Body Cam Footage 03222019

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  1. [14:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) shutting his door hge'd walk over and look at the two "Evening, Lt. Hui with CCPD, whats goin on?"
  2. [14:21] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55) she would stand on her tip toes trying to look opver the truck but instead walking around "well my friend here was shot at earlier "
  3. [14:21] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: Copy
  4. [14:22] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods as he motions Dj over "Where did this take place?"
  5. [14:22] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): "84 evan ave"
  6. [14:23] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "Right up over the hill?" he'd ask
  7. [14:23] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): yes
  8. [14:23] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "Do you know who shot you? What kind of weapon? What they look like?"
  9. [14:23] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): shot at you*
  10. [14:24] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): there was a car blocking road looking down at her phone so i called disbatch but i didnt think he called cause he sound like i was dumb or something
  11. [14:24] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "What did the vehicle look like?"
  12. [14:25] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): woman short haired a think white like dark blue charger
  13. [14:25] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): het had out town plates
  14. [14:25] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "Alright. Do me a favor, head home or some where you can hang out for a little while we'll go see whats goin on, Can I get your name and address? That way we can contact you to come verify?"
  15. [14:26] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55) she step forward "you can use my address, my names alena i live at 6 riverwalk way here in array, and we are heading down toi the beach to relax for a little
  16. [14:27] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "Alright we'll be in touch."
  17. [14:27] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 152, I need additionals, respond area of 84 Evan
  18. [14:27] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55): Thank you officer, please be careful she sounds like a loon
  19. [14:27] :: Smith Pawpad speaks into their radio, "10-4"
  20. [14:27] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) getting back into his vehicle he'd call in for units before heading off
  21. [14:28] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 152 I have target vehicle
  22. [14:28] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 149, I need you up here, Code 5
  23. [14:29] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: CCPD advise if medical is needed
  24. [14:29] :: : [CCPD | SGT E.Neox | 131] [GLOBAL] :: 131 dispatch 10-8 any pending?
  25. [14:29] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) stares at the police cars "what the hell?"
  26. [14:30] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) pulling up he'd shift into park.. grabbing his vest from the back seat he'd quickly throw it on before opening the door and grabbing his rifle from the holster taking aim at the vehicle
  27. [14:30] :: Smith Pawpad speaks into their radio, "149 on scene"
  28. [14:30] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) sees the gun "wow what the fuck!"
  29. [14:30] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) looking over to Dj nodding
  30. [14:30] : whispers: Bull Hui speaks into their radio, "149 I'll take the lead"
  31. [14:30] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 149 I'll take the lead
  32. [14:31] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) taking aim at the driver side of the vehicle "Driver! Show me your hands!"
  33. [14:31] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): 'Gives a nod back"
  34. [14:31] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) grabs her phone and shoves it under the seat
  35. [14:31] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) shows her hands
  36. [14:31] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): the fuck you doing?
  37. [14:32] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) Seeing the movement "Stop Moving! You move outside of what I tell you to do and I will take that as a hostile intent. Do you understand?"
  38. [14:32] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) shouts "yes i get it ... shit!"
  39. [14:33] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) keeps her hand visible at the window
  40. [14:33] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) Keeping his rifle trained ""Driver! Put your hands out the window, reach down and open the door!"
  41. [14:33] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "draws his Tazor" Keeping it trained on the suspect"
  42. [14:34] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) reaches outside and opens th door
  43. [14:34] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) "Driver! Step out of the vehicle! Keep your hands in the air!"
  44. [14:34] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) steps out with her hands rasised
  45. [14:35] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) "Driver! Turn and face the front of your vehicle! Place your hands on your head!"
  46. [14:35] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) she looks at the gun on the seat and mumbles "shit"
  47. [14:36] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): /,e places her hands on her head
  48. [14:36] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) seeing somthing on the seat not really making out what it is "Driver! Walk back towards the sound of my voice!"
  49. [14:37] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "stepping over keeping his tazor trained on her"
  50. [14:37] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Stop
  51. [14:37] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Looking over at the other officer"
  52. [14:37] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) looking over to Dj "Move in and cuff." he'd say keeping his weapon trained  following it up with "Keep calm and this won't go south understand?"
  53. [14:38] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) she says sarcastically ... "sure"
  54. [14:38] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods' Holstering his tazor and moving in. Taking the cuffs and placing the on her"
  55. [14:39] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) lowering his weapon slightly he'd step forward from behind his door
  56. [14:39] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "walking up and cuffing her." Ma'am what is your name?
  57. [14:39] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you got no idea boys!
  58. [14:40] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) walking around he'd catch a glimpse of the weapon on the seat "Dj, search her." he'd say as he moved towards the vehicle
  59. [14:40] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): " I mean we can run your prints" that will tell us alot. Its your choice.
  60. [14:40] :: : [CCFD C121 T. Philly] [GLOBAL] :: Chief 121 enroute direct
  61. [14:41] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Ma'am do you have anything on you that will sick poke or hurt me.?
  62. [14:41] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "Finbe, I'm Mckenzie Jackson... and fucking what?
  63. [14:41] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: Brush 133 enroute
  64. [14:41] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Do you have any weapons knives needles or drugs of any kind on you?
  65. [14:41] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) peering into the vehicle he'd quickly scan the vehicle taking note of the weapon and a cell phone on the driver seat.. slinging his weapon to turn to Dj "Vehicle secured."
  66. [14:41] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((simple glock on drivers seat))
  67. [14:42] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods"
  68. [14:42] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): ((Ill get a full list from you in IM.))
  69. [14:43] : whispers: Bull Hui speaks into their radio, "152, Get me a hook rollin to area of 84 Evan for a vehicle impound"
  70. [14:43] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 152, Get me a hook rollin to area of 84 Evan for a vehicle impound
  71. [14:43] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): So Mckenzie Jackson you are being detained at this time. as a person of Interest. Do you have a Permit for that weapon.
  72. [14:44] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "I dont need a permit to deal with cheats!"
  73. [14:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Ok we can sort this out at the station. Right now I will read your rights. But first I will be searching you. (anything  on your person)
  74. [14:45] :: : [CCFD C121 T. Philly] [GLOBAL] :: Chief 121 on the scene, we have an unattended camp fire thats started a small brush fire
  75. [14:46] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) is unsure if the officer notices her facial injuries
  76. [14:47] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: B133 on scene
  77. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "starts to search her in front of the Patorl Car so the cameras will record"
  78. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): You are under arrest.
  79. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): You have the right to remain silent.
  80. [14:47] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) reaching into his pocket he'd grab a pair of gloves.. leaning into the vehicle he'd search the vehicle... only locating the fire arm and the phone.. grabbing the weapon he would quickly secure it, removing the mag and edjecting a live round... the weapon feeling slightly warm he'd make a note as he grabbed the phone and looked back to Dj. "This weapons been fired."
  81. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law.
  82. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): You have the right to an attorney.
  83. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
  84. [14:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?
  85. [14:47] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "fuck you"
  86. [14:48] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): I Take that has a yes. "taking her over to his car"
  87. [14:48] :: : [CCFD Cpt. 123 F. Faulkland] [GLOBAL] :: copy
  88. [14:49] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): wth
  89. [14:49] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you're a dick!
  90. [14:49] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) walking back to the car he'd grab an evidence bag and place the phone and weapon into it.. sealing it off he'd sign it and hand it to Dj. "All yours."
  91. [14:49] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): This woman is a suspect in the murder case.
  92. [14:49] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): murder? proove it!
  93. [14:50] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((driver dorr open i can hear))
  94. [14:52] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): ok Were good here i take her back to HQ. and get with later.
  95. [14:52] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "Alright, well. Get her procsedded, do what you need. I'll forward an incident report with my body cam footage when i get back to station."
  96. [14:53] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): 'Nods"
  97. [14:53] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) nods "Alright i'll call it in."
  98. [14:53] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "walking back to cruser"
  99. [14:53] : whispers: Bull Hui speaks into their radio, "152, Scene is Code 4. Show myself 10-8 and 149 10-15 to HQ"
  100. [14:53] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 152, Scene is Code 4. Show myself 10-8 and 149 10-15 to HQ
  101. [14:53] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you're fucking scum... what am i arrested for again?
  102. [14:54] :: : [CCFD C121 T. Philly] [GLOBAL] :: Chief 121 to control, terminate command and release the ops channel. All station 12 units are inservice
  103. [14:54] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): well!
  104. [14:55] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): dude you better answer me or imma be the bitch you never had
  105. [14:57] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "getting out of his car walking around to the Back Door waiting for the Main Door to close and lock then opening the door"
  106. [14:57] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( well maybe if the door opens lol ))
  107. [14:58] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Walking her over to the Elevator"
  108. [14:58] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) pushes herself toward him
  109. [14:59] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) struggles
  110. [14:59] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): This way ma'am
  111. [14:59] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) looks at him "I'll remember you"
  112. [15:00] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Me how is that. "opening the door"
  113. [15:00] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: 10-6
  114. [15:01] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Turn around "taking one cuff off and hooking it to the table."
  115. [15:01] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you watch your back mr officer!
  116. [15:01] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Is that a threat?
  117. [15:01] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( is it mrs or ms ))
  118. [15:02] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((ms))
  119. [15:02] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( ok lol ))
  120. [15:02] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: B133 back in service
  121. [15:02] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): what did i do?
  122. [15:03] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): well first seem you took a shot at some one. earlier today.
  123. [15:04] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: 10-6
  124. [15:05] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): That prick... he walk over to me... then moved into some bushes and i assume called you...
  125. [15:06] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): sit the fuck down... you're gunna get gray!
  126. [15:08] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): knocks on the door
  127. [15:09] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Opens the door.
  128. [15:09] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): puts out the file "the file you requested sir"
  129. [15:09] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): oh yea thank you sgt. neox.
  130. [15:09] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): no problem
  131. [15:10] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): walks out heading round the corner
  132. [15:10] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Well care to explain to me why we found your Drivers licenses at a crime scene?"taking it out of the file folder laying it on the desk"
  133. [15:11] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "can i see all the pictures?"
  134. [15:13] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Shows the Pictures of the crime scene."
  135. [15:13] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((which one first of second?))
  136. [15:13] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Who is Kevin Smith?
  137. [15:15] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((the guy i left roadside or the other?))
  138. [15:16] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( Roadside ))
  139. [15:16] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( we don't have a name for the other ))
  140. [15:16] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((sorry name (( simon daImon))
  141. [15:17] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( ok ))
  142. [15:17] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): well... you wanna know about kevin?
  143. [15:18] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): I would like to know why someone would bash in his head.
  144. [15:19] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): Ok... well Kevin was someone I thought was the guy I was seeing... I followed him for weeks and then the dickhead wasn't even him!"
  145. [15:20] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: 122 is 10-8
  146. [15:20] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): I left him looking nice for yopu though right?
  147. [15:21] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): So lets back this up. What are you running from. I mean its plain as day that your running from something.
  148. [15:22] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) she scoffs... "Well you seem nice so imma tell the truth... I'm wanted in serverral states"
  149. [15:23] VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD 5.33* -GERARD BENTO FACE-V2: Typing override: OFF
  150. [15:24] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Looking down I figure that out when we ran you ID and it flagged.
  151. [15:25] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) she holds her hand up "can i have some water?"
  152. [15:27] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): but the question is why. I have two dead body's  one a PI and the other a man who has seem to have gone missing 3 years from home.
  153. [15:27] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "slides the water over to her"
  154. [15:27] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) takes a tsim He ain't a P.I
  155. [15:27] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): sip*
  156. [15:28] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): So then explain the ID we found in the seat of the car.?
  157. [15:28] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): well that came from some dude i set on sire in another state
  158. [15:29] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): fir*
  159. [15:29] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): fire*
  160. [15:29] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "looking up at her" Sounds like you don't like men?
  161. [15:30] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): I do.. I just dont like men that are married and sleep[s with other girls!
  162. [15:31] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): well I have some more questions but need to step out to make a call.
  163. [15:31] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): take your time, not like i'm goinjg no-where
  164. [15:31] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "takes the photos and Drivers license and places them back in the folder"
  165. [15:32] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): steps out for a moment
  166. [15:32] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): 'Walks over to the phone to place a call"
  167. [15:38] VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD 5.33* -GERARD BENTO NOFACE-V1.1: There's a new version available of the GERARD FULL BENTO AO. Go to seetings / update to take it.
  168. [15:38] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) she stands up and bangs on the door "oi!"
  169. [15:39] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): What is it.
  170. [15:40] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): what the fuck is going on... put me in a cell or let me go!
  171. [15:40] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Have a seat. and chill out. you will find out in a minute.
  172. [15:41] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( ( and you was cuffed to the table just saying) ))
  173. [15:41] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): if you are married and you want to see your wife... put me in a cell or let me go... i wont say it again...
  174. [15:43] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): well good for me I'm not married and seem that i hold all the cards now sit down or I will.
  175. [15:43] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you will what!?
  176. [15:44] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Sit down or i will add another charge to the ever growing list of charges to your list.
  177. [15:45] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) tries to lunch for the officer but misses and sumbles falling to the floor
  178. [15:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "moving his hand over to his Tazor"
  179. [15:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "Picking her up Ok You Placing the cuffs back on her."
  180. [15:46] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Then sitting her back in the chair."
  181. [15:46] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you're as bad as all those other dickheads!
  182. [15:47] :: : [CCFD 1220 J. Versailles] [GLOBAL] :: mark 1220 10-8
  183. [15:48] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): now you sit there and be a good girl..
  184. [15:48] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) whispers: dont talk to me like a fuckiing child
  185. [15:48] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): 'walking back out of the room"
  186. [15:48] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): !
  187. [15:48] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): *shouts*
  188. [15:50] :: : [CCFD 1206 J. Versailles] [GLOBAL] :: Test
  189. [15:52] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55) speaking to the woman at reception "hi we got a call to come down"
  190. [15:52] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55): sure we can take a seat
  191. [15:52] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): [NPC] Evie "Seeing the man walking in and the woman" yes of course i will get him for you.
  192. [15:53] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55): babe didnt you get dressed
  193. [15:53] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55): your clothes were in the car
  194. [15:54] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Hello Cash and "looking at the lady with him.
  195. [15:54] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): "hello"
  196. [15:54] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55) waves hey officer taylor dont you remember me?
  197. [15:55] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): I can't say i do. But if you will both follow me I will take you to a room were you can Identify the person. Now she can't see you.
  198. [15:56] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55) she would shake her head "oh i cant identify her sir i just drove him down"
  199. [15:56] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Ok then cash is you will follow me. This won't take long.
  200. [15:56] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): if*
  201. [15:56] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): (brb fone"))
  202. [16:01] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): ((back sry it was very important call)
  203. [16:02] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): (( thats ok you have to move fast these doors don't like to stay open long. ))
  204. [16:03] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): I want my laeyer now i was assaulted! *she screams*
  205. [16:03] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): ok we can deal with that, but you still need to take a seat
  206. [16:03] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Looking over to Cash Is that the woman you seen?
  207. [16:03] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): no! i want a medic!
  208. [16:04] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): bitch get me a medic right now!
  209. [16:05] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): ok we will get one, and we will check the security footage too, but till you have calmed down and taken a seat to where i can leave you to call them i can't do anything for you right now
  210. [16:05] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): fine! *she sits*
  211. [16:06] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): "ok stay calm and i get a medic to check you out"
  212. [16:07] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) looks up to the camera and slouches "fuck" she mumbles
  213. [16:08] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Mr. X is that the person you seen?
  214. [16:09] :: : [CCPD | SGT E.Neox | 131] [GLOBAL] :: 131 to dispatch need medic at HQ one prisoner with self inflicted nose injurys
  215. [16:09] :: : [CCPD | 152 | Lt. B. Hui] [GLOBAL] :: DISPATCH - Station 12, Respond Public Safety Building. Prisoner with injuries
  216. [16:10] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): he looks at her thinking looking closely to her face as he "says yes officer shes one shot at the ground i remember
  217. [16:11] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): "now she cant see me can she"
  218. [16:11] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Ok Thank you Please right this way." Walking him back out." No sir.
  219. [16:11] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: copy
  220. [16:12] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Thank you again. sir.
  221. [16:12] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55): everything okay babe?
  222. [16:12] Ƈαѕн ℳαѕтєяѕ-lεĝεπδz (lmrjokerl): e hun you ready
  223. [16:12] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: Medic 126 enroute
  224. [16:13] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "hey were the fucking medic?" she shouts
  225. [16:13] 彡ღAlenaღ彡 (kaimartin55) she would look over "so what happened babe, was it her?
  226. [16:14] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): sees dj walk back in "sarge the prisoner has banged her head amongst the tables this was captured on the cameras also, how ever she is calming you assaulted her, medics are on the way to deal with her has she has a bloody nose"
  227. [16:16] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui) walking over "Ms, Silversmith. Follow me please."
  228. [16:16] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): well we can pull the Camera Footage lets get her checked out and booked. Right now we have enough to hold her.
  229. [16:17] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): nods "ok i'm going to go wait in the lobby for medics"
  230. [16:21] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: Medic 126 on scene
  231. [16:21] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "oiu where the fuck is the medic! I have rrights!"
  232. [16:22] :: : [CCPD | 156 | Chief N.Philly] [GLOBAL] :: dispatch show 156 10-8 at 10-1
  233. [16:23] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) motions with her head "it's on camera so they know I did it
  234. [16:23] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((premature))
  235. [16:23] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((premature))
  236. [16:25] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): ((dj gonna get the other door))
  237. [16:26]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): where is she?
  238. [16:26] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): room at the end nate.
  239. [16:26] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) motions with her head "it's on camera so "they know I did it just fix it" she blurts out
  240. [16:27] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): you will have to treat her here. . Nate.
  241. [16:27]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy) looks at the woman "hey I am Deputy Chief Diggity with the cedar creek fire department  what seems to be going on?"
  242. [16:27] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) looks at the sgt and shouts "Fuck you!"
  243. [16:28] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): my nose.. you blind as well as dumb?
  244. [16:28] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright) places the bag down and puts gloves on
  245. [16:28] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright) throws a pair of gloves to Nate
  246. [16:29] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright) throws a pair to christoph
  247. [16:29]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy) nods " as he takes out some gauze and starts to wipe her nose"
  248. [16:29]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): (( is it broken is it just bloody or what ))
  249. [16:29] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade) catches the gloves and blows them out before placing my hands into them.
  250. [16:30] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "hey! that hurts!! be fucking careful!!..."
  251. [16:31] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "I'll remeber you both.... just watch"
  252. [16:31]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): (( So whats wrong with your nose? is it broken is it just a bloody nose is it bruised? ))
  253. [16:31] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): "Ma'am I dont do well with threats, we are just here to help you
  254. [16:32] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): "
  255. [16:32] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((smacked my face on the desk... your call))
  256. [16:32] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): (You gotta give us something to work with..)
  257. [16:32] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): fuck you.. help yourself!"
  258. [16:32]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): (( negative its your rp you tell me whats wrong with your nose ))
  259. [16:33] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((just minor))
  260. [16:33] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): ( idk if you have ever done this before but we cant just assume what is wrong with you... you have to provide the information for us to RP with.)
  261. [16:34] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((as said.. minor... soft tissue))
  262. [16:34] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): ( fracture or just a bleed?)
  263. [16:34]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): nods he wipes her nose with gause then "puts a butterfly banaid on her nose looking at the woman" please don't threaten my fire fighters we are here to help"
  264. [16:34] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ((just a bleed... no bone injuries))
  265. [16:34] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): ( oki... ty)
  266. [16:35] :: : [CCPD | 130 | Officer  J.Heron] [GLOBAL] :: dispatch 130 10-8
  267. [16:35] :: : [CCES Dispatch C. Smith] [GLOBAL] :: 16:35
  268. [16:35] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) struggles against them.. "get the fuck off me!"
  269. [16:36]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): laughs and walks out of the room" all yours sgt"
  270. [16:36] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): Good luck with that one Sgt
  271. [16:36] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) "laugh at me bitch... I'll remember you!"
  272. [16:36] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): "Miss... try to relax or that butterfly is going to bust off and let you leek again"
  273. [16:37]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy) looks at Dj" Sgt its nothing major just a bloody nose maybe some welling but it should clear up I cleaned up the blood and put a butterfly bandaid on it"
  274. [16:37] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): leak*
  275. [16:38] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "get the fuck out of here of you'll be next!" she yells
  276. [16:38] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright) hands the Sgt some butterfly bandaids "At this rate you may need these" laughs
  277. [16:38] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade) chuckles "Yeah ok" He says before looking to the SGT. "Good luck buddy."
  278. [16:38] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods taking the bandaids"
  279. [16:39] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "oi sergent come here i want to tell you something!"
  280. [16:39] :: : [CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL] :: Dispatch show Medic 126 clearing the scene no transport needed
  281. [16:39] : whispers: : CaptianJustin Resident's Radio ::[CCFD| DC122| N. Diggity] [GLOBAL]  Dispatch show Medic 126 clearing the scene no transport needed
  282. [16:40] :: : [CCFD C121 T. Philly] [GLOBAL] :: Chief 121 10-8
  283. [16:40] : whispers: : CaptianJustin Resident's Radio ::[CCFD C121 T. Philly] [GLOBAL]  Chief 121 10-8
  284. [16:40] :: : [CCES Dispatch C. Smith] [GLOBAL] :: Medic 126 clear at 16:39
  285. [16:40] : whispers: : CaptianJustin Resident's Radio ::[CCES Dispatch C. Smith] [GLOBAL]  Medic 126 clear at 16:39
  286. [16:40] : whispers: : CaptianJustin Resident's Radio ::[CCES Dispatch C. Smith] [GLOBAL]  121 10-8 same time
  287. [16:40] :: : [CCES Dispatch C. Smith] [GLOBAL] :: 121 10-8 same time
  288. [16:40] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): ((justin can you lett the fd out mate))
  289. [16:40] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): (yep)
  290. [16:40] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): ok you wanna know about the two men?
  291. [16:41] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): i guess just me and you taking this ride
  292. [16:41] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): walks in and stands in the corner
  293. [16:41] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): Hey guys turn around
  294. [16:41] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666) looks over at her thinking "bitch"
  295. [16:41] Chяîṡτσρђ モdωϊռ Ŧєar (wolfkinnightshade): (Justing, you going to click on the doors buddy?)
  296. [16:42] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): lol wrong floor
  297. [16:42] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): haha
  298. [16:42] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): "I'll tell you about those two men.... they were both not worth living!"
  299. [16:42]  Naтe Dιɢɢιтy (natediggitydoggy): wrong elevator jaze
  300. [16:42] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): anyone else hoping in here
  301. [16:42] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Ok Please stand up Ms. Jackson. Your being charged with . Illegal Discharge of a firearm and Unlawful Carry of a Concealed Weapon also Possession of a Dangerous Weapon.
  302. [16:43] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): I just wanted to see the third floor
  303. [16:43] Jᴀᴢᴇ Nᴏᴀʜ Vᴇʀꜱᴀɪʟʟᴇꜱ (jaze4thright): lol
  304. [16:43] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): you dont want to hear me.. what the fuck?
  305. [16:43] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): gotcha
  306. [16:43] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): later
  307. [16:43] ᴊᴜꜱᴛɪɴ ʜᴇʀᴏɴ ᴄᴏʟᴛᴏɴ (captianjustin): You're welcome
  308. [16:44] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): We will get to that First we going to book you on these charges.
  309. [16:44] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): no! i will tll you now or you wil;l forever wonder!
  310. [16:44] McKenzie Jackson (devilskiss666): tell*
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