Bingo Tourney 2023 Groups Goals

Jul 29th, 2023 (edited)
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  1. [
  2. {"name": "Buy a Red Shield OR Zora Item"},
  3. {"name": "Complete 3 Dark World dungeons"},
  4. {"name": "Obtain 3 Crystals"},
  5. {"name": "Bring a follower to Catfish"},
  6. {"name": "Open 6 Big Chests"},
  7. {"name": "11 total hearts OR Red Mail"},
  8. {"name": "Fall into 4 overworld dropdowns"},
  9. {"name": "Clear a tile room in both worlds"},
  10. {"name": "Have a drink (of potion, any color) in the Tavern"},
  11. {"name": "Release one bee and one faerie from bottles (not by dying)"},
  12. {"name": "Defeat a Deadrock OR a Red Eyegore"},
  13. {"name": "Reveal a hidden cave by lifting a rock in both worlds"},
  14. {"name": "Throw a bottle into the Pyramid Faerie pool"},
  15. {"name": "Collect 5 maps OR 5 compasses"},
  16. {"name": "Pay for a hint OR health from 3 different NPCs"},
  17. {"name": "Complete 1 row or 1 column of Y items (no diagonals)"},
  18. {"name": "Break Ether OR Bombos Tablet"},
  19. {"name": "Bomb open a cracked floor in any dungeon"},
  20. {"name": "Burn a floating stalfos skull"},
  21. {"name": "Pull a tongue statue in any dungeon"},
  22. {"name": "Lift the pot in hookshot faerie cave"},
  23. {"name": "Enter Desert Palace using the Book"},
  24. {"name": "Play both Light World chest games"},
  25. {"name": "Buy an item at one shop in Light World and Dark World (not potion shop, bomb shop, or upgrade fairy)"},
  26. {"name": "Max out bomb OR arrow capacity"}
  27. ]
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