing]] that the AvatarTheLastAirbender fanbase can agree upon, with one exception: [[CoolOldGuy Iroh]] is awesome. If you publicly disagree with this sentiment, prepare to be dogpiled-upon.That, and the live-action movie is a sign of the Apocalypse. Say that you like it, and you'll be called a disgusting racist opressor, for starters.
  320. * If you like ''TotalDramaIsland'', don't say you actually like [[TheWesley Owen]]. Or [[SeasonalRot the entire second season]]. Thankfully this has died down after his entertaining OddFriendship with [[EnsembleDarkhorse Noah]], which [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap rescued him from the scrappy heap]].
  321. ** On a strange note, some fans respond the same way to people that like [[AcquiredSituationalNarcissism Geoff]].
  322. ** Conversely ''never'' say you dislike [[BreakoutCharacter Cody]]. Depending on audience, you can get away with lightly criticising his treatment of [[StalkerWithACrush Sierra]], but never try to imply he was anything less than perfect otherwise.
  323. ** Don't say you dislike Noah either. An while it's okay to say you think he's straight or gay, [[NoBisexuals never even suggest that he's bi]].
  324. * ShipToShipCombat is heavily averted in GalaxyRangers fandom, and so is PWP (mostly). If you want to try either, have a will made out first.
  325. * In ''ThePowerpuffGirls'' fandom, it is heresy to dislike (or even go "meh, it was okay") at the following episodes: "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever," "Meet The Beat-Alls," "Bubblevicious," "Super Zeroes," "The Rowdyruff Boys."
  326. * In the ''KimPossible'' fandom, it's apparently illegal to think Kim and Shego have smoking hot FoeYay but still hate each other with a burning passion, would make a horrible, abusive, destructive couple, and that Kim deserves a far healthier happy ending with Ron. Nope, poisonous sexual attraction is not an option you're allowed to explore — either Shego is a [[DracoInLeatherPants leather pantsed]] through-and-through good guy and Kim's One True Love who should live with her Happily Ever After; or she and Kim share nothing but casual antagonism, have absolutely no sexual interest in each other, and their fighting is not ItsPersonal in the least.
  327. * Saying you like the older ''MyLittlePony'' shows better than ''MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' will turn the entire internet against you.
  328. ** Doubly so if it's the G3 movies.
  329. [[/folder]]
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