Draconis Paladine

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  1. Draconis Paladine (Greatsword) Legendary +2 to attack and damage rolls
  2. This magical Greatsword has a ricasso with four special inlays. Each slot is reserved for a special type of gem. Complete
  4. Smoked Topaz Baguette, Olivine Trillion cut, Diamond Pear Cut, Citrine Square Emerald, each have the following property, you can only evoke 2 of these properties at a time. (no action required)
  5.     - Ottone's Smoked Topaz; as an object interaction you can cause the blade to reverberate with thunderous energy. Add 1d8 thunder to damage rolls.
  6.     - Chalkós's Olivine; as an object interaction you can wreathe Draconis Paladine in a cloud of sleep inducing gas, on a hit, the target creature makes a DC 15 Con save, or is under the effect of the Slow spell till the end of its next turn.
  7.     - Zilarra's Diamond; as an object interaction you can cause the blade to chill violently. Add 1d8 cold to damage rolls.
  8.     - Gōruudé's Citrine; as an object interaction you can cause the blade to alight in flame. Add 1d8 fire to damage rolls.
  10. Once a day as an action, you can shield your body in arcane energy, you can cast Shield of Faith
  12. You can make a ranged attack using the blade at part of your normal attacks. The range is 90ft You choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. If the attack hits, the creature takes 3d8 of the type you chose. (no mods) You can make this attack as long as you are at 3/4s of your health.
  14. If you roll a natural 20, or bring a creature to zero hit points with this weapon, you can choose for the weapon to cast Prismatic Spray, with a reduced range of 15ft.
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