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  3. - FDA is not allowed (Fading Door Abuse)
  4. - Max fading door limit is 3.
  5. - You are allowed to have 5 fading doors if u are mega basing with 5 people. You must take over a district of the map and own all the doors.
  6. - Double stacked doors are allowed.
  7. - Hack proof bases are allowed
  8. - One way props are allowed but not shooting through them.
  9. - Must have keypads for each door.
  10. - Hidden rooms are not allowed unless it's part of the map.
  11. - Has to be possible for the raider to shoot u from where u are shooting them.
  12. - Your fading doors must be on for 5 seconds minimum.
  13. - Do not buy doors in other buildings except yours.
  14. - Crouch bases are not allowed.
  15. - You cannot print or bitcoin mine with a building sign.
  16. - Jump/Parkour bases are not allowed.
  17. - No blackout bases.
  18. - No one pixel bases to lockpick.
  19. - Maze bases are not allowed.(Only entrances you cant shoot them at.)
  20. - You are not allowed to have a KOS sign and building sign at the same time.
  21. - Angle bases are not allowed.
  22. - Roof bases are allowed.
  23. - Trap bases are not allowed
  24. - Bases must be raidable by everyone.
  25. - Slide bases are not allowed.
  26. - Fading ramps and floors are not allowed.
  27. - No invisible props.
  28. - 1 Person is only allowed one base.
  29. - Under
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