Dadonequus Discord Part 158

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  1. "Diamond It'll be ok. I promise. You don't have to change to any pony you don't want to be. If she can't see that you being the real you makes you happy. Then...."
  2. >...ahh do you end that?
  3. >Diamond Tiara looks up at you with tear filled eyes. "T-then..?"
  4. >Errrghhh...You wanted to say "then she can fuck off"....but that was still her mom.
  5. "Theenn......whatever"
  6. >You shrug
  7. "She'll....see it one day. For now, all your friends like you the way you are now."
  8. >yeah! good recovery!
  9. >DT gulped, and smiled just a little as she sniffed and wiped her tears. "....I-i'm really glad that they do. You have no idea Anon, the way I was before. I even managed to convince myself that forcing everypony to adore me was the one of the best feelings I could ever have, All I had to do was offer something or threaten them and they'd bend to my will...and.." DT looked down, feeling ashamed "I realize they never liked me for me, they only fake liked me or liked me because of what I had. Not for who I was."
  11. >Diamond Tiara then stepped back, and looked off into the horizon as wind blew through her mane. "I...just wish my Mom could see me for who I am now, instead of wanting me to be how she wants me to be. I don't want to be mean, nasty, and cruel..."
  12. " that how she actually is? Is your mom those things?"
  13. >Diamond Tiara hesitated answering. Then she started to fidget a little nervously. "She doesn't put it like that herself...she says it's just business. You can't let potential investors or business partners see you sweat..or something like that. She tells me that if you don't stay aggressive and fight for what you want. Then you might as well find a barrel to live in. She pretty much forces other ponies to see things her way. She'll even buy them out if she thinks they are in her way."
  14. >Sheesh....her mom was a fucking shark.
  15. ", she's always doing this? What does she even do for the company? I thought your Dad ran most of it"
  17. >"My Daddy, he runs the commercial aspect. Stores, products, and keeps good relations with the public and most of the investors. And then mom runs the private aspect, she invests into other businesses and does promotional things, she looks into producing specialized and very expensive products for rich ponies, and handles the companies they both own that she feels are "for real ponies", things like fashion lines and catering, she has to manage a bunch of other ponies during all this making sure they all do their job and not cause any friction with the customers. She says "our" kind of customers could ruin us if we ever gave them less than excellent service. So she's always firing ponies for every little thing. That's why she's always away. She's always working. Daddy works too, but he never worries too much because the ponies he deals with are usually friendly, and he doesn't fire nearly as many ponies as mom. Everypony under him are usually very grateful and he's really good about finding out how to sell a product a pony needs or wants. And he sometimes gets into some business venture things that always manages to turn a profit. Sometimes Daddy has to go to where Mom is because an investor or partner got angry, he's never failed at calming them down. So, I guess, the only reason we're rich is because both my Mom and my Daddy work very hard. So, to answer your question. They pretty much run it equally in their own way"
  18. >...oh man, that was A LOT to take in.
  20. "Ok....erm."
  21. >Sounded like her mom was a cunt at work, foooor suuureee. What the hell did Filthy see in her?
  22. "Well.."
  23. >And you had no idea how to continue again. So all you could do was reaffirm that she was a good pony and not to worry what her mother thought.
  24. "Diamond Tiara, look. You're a great girl. Destined for great things. You have me, and Applebloom,Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, and Sweetie Belle backing you. I mean, if you want to look at things realistically...."
  25. > realistic as a pony world can be....
  26. "Twilight was just some pony who lived in a tree library and now she's an alicorn princess because of her friendship and uhh...."
  27. >THANKS M.A. LARSON....well not really. Maybe... you weren't sure if he ended up giving Equestria that idea or if Equestria tossed it in his head.
  28. "...her goodness. And then there's your mom. Who isn't an Alicorn. So, I think your mom being all judgmental and telling you to be this way or that way is a bunch of hooey. Business is important yeah, but if you don't have friends. Well, what's the point? Being alone stinks. I can tell you that much. Making friends with everypony here in Ponyville is something I'd never trade away for anything else. Not even unlimited chaos powers."
  29. >Diamond Tiara looked at you with awe, those words. While not the best, to her were an astounding boon of confidence. " you think I could become an Alicorn one day? Maybe?"
  30. >....ok, not exactly what you wanted her to pick up from the conversation. But you were sure she must have. Just the alicorn thing must have seemed the most appealing.
  31. "Y-yeah, anything's possible."
  32. >Suddenly, despite her smiling, tears began to run down her eyes again. " you think if I become an Alicorn. Mom wouldn't have to work so hard? Do you think I'd be able to show her what friendship is like? If I was an Alicorn, she'd listen to me for sure....right?"
  34. >...ahh shit. it was worse than you thought. Good job anon, you gave her some ridiculous false hope.
  35. "Ummm...Diamond. Look, I...."
  36. >"Y-yes?...." Diamond started to shiver, you could see all that hope starting to drain as you tried to explain to her that was likely not going to couldn't do it.
  37. "I think it can happen"
  38. >And she dove at you, nuzzling and cuddling,, knocking you down to the ground as she just cuddled up against you. "I knew it! So all I have to do is find out how to be an Alicorn. And I can fix everything!"
  39. "u-ummmm"
  40. >Geez her grip.
  41. >Then she suddenly loosened up, an idea hit her in the head. She got off of you. and looked at you, looked like she was wondering something. " could make me an Alicorn"
  42. > thought Luna making you "wut" back in the dream was ridiculous. But that was ok, because you were the one that provided her the games in the first place. THIS...THIS WAS ACTUAL INSANITY.
  43. "W-what?! Diamond..I don't th-"
  44. >"You could!" There was desperation in her voice "Your horn. It can do anything."
  45. "...Y-yeah but..."
  46. >"You could make me an Alicorn! and I can fix everything. Just like you said"
  47. >Shit..SHIT! almost had forgotten how simple minded they could be.
  49. >She was waiting and willing. Prepared for you to zap her into an Alicorn.
  50. > couldn't. You had an understanding of your horn. But you didn't know what would happen if you made her an Alicorn. Her magic couldn', couldn't be natural. It'd be chaotic. And even without that factor, she wouldn't be a real princess. Her mom would likely be horrified when she found out you used chaos magic on her daughter. And that'd make things worse. But this was all conjecture.
  51. "Diamond...I can't do that."
  52. >Diamond Tiara nearly felt offended, but she held back, she figured you had to have a good reason. At least to her, on why you wouldn't. "W-why? You just said it could work."
  53. "Exactly...could. But there's a big chance that there won't too...or....something could go wrong. It's not regular magic Diamond, it's a magic even I don't have a full understanding of"
  54. >She wasn't willing to give up just yet.
  55. >"I trust you Anon, I know you know enough to get it to work. I believe in you. I'd rather try than just sit here and do nothing. I need to convince my Mom that's she's wrong. I need to show her how friendship can make things better. I....need..." She starts to tear up again " her that she's wrong. And even though I have friends she hates, that I can still be her daughter, that we can still be a happy family. So do it...DO IT ALREADY!"
  56. >She stomped her hoof as she demanded you change her into an Alicorn.
  57. >You wince, well.....maybe..
  58. "....Even if I could. I can't..."
  59. >You open your saddle bag and put on your horn. It just gives you Sombra's aura instead of changing into a unicorn's horn.
  60. >"..Anon?..." Diamond Tiara stepped back, a little frightened "W-what happened?..a-are you alright?"
  61. >hmnn, she wasn't used to the horn's natural form. It was just it's normal magic infusion making it a flashy nightmare night piece.
  63. "I am, this is the horn in it's normal state. It's a costume piece. It only does this when I've already used my day's charge for it. So...I can't. I'm sorry"
  64. >despite your sincerity, she wasn't willing to back off.
  65. >"Then...we'll do it tomorrow. First thing right after school. That should work."
  66. > you had to find a way to deter her. This wasn't a good idea. It wouldn't work, and that was the best scenario. God help you if you accidentally turn her into an eldritch horror.
  67. "Diamond, look, please. Listen to me alright, are you listening?"
  68. >She nods, hanging on your every word "mhmmm"
  69. "This isn't a good all. If you became an Alicorn naturally? sure, yeah. it'd work out. But I...I need to tell you the truth. and truthfully? You becoming an alicorn isn't going to happen overnight. It's a long process. And I CAN'T use my magic to just make you one. It just doesn't work that way. It's too dangerous. And there are other and better ways than going about this. If I made you into an Alicorn, there'd be a huge heap of trouble coming both our ways once everypony else finds out. And That's EVEN if it works. "
  70. >You take a breath, and give her a gentle smile.
  71. "Come on, let's think of a normal way to do this. Maybe we could go talk to her together, or your dad. How does that sound?"
  73. >But she just stood there. For the first time in a LONG time. She was looking at you with contempt.
  74. >"Do you know how many times i've tried?"
  75. > didn't like that look. She went from upset to just...cold. in a near instant. Yet her eyes still glistened from tears.
  76. "I know, but now we have a foothold. And if we do it together-"
  77. >"Then she still won't listen! I've already told you! Why can't you at least try to change me into an Alicorn? Why would you not try when it's the only way?!"
  78. > just told her why.
  79. "I told you, it's dangerous"
  80. >You try to remain calm, and cool. You didn't want to sound harsh.
  81. >"It's not that dangerous! It's just a horn and wings. How hard could that possibly be? That's all you have to do. Then I could do the rest."
  82. >You sigh
  83. "Ok...suppose I do turn you into an Alicorn. Don't you think there'd be consequences? Nopony would let that be. It'd cause trouble for all of us. A colt changing a filly with magic given to him by his chaos god of a father? That wouldn't be good for anypony Diamond, come on.. be reasonable."
  84. >Diamond right eye twitched for a moment, and she shook, she was now...building up anger. "...did you say... "Be reasonable"?"
  85. >you grimaced. you now came to the full realization that Diamond Tiara still had some of her old tendencies, and was still a child. All of this hitting you as she starts stomping towards you, making you step back as she glares angrily right into your eyes.
  87. >"Do you know how much I've tried? I've Daddy doesn't really understand, Mom won't listen, and none of my other friends cared. So I thought I was wrong, I had to be. Mom was successful, she was always right. So I became like her because it made her happy, and it felt right after awhile. But I was wrong, It hurt, it hurt everyday and it took the ponies I thought I hated to show me that my Mom's way was the wrong way. And even with ALL of that. She didn't change....She refuses to be reasonable, So why do I have to be?! It doesn't work!"
  88. >Oh yeah, she was angry. Angry and upset. That rage couldn't hide the fact she was crying her eyes out again.
  89. "Listen-"
  90. >"No, you listen!"
  91. >She points her hoof angrily at you
  92. >"You wouldn't know how I feel at all!"
  93. >She puts her hoof down, but still stares at you as her sadness slowly overcomes her anger.
  94. >"You're an orphan who got lucky. Your Dad seems to really care about you, and even trusts you with that horn. And your aunt is practically your mom......She's......"
  95. >And now she begins to break down.
  96. >"She's...nice..and sweet...and cares about you so much. She hasn't even been your aunt for that long and..."
  97. >She looks over to the side of the cottage. where the statue of you,Discord,and Fluttershy sat. "You're already a happy family..."
  98. >She looks at you, with big soft, crying eyes. Her soul being crushed with every moment. She makes one last desperate attempt. "Anon it...for me..."
  99. > couldn't. You weren't some naive kid. And unfortunately, you weren't a mary sue either. You didn't know if you had the correct answer, Diamond could be right. And the spell could work. And fuck, maybe the ponies wouldn't even care.
  100. >But you knew better than that. And even though you knew, it didn't make it any easier. No matter what...this was yet another situation you were going to lose.
  101. >you sigh, your heart grew heavy.
  102. "I'm sorry...I just can't. Diamond if you'd just liste-"
  104. >Again she cuts you off, but this time. She let's out a rageful yell of hate and frustration. She hated the situation, and she was frustrated with you.You, who she thought would understand the most. You, who was smart as a stallion. You, who saved her life. You, who she had grown to love. Now she felt betrayed. And she'd have no more of it.
  106. >You didn't know what else to say. She was beyond calming at this point.
  108. "No..I-"
  110. >finally, her rage piques. as does her sorrow.
  112. >She stopped. and gulped hard. Her eyes were reddening. her voice strained. "I....loved you...."
  113. >...ahh man....come on.
  114. "Diamond...come on..please. You're beating yourself up over something we can fix. We can still do it together, all we have to do is try"
  115. >But your words went unheard. She was done. Her voice became low, and emotionless.
  116. >".....I'm going home...."
  117. >...ugh..UGH. why couldn't she just listen to reason?! Why did she have to be a damned spoiled brat?! god fucking dammit! Your heart couldn't process this shit.
  118. "....Diamond..come on. Don't do that."
  119. >"....I'm going home Anon..."
  120. "Atleast let me walk you home."
  121. >She shook her head "I'll be fine by myself...I've always been myself."
  122. > go in for a kiss. That ALWAYS works.
  124. >But as you move in, she moves away. "Anon...don't. I know what you're don't even mean it. You never did...just..leave me be and go spend your time with your family. They are probably wondering what you're doing out here for so long instead of eating pancakes with them..."
  125. "Diamond, please just listen to me!"
  126. >You try to be assertive, but she just backs off more and more. And how could you stop her? Tackle her? Grab her? Talk her into submission? What a shit situation this turned out to be.
  127. >"goodbye...I'll.....see you later..I guess."
  128. >And she turned, and began to walk away. But you wouldn't give up.
  129. >You trotted over to her, and put your hoof on her back to get her attention.
  130. "Diamond, come on. Don't be like this, we could at-"
  131. >You stop as she moves to the side, away from your hoof and continues on her way "leave me alone..."
  132. "Diamond..."
  133. >"LEAVE ME ALONE!" She turns to you, her eyes now fully red from crying. She screams out her words. And runs away. past the little bridge.
  134. >.....and you just stood there. There was nothing you could do.
  135. >You were powerless. You thought, maybe if you had the horn's power. You could have come up with something. But you didn't. You were just a colt. A colt with an adult mind that couldn't reason with one of a real filly.
  136. >you let out a scream of frustration as you slam your hooves into the ground.
  137. >...Why couldn't they just listen for once?
  139. >You know what? Why should you feel guilty? You didn't do anything wrong. It was her mother that was a cunt. And the harsh reality was that life wasn't fair and you had to deal with the hand you were dealt. That's how it was in your world, and that's how things should actually work here. Sometimes theres no happy endings.
  140. >And yet as you walked back to the cottage, you couldn't help but feel the nagging frustration that was guilt.
  141. "...Come on Anon, you know she's just trying to guilt you into turning her into an Alicorn. It's a cheap way out. It won't work. And shit will hit the fan if that happens. It's a fucking terrible idea."
  142. >As you walk to the cottage door. You look over to the statue.
  143. >it showed the image of a happy family. And maybe in certain spots. An actual family unit was there. But in truth. It was built upon a lie. You felt justified. Nobody's family was perfect.
  144. >Yet it still nagged you...
  145. "Ok....ok..."
  146. >You take a deep breath.
  147. "Alright Anon, all smiles. Don't want to give them a reason to worry"
  148. >You put on a false smile and open the door and step inside.
  149. "Hey everypony! I'm back!"
  150. >Fluttershy, who was munching on one of the stacks of pancakes looks over to you and smiles. "Welcome back anon...hmm?" Then she noticed DT didn't step back in with you. "Where's your friend?"
  151. "Oh..uh. She had to go home, she only came to drop off the candy"
  152. >Discord. who was floating above the stacks looked at you suspiciously for a moment "Is that so...." Then he smiled as he grabbed Dt's stack and crammed it down his throat. "More for me then!"
  153. >He then extended out like an accordion, with sound to boot. Fluttershy giggled at his melodious antics. "Oh Discord, you can be so silly sometimes."
  155. >"I can, can't I? In fact I'm so silly...." Discord stares at you with a slippery smirk. "That I simply can't contain it!"
  156. >Discord opened his mouth and pulled back his horn as he shoots a thick string of silly string right into your face.
  157. >discord chuckled as Fluttershy fell silent looking at you. She didn't quite know how'd you react. As she wasn't fully used to knowing how you and Discord interact.
  158. >And you know what? Why should this bother you? This was the least shittiest prank he's ever pulled on you. It was actually cute, and because you didn't want to be a stick in the mud. You laughed.
  159. "Hhaha, good one dad. You're lucky my horn doesn't have a charge. Or else this'd be a mighty old school styled silly string match."
  160. >You made your voice sound all westerny on the last part.
  161. >That put Fluttershy to ease at least, she smiled, went back to eating, and said a word of her own. "Well, as long as you both don't overdo it. I'd love to see a silly string fight between you two...erm...not inside the house of course"
  162. <You go to sit down and eat your stack of pancakes.
  163. >And upon hearing those words, you turn to Fluttershy, that sounded a little odd to you.
  164. "Really? You'd watch us throw silly string at eachother?"
  165. >Fluttershy nodded "Mhmmm, it's cute,safe, and is a great way for a father and son to bond. A little competition is a great bonding exercise as long as nopony is a poor loser...or poor winner, or a spoiled sport, and erm..nopony should be cheating either, and I guess as long as you or your father doesn't take it too seriously...oh, and of course you both shouldn't overdo it. I know how chaos magic is and I would hope you both would show enough restraint as to not cover all of Ponyville in silly string"
  166. >Well, that was a mouthful.
  167. "E-erm, yeah. no worries on that. I wouldn't overdo it."
  169. >Discord was smirking, pressing his talons and paw together, thinking about it "Fluttershy, that's actually a devious idea. I like it, especially since nopony could get too mad at something that could easily be washed away with water."
  170. >"" Fluttershy looks at him with a cute motherly pout face.
  171. >Discord sighed "...of course...But Fluttershy, you can't expect me to not cause a little chaos every now and again. All this friendship business and having to raise Anon has tied me down!" Discord drops like a rock as a ball and chain gets magically attached to his leg. "......surely you can overlook a little widespread havoc, pllleeeeeassse?"
  172. >Fluttershy shook her head "Discord, you know that's a very bad thing to do. And such a bad example for your son"
  173. >....mnnn, you know. Maybe if you threw Discord a bone on this one you'd feel a little better about the whole DT thing.
  174. "Actually Aunt Fluttershy...I don't think it's too bad either. It's just silly string. Wouldn't it be cool if everypony got a bottle of silly string too and everypony just blasted eachother? Then everypony could join in on the chaos. Everypony wins!"
  175. >Discord warped right above you and gave you a gentle calming pet on the head "Why Anon, that's an excellent idea. Fluttershy, don't you think that would be fun? If everypony was in on it?"
  176. >Fluttershy started shifting her eyes and looking to the side. She didn't know how to react to that. If everybody was in on it, who was she to say no? But still, it could still be seen as her eyes anyway. "I don't know...what if somepony got hurt?"
  177. >Discord wiped off some of his silly string off of you with a duster and held you up "Does this look like this sweet, loving, caring little colt has suffered any harm?"
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