Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 7, Have a tissue, not an issue

Sep 18th, 2016
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  1. >Meanwhile in Discord’s throne room
  2. >Discord was walking from right to left in the middle of the air as he wondered how Alberto’s quest was doing
  3. >”He is taking so… MUCH… time… Maybe I shouldn’t have given him that mission so soon in the first day of the introduction…” Discord scratched his beard. “Nah, he’ll do fine”
  4. >Discord stopped walking mid air and went towards his throne, took a sit and made appear a crystal ball, showing the tiny Alberto with a filly in front of the tree of harmony
  5. >”So he finally is there, hmm… maybe I should reward his efforts so far with a tiny gift”
  6. >Discord snaps his talons, the tiny colt in the crystal ball twitches for some seconds
  7. >”So help me Grogar if you fail after this, Alberto… I’ll throw you to a portal with lots of tentacles to play with your tiny pony body!”
  8. >Discord growls to himself as he throws the crystal ball to the floor, only for it to bounce back to his paw
  9. >”Or maybe I’ll give him a city only to build a magic wall around it.” Discord chuckled. “Why I find that so hilarious?”
  10. >He placed the crystal ball in a table that he made appear with his magic
  11. >”Now I wonder why Princess Celestia is taking so long in the bathroom… or maybe she’s doing plans with her sister to bring me down my throne or something. Or maybe both… egh, okay maybe not both”
  12. >The table under the crystal ball starts to shake slightly
  13. >”I know, I know. I’m impatient too for the results of my adoptive son in that forest, but don’t worry so much… you have your brothers here as company”
  14. >The table shakes once more
  15. >”Exactly! How did you know?”
  16. >Discord looks right in front of him, directly to the-
  17. >”What are you doing here?”
  18. >Discord crossed his arms and was tapping his dragon feet as he looked directly to-
  19. >Oh…
  20. >Well this is awkward
  21. >”You’re supposed to film Anon! Not me! Stick to the script! Shoo! Begone!”
  22. >
  23. >That exact time in the Everfree Forest, Tree of Harmony.
  24. >
  25. >So the ponies already suspected about you… right, you escaped, used your chaos magic to cloak yourself and Sweetie Belle, came to the Tree of harmony and maybe you stink like chaos. Well, saying goodbye to any cooperation by part of these ponies
  26. >But that won’t stop you to ask questions as if you were a kid. You are not going to stop pretending to be one, unless they got a spell to counter whatever Discord made to your human body, which is… magically possible, but that depends on… the magic? Hell… you don’t even know what you are talking about
  27. >Just stick to ask questions to the teacher
  28. “Me and Discord? What’s with me and him?”
  29. >Cheerliee and the others walk slowly near your position; of course Cheerliee was the first to talk
  30. >”Ever since I talked to you back in school I… noticed a strange magic around you. We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt but some of us are not… that includes me.” Well, so much for asking for a hug of this pony then. “We believe that you have the same power Discord uses… somehow”
  31. >You fake out a gasp and walk one step back
  32. “But… but! How can I use magic if I don’t even have a horn like Sweetie Belle?” You put your hoof over your chest. “I’m not Discord or somepony who he sent… I’m being honest! I just want…” You take off your hoof off your chest and put it back in the ground. “I just want to be with my family, okay…”
  33. >You whimper and wait for the reactions
  34. >”Anon…” Both Lyra and Sweetie Belle said, their faces showing pity to you
  35. >But Cheerliee still had her stoic face on, as if she knew that you were lying
  36. >”I’m sorry Anon, but without a solid proof that you really don’t remember anything and aren’t a threat for this town… we won’t believe you”
  37. >Lyra calls the attention of Cheerliee, poking her slightly
  38. >”Don’t you think you’re overreacting? He’s just a colt… he doesn’t remember anything… sure he can ‘make items appear and modify stuff’ like you mentioned, but that doesn’t mean he’s a threat to us…”
  39. >The blue pony with a toothpaste mane like spoke too
  40. >”Yeah, I don’t see how that can harm us. Even so, if I was a filly and had magic like that, I would just use it for fun… let’s think like him, would you do something bad with a power like that?”
  41. >”If he’s sent from Discord sure…”
  42. >Cheerliee murmured under her breath, the others and you didn’t catch up what she said
  43. >So you need proof… the tactic of the amnesia kid didn’t work, uh. What other ideas you can-
  44. >Oh… oh… you don’t feel good
  45. “Ay… ay…” You start to complain and sit on the ground. “I don’t feel very good…”
  46. >”Anon? What’s wrong?” Sweetie Belle says worried. “Is everything okay?”
  47. >Ugh… you felt fatal… as if something wanted to enter your pony body but wasn’t accepting it… was it the Tree of Harmony? Were the powers of the tree affecting you cause you had chaos in your system?
  48. >You want to get out of here… but your body doesn’t allow it… damnit…
  49. >Your body starts to twitch as if electricity was running in your veins
  50. “Ah… ah… ahhh…!”
  51. >You start to shake and when you close your eyes…
  52. “Atchu!” You sneeze. “Ahmn… ah… ahh?” You look around and… you weren’t anymore in the Tree of harmony… you were on a very familiar desk, sitting on a soup bowl… with a very unpleasant pink pony looking grumpy at you
  53. >”Hmnp, there goes my rock soup” The pink pony says as she places the spoon on the desk next to the bowl
  54. “Gyaaaa! D-don’t eat me! I’m not very tasty!” You say while covering your face with your hooves… overreacting a bit
  55. >Okay how the flying FUCK did you appeared here?
  56. >You were one moment in the tree and then here… when you sneezed…
  57. >Pinkamena was just looking at you, waiting for you to say something else or to move from the bowl
  58. >”Let me guess, or else Lyra or Colgate were planning a joke on me and made you teleport into my soup of bowl which I found very, very not funny at all and not something they’ll do… or you got an ability out of nowhere that lets you teleport now to random places. Now which one is the correct, tiny colt?”
  59. >Eh… what? New power? Teleport… oh that’s right, Discord had that power back in his castle… how the fuck did you have that power now?
  60. >Is that good or bad…? This just opens new probabilities…
  61. “Ehmm… being honest? I just… wanted to sneeze and appeared here… I’m in trouble, Miss Pinka?”
  62. >”You don’t know how much trouble you are in right now, Anon…” A voice from behind you said
  63. >You almost jump from the sudden voice that you just hear
  64. >Jeeeeesus fuck! It was the yellow Pegasus with her menacing stare! She was so quiet that you didn’t even notice her
  65. >Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! The two most serious ponies that you have met in this town are next to you… alone… this can’t end well
  66. >You jump off the bowl, making it fall from the desk and you shake off the soup out of your fur. Did she seriously was eating rock soup? Uh, weird appetite
  67. >The door from the town hall opens, reveling Cheerliee and the rest ponies that were with you in that moment
  68. >”Pinkamena! The colt escaped and he-“
  69. >”He’s here.” Pinkamena interrupts Cheerliee, pointing her hoof to you. “I bet my collection of rocks that this colt has more powers than he appears to have”
  70. >”And I bet two heads of my hydra for that too”
  71. >You looked down in shame as your mind started to think for ideas. You got teleportation… what to do… think, think, think…
  72. >”Well I bet myself that Anon is good!” Sweetie Belle stepped at your side to your defense. “He’s just a normal colt like anypony else… he’s not corrupted but somehow has magic, and what? That doesn’t mean he’s evil…” She was placing a hoof on your back and the next words she spoke were for you. “Don’t worry Anon… I trust that you are a good colt… you just had the bad luck to have a memory loss and these strange powers”
  73. >You fake a smile and close your eyes, sniffing and nodding to her
  74. “Thank you Sweet- Swee- Swee…” Oh good god you felt it again… “Swee… Atch-“
  75. >Once again, you feel this weeeeeeeird sensation that your body travels across somewhere and appears… was this the teleportation?
  76. “-Uuuu!” You sneeze again. “Agh… I’m allergic to something now?”
  77. >You looked around, you were in the same room… only that you and Sweetie Belle were on top of an annoyed Fluttershy
  78. >”Would you two kindly… get off of my back?” She said with a smile that… good god didn’t look like a happy smile at all…. You quickly get off her back without even have to hear her twice, Sweetie Belle does too. “Thank you”
  79. >Wait, did Sweetie Belle teleported with you two? Was it because she was touching your back? Uhm… you should remember that
  80. >”So the kid teleports when he sneezes and anypony that touches him gets teleported too to the same spot…” Pinkamena noticed. “So interesting… if only we knew if he was on our side… that’d be great since Discord magic mess up with simple unicorns magic…”
  81. >Well good thing that at least this teleport thing is safe… for the moment. You don’t want to teleport to a wall and crash into it like a retard
  82. >Oh… maybe you do have a plan now
  83. “Well… in my defense… I have to say that when I first sneezed I saw… something, like an image… I think it was a necklace with a photo…” You look at the ponies that didn’t look very convinced by it. “I remember wearing a necklace but… nothing else… sorry that I can’t give any proof…”
  84. >Now you have to wait… wait for Discord… he did said he’ll be watching you, and if he does so… he’ll make appear that necklace with a photo of you and a random pony
  85. >And since that necklace will have his magic, Bark will go search for it… if Discord could give me this sneeze teleportation magic, he can do that too… right?
  86. “If only there was a way to help this town… I mean, I really, really, REALLY… want to do something, the way the other kids were in the school made me feel… like I need to do something, and I have this magic… even when I’m not an unicorn. “You rubbed your forehead with your hoof, yup, still no horn. “Don’t you ponies think I have this magic… this power… for something?”
  87. >Maybe you can convince one of the two grumpy ponies near the desk at least
  88. >”Right, as if… this isn’t the time to play hero, little colt.” Pinkamena says. “Even if you could teleport a group of us to attack Discord or at least damage him, one, you are a colt, and two, that’s not going to work”
  89. >Well that didn’t go well…
  90. >Wait, but how were they able to go into raids and attack Discord? He told you that!
  91. >Dang it you want to ask that but you’ll look suspicious. And you can’t blame Sweetie Belle for telling you, heck, you don’t think she’ll ever know if they go into raids to attack Discord and try to turn him into stone or some shit
  92. “I just want to help, hmmm…” You play with your hoof as they do circles around the floor. “I mean, at least if I could support this town with something… maybe mama would be proud”
  93. >You wonder if that Spanish word is okay for you to say… well, anyway, they know you are from… “Mexicolt”, hopefully none of these ponies have landed a foot… hoof on that place, because you don’t know if your lies could be one hundred percent if they ask you about that place
  94. >The door from the town hall slightly opens and the puppy timberwolf shows up, something in his mouth…
  95. >Oh dios Discord! He did hear you!
  96. >”What is it, boy? You found something?” Sweetie Belle approached to Bark to inspect the item that was inside his mouth
  97. >Sweetie Belle grabs the item, it being a necklace in shape of heart, the one you mentioned minutes ago… the necklace slightly opens and inside was a photo of a tiny green pony in diapers; maybe it was a… baby pony? Hmm, so Discord made it so that he appeared to be you. Along in the photo was a pony that looked exactly like Paquita la del barrio holding you with a single smile… what the fuck Discord
  98. >Sweetie Belle levitates the necklace so everyone could see it; everyone in the room takes a peek at the family photo in the necklace
  99. >Okay, is kind of suspicious, yes. But proof is proof, so they can’t say shit about it
  100. >Unless the pink pony plots something about it… which would be bad for you in this situation
  101. >You won’t say anything; you’ll just watch and wait for a verdict from either Pinkamena, Fluttershy or Cheerliee. If you at least get one to stop caring about you probably being bad, which is true, you’ll be playing the game more safely
  102. >”Speaking about the odds…” Pinkamena says as she places the necklace and puts it on the desk. “At this point I don’t know if is just a coincidence that Bark found that necklace near our town… it was probably you, or probably your magic wanted to give us proof… ugh, I’m not even sure anymore.” Pinkamena looked rather confused than angry about it as she was rubbing her temples
  103. >Good… this takes out the pink menace. Now for the yellow one to…
  104. >To…
  105. >She… she doesn’t stop looking at you, with a smile… a smile that… doesn’t tell that she is going to do something friendly to the poor bastard that she is looking… which is you
  106. >”Such a good mother you have in this photo, Anon.” She says with a rather creepy tone, one so slow… it was starting to make you worry. “Isn’t she lovely, everypony?”
  107. >Wait, why is she asking that? Is it because you-
  108. >You just had a flashback of the first time meeting Fluttershy
  109. >You called her mother so you could get an opportunity in being cute with someone and… the photo… paquita…
  110. >…Oh… god…
  111. >She got offended, didn’t she…?
  112. >Sweetie Belle inspects the photo a little bit
  113. >”I think she’s too fat in the photo, must be the camera. But it gives me a relief that Anon has this that defends his innocence…”
  114. >Well now you wish you didn’t have /that/ photo as proof, you fear that this will end in the same result… with an angry Pegasus in the room trying to hurt you
  115. >B-But… they can’t just hurt a little pony, can they?
  116. >Fluttershy… just nodded, very, very slowly. You think you saw her eye twitching when Sweetie Belle mentioned that the pony was fat
  117. >Maybe the worst part is that the pony had a yellow coat, the mane is yellow, just like, well, Paquita in all her splendid figure… well, at least her voice is excellent. But even if you tried to say that her voice is good, how is that going to stop the wrath of the yellow one?
  118. >Lyra takes a closer look to the photo and giggles at it
  119. >”Hey Fluttershy! This pony looks almost like you! Hehe!”
  120. >LYRA NO!
  121. >”Oh, really?” She slowly looked to you… with her eyes closed and smiling… “And to think I probably look like this to you, Anon. Maybe I can be your mother after all”
  122. >She… she was suggesting that with a voice that was creeping you out and made you shiver… Discord why did you put in the photo Paquita, why didn’t you put someone else? I wouldn’t care if it was Juan Gabriel Bisbal the pony that was holding the baby that is supposed to be me
  123. >But now you had an angry banshee with the rage of 100 suns in the desert of Mexicali…
  124. >You take a look at where she is placing her hooves… THE TABLE, THE TABLE STARTED TO CRACK!
  125. >You need to calm the beast before she unleash her fury to you!
  126. “D-Don’t you w-worry, Miss Fluttershy… I… I like yo-your suggestion b-but I really, really, really would rather not… I… I…” You wanted to speak more but didn’t know what to say… your mouth was dry
  127. >Jesus santo y bendito the beast opened her eyes! You just had a Dejá-vù, you were looking at your reflection in her eyes as if you were looking at the timberwolves like yesterday… you were looking directly to the death…
  128. >”Are you suuure you don’t want to? I have plenty of pets in the forest that would like to receive you as my son… until we find your mother of course… if we ever do”
  130. >You shake your head as you sweat bullets and go silent… not wanting to say anything to her, everyone in the room just seeing you both talking as if it was a normal talk and not a creepy implied kidnap and probably murder…
  131. >”Well… you miss out then. “She gets up from her chair and walks towards the exit of the Town Center. “If everypony excuse me… I got a hydra to feed”
  132. >She didn’t remove her sight on you even when she closed the door… she did close it so slowly as her smile and stare was on you
  133. >Aaand finally the banshee was gone
  134. >Your corazón can finally rest… it almost miss a few heartbeats when Fluttershy wanted to take you to her ‘pets’… oh dios…
  135. “Nombre del padre, del hijo, del espiritu santo…” You say while moving your hoof over your forehead, chest and kiss your hoof
  136. >You need a cross, damnit… that was scary as fuck. You almost lost your cool with the ponies in here
  137. >Everyone in the room take notice of your gestures and of course, heard you speak in Spanish as you blessed yourself… you aren’t going to translate what you said to yourself if they even ask
  138. >”Uh, so this kid /is/ from Mexicolt… and I thought his accent was from the south, but not /that/ much of the south” Cheerliee says
  139. >Hey! That hurts…
  140. >”I find interesting that this colt being so young knows two languages, I barely know Spanish…” Pinkamena says as she collects her thoughts in Spanish lessons. “Only word I can remember was… Tor-till-ah or something like that”
  141. >Your inner Mexican takes a sigh from that pronunciation, is your work as waiter all over again…
  142. “Is Tor-ti-yah Miss Pinkamena, not that hard to remember…”
  143. >She just shrugs it off as if it was not important… fucking bitch, hopefully you don’t want a quesadilla for that, eh? Cause If you’re making appear something to eat you are not giving her shit
  144. >You whisper under your breath the word “Ingrata” before she continues to speak
  145. >”Anyway…. You want to help our cause to recover harmony, don’t you?”
  146. >Oh? Is she going to suggest what you think you’re thinking? Time to fake cuter tiny hero stuff
  147. >At least with this you’ll forget that you have a mad Pegasus waiting for you in the forest
  148. “Yes! I want to. Honest! Even if I don’t directly fight, just by helping with something I would be so glad to do so… maybe my parents would be proud”
  149. >Specially your father who’s probably watching the show
  150. >”I’m going to put you in test, is just simple. You just need to control your… sneezing teleportation and of course, see if it works beyond the chaotic zone. For some reason unicorn’s magic doesn’t work outside of here… we’re glad that this place is safe but we don’t know for how long. We’ve been defending this place but now that a close friend of us disappeared… we got no time and probably the worst can happen”
  151. >Everyone in the town center now had serious expressions; they don’t have the time for having fun, talking or any other activity related with spare time. They need to move and take whatever opportunity they could get… and you were one of them too
  152. >Maybe Discord gave you that teleportation sneeze to end this quest more quickly, and it was just the perfect gift for the mission… just, you just need to control where you are going
  153. “Count with me ma’am, whatever you want me to do… I’ll gladly do it!” You say, even doing a tiny salute as if you were a soldier back in Earth
  154. >In the outside, you show kindness and honesty to them. In the bottom, you had your loyalty and pride for Discord, the God who decided to randomly get /you/, a random human in a big world filled with more than you, a one in a million, billion or trillion opportunity… and now you are a step ahead to victory
  155. >Who says that these ponies are the good ones anyway? What if Discord is the good one here? What if he’s the one who lived peacefully in his land of chaos until those two princesses came in? There needs to be more of this history…
  156. >But for the moment… You’ll show Discord that you are capable of any job, mission or duty he commands you…
  157. >You’ll make daddy proud!
  158. >…That sounded weird , like, really weird… he looks pretty old and that phrase… egh, keep your head in the game, Alberto. No mess up from now on, there is no way you can do it anyway… these ponies just locked themselves in the defeat of their fight
  159. >”Good, then let’s begin now… the faster, the better. Since Fluttershy is out… I’m gonna need you, Cheerliee, to aid me and help Anon if anything happens.” She then looks at some papers that were on the desk. “Also maybe we’re going to test out how many ponies Anon can teleport in… we don’t know if his teleport exhausts him, so we better be careful… everypony, dismissed”
  160. >With all that, everyone goes to their place or spot in the town, only ponies that were now with you were Cheerliee and Pinkamena
  161. >”Anon… I’m going to ask you once again, and I’m sorry if I don’t yet fully believe you. But tell me” Pinkamena’s eyes were seeing directly through your eyes, as if she had a way to see through your lies. “Are you telling the truth? You want to help us?”
  162. >You don’t lose your cool in any time; you just smile gladly and nod to her
  163. “I think… dad would be proud of me if he knew I helped in something big like this…”
  164. >”…Okie… dokie…”
  165. >If you had fingers, you would be crossing them… heh… hehe….
  166. >You need to hold your laughter for the moment of your victory… but you really want to laugh. You were always bad trying to hold laugh, but oh well, you’ll resist until at least you are alone
  167. >Pinkamena shows some blueprints… or was it a map? Cheerliee and you take a closer look at it
  168. >”This is the forest we’re in.” She points at the green area of the forest. “The teleportation spell… or sneeze, will take practice in this area near Ponyville. “She points at an amply green field in the map. “We don’t want to go any closer to Ponyville too, there could be any Discord trap around it”
  169. >Pinkamena goes under her desk only to get 3 flasks with a tiny pink cloud in each of them, they were labeled “Anti climatic chaos” on them. They had a mysterious color white shining there… was it a potion?
  170. >”These potions were made from Zecora, a zebra who originally started this rebellion… she’s gone and we don’t know her whereabouts. But she left plenty for us to defend against the magic of Discord, with a sip of this, we are able to step outside and handle the chaos within Discord’s realm.” She takes a sip and at the start, you could see it didn’t do nothing, but for some reason you felt as if something was surrounding her… maybe is a magic barrier? Because that would be pretty cool if it was. “A sip has a duration of around one or two hours, so we can practice in calm, we only need to see if you are able to teleport a few ponies, how long and how well your teleportation is…”
  171. >Cheerliee took a sip of the potion and she was giving you one flask so you could give it a sip
  172. >But… is so illogic
  173. “Why would we drink the potions right now if we can drink them when we’re about to leave the forest? Can’t we wait until we’re almost at the end of the forest to sip, go one hour, go back to the forest and sip again?”
  174. >”I’m not taking any chances, kid. Zecora had that thought in mind too, and look, she is not here with us anymore… hopefully she’s sane wherever she is right now. Just take your sip and we’re heading outside”
  175. >Well whatever, it was something logical for you but if their plan is like that, whatever, you’ll go with it. This potion is one or two hours per sip, so is good
  176. >You open the flask and smell the potion… uh, smelled weird like vegetation. Well, cheers for a step closer to stop this rebellion from attacking Discord
  177. >You take a sip… and gag from the taste of the potion. You even try spitting it
  178. “Ah… eh… tastes so bad!”
  179. >Does this potion… does this potion revert or affect you since you have chaos magic in you? Jesus fuck this can’t end well for you
  180. >”We know the potion tastes a little bad, but is for your good”
  181. >No, fuck that, you aint taking this shit in your system… but what could you do? They could suspect about it
  182. >Well… maybe if you fake out you’re drinking it or spit the potion where they can’t see you…
  183. >You take another tiny sip from the potion, heck even in your mouth it felt as if it was burning…
  184. “Mmmn….”
  185. >You just… don’t open your mouth and wait for them to turn or to walk outside the town center… you need to spit this fuckery out of your mouth
  186. >”All set? Let’s go then. We have a ride to take”
  187. >They turn around and walk directly to the exit… you quickly spit the potion in the bowl of soup that Pinkamena was eating. She’s not going to eat it anyway
  188. >That was a close one… you need to get away from that potion
  189. >You follow the two mares into the exit of the town… where some timberwolves were waiting or doing guard
  190. >Oh god is that yellow horror near here? You quickly look around to the right and left, you even look at the sky to see if she was flying, but no, she wasn’t around here…
  191. >You sigh… this isn’t good for your kid’s heart
  192. >Pinkamena and Cheerliee were looking at the timberwolves and you had the curiosity to ask what they were doing
  193. “So…”
  194. >Cheerliee looked at you, but Pinkamena decided not to, instead she… mounted the damn wooden wolf!
  195. >”Ever ride a timberwolf, Anon?”
  196. >…You shake your head. Last time you were around those thing, they wanted to tear you up… you didn’t want /anything/ near them
  197. “Ehm… maybe I’m not feeling okay at all for this training!” You cough and pick up your left hoof. “My right hoof hurts and I feel like… getting a headache! Better go see the nurse, uh?”
  198. >Cheerliee looks at you with a smirk as she mounts her timberwolf
  199. >”That’s your left hoof, Anon”
  200. >….Mierda
  201. “Oww, my right and left hoof hurt! Well would you see that! Maybe the nurse can-“
  202. >You quickly turn around but are stopped… or rather lifted by something
  203. >You look back and your coat almost goes pale as they see that the timberwolf that Cheerliee was riding was grabbing you by part of your fur… it didn’t hurt but you were scared as fuck
  205. >You cover your hooves in fear but the timberwolf just lifts you so you could sit in front of Cheerliee
  206. “Wah?”
  207. >She giggles slightly and pets you on the head
  208. >”See? Nothing to fear, they’re trained by Fluttershy. There’s nothing to be afraid, these protect us after all from the mean ol’ Discord”
  209. >You should be more afraid that these are trained by Fluttershy…
  210. >The timberwolf does a fucking 180º jump and looks at the direction of the exit of the town
  211. >Jesus Christ this is far different than riding a pony, with Lyra it was comfy and sweet, these rough motherfuckers were so uncomfortable to ride, as if you were riding a trunk
  212. >Cheerliee grabs you with one hoof so you couldn’t fall from the timberwolf… now she was being friendly all of the sudden
  213. >It made you blush slightly, but not that much… despite you still finding her cute and hot
  214. >”Grab on something Anon, is going to be a jumpy ride!”
  215. >The timberwolf that Pinkamena was riding already took the advantage, as it was the first to take off. This timberwolf was just waiting for you
  216. >And it starts running from town… at an extremely insane speed that only you could figure out it was around the cheetah from back in your world…
  217. >It was as Cheerliee said, a jumpy raid. Every often you would mid jump from your seat, but Cheerliee could take a hold on you… this was crazy, this was insane, this was a crazy insane adventure
  219. “Whooheeeee!”
  220. >Even if you were scared as fuck, this was pretty much fun! The adrenaline from it was so much
  221. >Cheerliee was quiet surprised to see your quick change of emotions, but then, she remembered that you were just a kid. From the looks of it anyway
  222. >The ride took some time, you don’t know how long but you enjoyed it. It didn’t took too long or too short for you three to get to the exit of the Everfree Forest
  223. >You were prepared for whatever training they wanted to test on you. Anyway, you need to control your sneeze teleportation… does it work all the time you sneeze? Because if that’s a thing it’ll be annoying to get used to it, for starters… if you sneeze when you are in the bathroom, it would be really not cool
  224. >What happens if you sneeze in your sleep?
  225. >Well, do you even sneeze in your sleep? …no wait, those were snores. You don’t sneeze when you sleep
  226. >Or do you…
  227. >As you get off of the Timberwolf carefully, not making him angry or yourself hurt from the landing, you watch the crazy and chaotic realm of Discord. It was the same as you left it, made a mess, the good kind of mess from your point of view, ehh, you really get used to anything nowadays
  228. >Specially chasing your own tail
  229. >You look behind and it starts moving by its own… taunting you! You’ll grab it someday…
  230. >But not today little tail, not today…
  231. >The three of you moved silently and stealthy through the field that was mixed both with Discord’s magic and part of the Everfree itself. It was… quite curious to see that the Everfree could counter some of the magic, but why? How? Was this all doing of that zebra named Zecora?
  232. >Either way you’ll help Discord to stop that from spreading
  233. >
  234. >1 hour passed as you were training in the open field
  235. >You started “channeling” your sneeze to teleport yourself to a point Pinkamena drew with some sticks on the dirt as an “X”. It took you two attempts but you teleported where she wanted
  236. >Although trying to sneeze… was hard. You had to sneeze all of the sudden or provoke it
  237. >Luckily enough a… flock of… flying pigs flew right next to the field you were practicing in and Cheerliee got the idea to use one feather of the flying pigs to make you sneeze
  238. >It is annoying to make a sneeze without you wanting to… but still, it teleports you so is worth it
  239. >After some sneeze teleports later, Pinkamena decided it was best to take a tiny break from the training. She knew you were a colt, and even when she had emotionless expressions most of the time, deep inside she had something different… as if a pony that was once happy was there in her but this realm turned her into a different one
  240. >Maybe Discord changed more than the towns and cities
  241. >As you take your break, Pinkamena and Cheerliee decided to take a sip from the anti-chaos potion… ugh, it was your turn to fake out again
  242. >You lift with your hoof the potion, good thing was your hoof was used now to grab on things. The moment you try to take the sip, Pinkamena stops you
  243. >”You don’t have to drink from the potion, Anon. I know what you did back there, your body… can allow chaos in it, I am correct?”
  244. >You stop, your eyes go wide and you start to shiver… she… she knew
  245. >Now what to lie? You probably are out of lies at this point, maybe you should take them directly to Discord… Pinkamena was the leader after all… but… but then Fluttershy could become the next one… you need to take them all at once in Discord’s castle
  246. >But now that she knows chaos doesn’t affect you… you’re fucked
  247. >Guess you’ll just tell the truth then
  248. “Yes… the potion tasted horrible and made me gag… and I lied to you. “ You look at the ground in defeat and shame. “I…” They were waiting for your answer, both prepared for the worst. “I didn’t appear in the forest… I was outside already when my father left me alone”
  249. >You are not giving in yet, not this early. You’ll try like you haven’t before
  250. >Watch Discord, cause your son is going to bring you the leaders of this dumb rebellion. And they’ll regret it, ohhh they’ll regret even having the idea to fight against you
  251. >Pinkamena raises an eyebrow
  252. >”Come again?”
  253. >Bitch do you have to repeat your lies?
  254. “You heard me… I wasn’t in the forest, I was outside. I don’t know if I’m… corrupted as the other ponies said in the town or if I’m special, but this is me… and apparently the chaos from Discord can’t harm me…”
  255. >You take a deep sigh and look directly to the eyes of Pinkamena with regret and sorrow in your soul
  256. “I remembered when I sneezed… or teleported in the town hall, along with the necklace of my mother… I… I thought that if I said that, my chances of helping the town win against Discord… were going to be out… I thought about you guys could… kick me out. I got desperate and… and… well, I don’t think if I talk more it’ll do any good with this situation… I’m sorry…”
  257. >If you don’t get an Oscar after this, you’ll quit life. Only a good actor could recognize the lies and acting you just did to these foolish ponies
  258. >You lowered your head and waited for a verdict from them
  259. >You are just a kid after all, could a kid lie? …yes if he was evil and in your case you were, but that’s not the point. Point is, you are an adorable cute hijo puta that is going to trick a whole town with its adorableness
  260. >Cheerliee was the first pony to talk, as she came near you and raised your head with her hoof. She looked at you without showing a smile first, but then… then she smirked
  261. >”You are lying, aren’t you?”
  262. >W-What
  263. >That smirk… was… was so…
  264. >You couldn’t describe it. Somehow Cheerliee looked through your lies, maybe she thought something else, but you don’t know…
  265. >Or maybe she doesn’t know you are lying, but wants to make sure you are telling the truth by questioning what you said… you are not sure anymore if she believes you or not
  266. “I’m… not…”
  267. >You have no ideas left… you should have thought about any ideas in case they didn’t believe you! You didn’t thought they wouldn’t! Stupid confidence…!
  268. >Pinkamena stepped closer to Cheerliee and placed her hoof on her shoulder
  269. >”Cheerliee, I know you have these senses sometimes and now about if a pony is lying by how they are feeling, but for once, I trust this kid. He won my trust and he wants to truly help us, if my sister was here, she at least would looked through this kid lies and went directly to the point. Just for this once, Cheerliee… let the kid lie. What’s the worst that could happen? We have plenty of escape plans in case Discord is waiting for us”
  270. >That… that was a good save by Pinkamena. Although Cheerliee wasn’t looking happy at her. She moved and looked to her directly; you could sense authority coming from Cheerliee as she talks
  271. >”Let the kid lie? If what you want is the town running in danger, you won’t let this kid another chance… this is more than a feeling Pinkamena, if this kid tries to help us, I could see somepony in danger. If you let him continue this training… I won’t join anything in this rebellion. We’ll hit bottom and when we do, you’ll know it was your fault…” She looked at you for a brief second. “For letting this kid to… ‘help’”
  272. >Oh boy… you felt a fight starting…
  273. >”Oh now I trust even /more/ this kid, Cheerliee. And I’m your leader as much as Fluttershy is, and now, as the leader I am, I’m going to tell you two things. One is that we’ll get a team of at least ten ponies to go in a quick mission to Discord’s tower. For TODAY. And two, YOU are going in this mission, like it or not”
  274. >Cheerliee almost growled at Pinkamena commands and started poking the chest of Pinkamena… that was rather a push, how strong earth ponies are?
  275. >”Ah? You are giving me orders now? Now I would like to see Zecora see you now. You think you are the leader just because you’ve done some tiny harm that means nothing to Discord? I tell you again. This kid? Trouble. Trouble, trouble and more trouble!”
  276. >Pinkamena pushed Cheerliee the same way Cheerliee did with her, but not as strong apparently
  277. >”At least I’ve gone to combat more times than you’ve been taking cares of kids! Tell you what, if you don’t come with us in today’s mission… you can say goodbye to the town. Because I’ll personally kick you from there. Now would you like that? Uh?”
  278. >Boy… they were starting to shout to one another, this… this was good to watch. You didn’t even show a sign of fear as a kid should, you just watch and enjoy the show
  279. >Were these the effects on Discord’s magic? The hour almost passed and the potion effects could wear off at any moment. Maybe Cheerliee was losing her shit at this place rather than Pinkamena or you
  280. >Hell you could use some popcorn but you know it could be risky and stuff. Probably Discord is having some popcorn at this scene… chaos is actually good to watch! Even more when you start it… if you ever did
  281. >…Yeah, let’s just say that you started it
  282. >”Go ahead! Kick me if you want! The town will be /nothing/ when that kid messes up any plan! I’ll even bring ponies with the sanity to understand /me/ instead of /you/, you crazy rock chewer!”
  283. >Pinkamena eye started to twitch
  284. >”What did you say…?”
  285. >”Hah, are you deaf by family? I wouldn’t be surprised”
  286. >Jesus fucking Christ that was cold and you don’t even know Pinkamena’s family
  287. >Pinkamena looked really pissed off from Cheerliee taunts… this wasn’t going to end well for one of them
  288. >”Take… that… back” You could… sense that Pinkamena’s hoof was starting to grab grip from the ground
  289. >Cheerliee smirked and went directly to her face to say it directly… she had no longer pride or honor to show to Pinkamena at this point
  290. >”Crazy. Rock. CHEWER!”
  291. >”THAT’S IT! AAAGH!” Pinkamena cried out loud as she slapped Cheerliee with her own hoof… Jesus tap dancing Christ… that looked like it sting…
  292. >From the unexpected impact, Cheerliee was some seconds dizzy from the hit looking at the ground but quickly took recovery, only for Pinkamena to jump at her and start fighting like cats and dogs…
  293. >Both were starting to hit at each other. Hard. This was next level of WWE
  294. “Oh mama…” You put a hoof over your muzzle as you are in silent lament for the fight going on in front of you
  295. >Oh god what have you started!?
  296. >You don’t have a camera with you! How will you remember this funny and chaotic moment? Hopefully Discord is taking photos of this
  297. >You watched and continued watching without interrupting them, both ponies yelling at each other words… you even saw bites, ouch
  298. >Too bad there wasn’t mud or a pool with chocolate around for these two start fighting in… at least Cheerliee would look hot covered in mud. Pinkamena would look… maybe more dangerous for some reason you don’t know
  299. >And by that thought in your mind… you wish you had a boner now, but seems like this pony body doesn’t get boners too easily. Now how you trigger that? Hmmm… nah that’s history for other day
  300. >The battle continued for some minutes, both ponies not giving up, even yelling more stuff maybe a colt didn’t need to hear
  301. >You look at your hoof and see the hour on your clock, it was getting late
  302. “When did I get this watch?” You say while you inspect the clock, it didn’t appear to have any battery as it was stop in time, at 12. “…like I care for it”
  303. >Maybe this was another gift from Discord, maybe you just wanted a clock that didn’t tell the hour. You are just getting bored for the fight now
  304. >Both mares finally stopped fighting; they were tired and exhausted from the fight, sweat coming from their faces, manes really messy and… awww, you don’t see blood
  305. >Pinkamena was the first to talk after the fight
  306. >”After this mission… I want you out of the town, Cheerliee. I don’t care if the kids complain, I’ll get another teacher to take care of them… you… are no longer welcome in the town…”
  307. >Both were heavy breathing at each other, hatred looks in both sides
  308. >”If you don’t lose first, Pinkamena… if you don’t lose first.” She took a sip from the potion and glared at Pinkamena. “I’m going to the town, preparing my stuff when I leave…”
  309. >Cheerliee glared at you with some big evil ass look and said nothing as she walked away
  310. >But she stopped before going to the forest
  311. >”Oh and one more thing Pinkamena, you should take a sip of that potion of yours. You don’t want to become… like your family, do you?” She never looked back, but started to slowly laugh as she went away. “The town would be better with you anyway.” She said to herself as she walked away, words that neither of you two heard
  312. >Now you were alone with a bruised and tired pink pony
  313. >You gave her a worried look, hell, you weren’t even scared. Inside you were laughing at how easy ponies can be controlled… and this isn’t even with your powers! You can’t wait to see what the chaos menu has to offer
  314. “Are you okay, Miss Pinka?” For some reason… you prefer that short nickname than the long ass one. “Anything I can do to help you?”
  315. >She stretched out, some bones sounding… you cringe at the tiny sound of it and she takes a sit in the ground
  316. >”We better get back to town, Anon. I don’t want her to lie to anypony there, specially Mayor Mare and Fluttershy.” She tried to grab something that was on her sides, it was the potion. She tried to take a sip but… the bottle… was empty. “That pony… she must be losing her mind…”
  317. >Whoa, maybe Cheerliee did accidently that in their fight, but still… that laugh from her revealed that she did this on purpose
  318. >She looked to you, then at your potion. Obviously she wanted to drink from it and evade any chaos effects from the zone
  319. >”Anon, give me your potion… you don’t need it anyway”
  320. >Wait a second, she’s hurt and near losing the effects of the potion…
  321. >You… start thinking for some time. You could give her the potion, or… you could throw the liquid of this potion so she doesn’t get to drink from it and see what’s the deal with Discord’s magic…
  322. >You stare into the potion and then at Pinkamena who was waiting for you to give her the potion
  323. >You think… and think… this pony has your trust. This pony is the actual leader along with Paquita 2.0, this pony is an obstacle for Discord…
  324. >Any obstacle to Discord… …is an obstacle for you
  325. >It’ll be for the best anyway…
  326. >You take out your bottle…
  327. >”What are you waiting? The effects only last for an hour.” She was desperately sounding for drinking that potion. “Anon?”
  328. >…And you give her the potion
  329. >She quickly takes the potion and you smile wide at her
  330. “Sowwy! I was just thinking about waffles, I saw a pink cloud with a shape of a waffle and thought about it!” You even stick out your tongue for kid measures. “Guess I’m hungry for all that sneeze training!”
  331. >Pinkamena just rolls her eyes as she takes a sip from it
  332. >”Fine. Let’s just go back to town, after that dumb fight I want Nurse Redheart to heal me first… not that coward teacher instead”
  333. >Before you go… you check your inventory. You had a clock that appeared from nowhere, a feather so you could sneeze and the necklace with locket that… wait that was in the town center… eh, whatever. Still counts
  334. >You should carry on that so they believe you or something, you don’t want any more troubles
  335. >”Are you coming or what, Anon?”
  336. >Whoops, again thinking instead of walking!
  337. “Coming!”
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