Hard to keep it in (SugarcoatxAnon, shitpost) p1?

Aug 23rd, 2017
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  1. >>Headcanon: When Sugarcoat likes a boy, she avoids him because her bluntness would make her tell him how much she wants to fuck him.
  3. >Be late to class
  4. >You have to sit right next to her
  5. "Hey Sugar,"
  6. >You wave to her
  7. >Her eyes leave yours as soon as the words hit her
  8. >She doesn't respond or nod or whatever and completely ignores you
  9. >wew
  11. >An hour later
  12. >Prof asks for the students to open some book
  13. >Oh fuck, you forgot about it!
  14. >What a dumbass!
  15. >But she does have it, of course
  16. >Maybe you could ask her to share it?
  17. "Uhm, Sugarcoat? I forgot the book and--"
  18. >She rolls her eyes and groan, before you see and hear her palm impacting with her forehead
  19. >And you think you hear a 'Why him?!' from her muttering
  20. >You're not sure what to do, or say, guess you'll have to find some retarded excuse and tell the teach--
  21. >But the screeching sound coming from the feet of the bench moving against the cold floor gets your attention
  22. >And sure enough, a second later, the side of her desk hits yours
  23. >You sigh in relief
  24. "Oh thanks Sugar, you're a lifesaver, Fleur would've been so pissed if I told her I didn't have that damn book!"
  25. >She doesn't say anything, or even look your way
  26. >She simply opens the book and scooches closer to you
  27. >You're not sure why she's acting this way
  28. >You wouldn't say that you're 'friends' or anything, but you did discuss about shit from time to time
  29. >Did you say something you shouldn't have?
  30. >Or maybe she finally realized she's a 9 and you're not even a 7?
  31. >You follow suit and shift closer to her
  32. >Close enough for her smell to hit your nostrils
  33. >fuck
  35. >The class finally comes to an end
  36. >And she's been ignoring you the whole lesson
  37. >Even when you made those quirky remarks about Miss Fleur's flat butt, you always got a response from that!
  38. >Something's definitely wrong
  39. >You turn to her while she's putting the book away
  40. "Are you okay? You've been kind of... quiet, today."
  41. >She freezes for half a second, and goes back to what she was doing
  42. "I know we're not best friends or anything but if I said something I shouldn't have--"
  43. >"Don't worry about it."
  44. >You raise an eyebrow at that
  45. "Well, even if you say that..."
  46. >She doesn't respond, and finishes tidying up
  47. >Maybe it's that time of the month or something, or maybe she just doesn't want to talk about it?
  48. >But just as you decide to give up, she sighs
  49. >"I just need some time to think about our relationship."
  50. >You blink
  51. >Oh, so she did realize that she's way above your league
  52. >O-oh well, i-it's not like you thought you had a c-chance or anything, haha, hah
  53. "I, huh, I'll just be on my way then and leave you alone."
  54. >"Yes, that would be for the best, before I say something I'll regret."
  55. >Holy shit, this is defcon 3
  56. >What did you do?!
  57. "Uh, sorry..?--"
  58. >"Like asking you to pin me against the wall and molest me."
  59. >You blink again
  60. >Twice
  61. >Your eyes wide and mouth agape
  62. >"I didn't mean to say that,"
  63. >She stands up, picks her bag and turns towards the door
  64. >And leaves, just like that
  65. "Wait, what?"
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