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Dec 22nd, 2019
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  1. Dracovish
  3. Aesf: It only really gets swift swim/tinted lens/gorilla tactics as alternatives to strong jaw in AAA, but it's still ridiculous. If you a bring fat mon (and you often do in AAA), you usually need to also bring a toxapex or a water absorber, and if they bring rain, the first half of those choices is gone. It's slow yeah but lots of AAA mons are slow and with slow pivoting everywhere it should have no trouble getting in and getting kills. It might not be super super good if people spam water absorb, but that still makes it broken, see band victini last gen it's almost the same shit
  5. Funbot: Dracovish: Probably one of the best wallbreakers for sure, but I have been seeing more countermeasures in Water Absorb mons mainly which kinda nullify Vish's main form of breaking. Granted tinted Lens, Isword / Gorilla, and Swift Swim sets under Rain are all still extremely hard to handle, I feel the this meta in particular has enough offensive countermeasures at least to keep Vish in check, while still being able to resort to the select few defensive counterplay there is depending on the Vish set admittedly. I will vote to not ban Dracovish.
  7. Geerat: I have 0 experience with this, faced it a couple of times, but my big brain team had water absorb and regen ferro sooo...
  9. Jrdn: A defining trait of an overcentralizing pokemon to me is the effect it has on the teambuilder. If a pokemon commands so much respect that you are forced to run a water immunity or something wild like Avalugg with Dauntless shield, to me, that satisfies the definition. The power of Fishous Rend is understood throughout all the OMs, and AAA has the ability to complement the already insane move with stronger abilities. That's why I'm voting ban.
  11. Racool: fuck fishous rend, 2kho'd ferro under rain like what?? the fact that it still got the x2 boost on switches was a massive deal breaker for me, like after that I was sure it would be extremely ban worthy. The main difference between this monster and dracozolt for me also is that offensively water is even more annoying here, cos you have to waste an ability slot for a water immunity most of the time, whilst you dont with bolt beak cos ground immunity. The meta will not be sad to see this thing go
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