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  1.   Haywood Department of Public Safety (HDPS)
  2.                                                         Maximum Troopers: 15-25
  3.                                                     Maximum Troopers on Startup: 4-5
  5. Mission Statement: Working with the community to provide public safety with Empathy, Integrity and trust.
  7. Motto: To excel in public safety.
  9. Jurisdiction: Whole County of Haywood.
  11. HDPS Divisions:
  12. Drug Interdiction Unit – Ran by a Captain
  13. Comm. Vehicle Enforcement – Ran by a Captain
  14. Field Training – Ran by a Lieutenant
  15. Major Crimes - Ran by a Captain
  16. P.I.O. - Can be Civilian Role – Ran by a Lieutenant
  18. Vehicles:
  19. 2016 FPIU – General Use
  20. 2016 FPIS – General Use
  21. Crown Victoria – General Use
  22. 2013 Chevy Tahoe – K-9/CVE
  23. Slick top Marked – Supervisors
  24. Unmarked – Lieutenants +/Detectives
  25. All Vehicles will have blue/white lights
  27. Vehicle Wrap(Texture): -TBD-
  29. Implementing Haywood Fugitive Task Force: The purpose of HFTF is to combine the efforts of the HDPS and DoJ to track, locate and arrest some of the most dangers fugitives in Haywood and assist in high profile investigations.
  31. Ranking Structure:
  32. Colonel – Andrew James
  33. Lt. Colonel
  34. Major
  35. Captain(s)
  36. Lieutenant(s)
  37. Sergeant(s)
  38. Senior Trooper(s)
  39. Trooper(s)
  41. Standard Operating Procedure:
  42. Page 1: Mission Statement/Motto
  43. Page 2: Explanation of Ranks
  44. Page 3: Explanation of Divisions
  45. Page 4: Ten Codes/Signals
  46. Page 5: Vehicle Use
  47. Page 6: Jurisdictions
  48. Page 7: Traffic Stop Protocols
  49. Page 8: Pursuit Protocols
  50. Page 9: Miranda Rights
  51. Page 10: Use of Force
  52. S.O.P. will be fully written out if this is accepted.
  54. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55.                                     Letter of Interest: Haywood Department of Public Safety
  57. Dear Community Directors,
  58.     My name is Andrew, also known as Andrew Moretta. I am writing this letter of interest in regards to opening Haywood Department of Public Safety, here on out referred to as HDPS.
  60.     Out of my time so far here at Haywood, I have noticed the lack of presence of Law Enforcement Officers on the island. This is where my LOI comes into play. Throughout my 9 years of roleplay experience on games such as San Andreas Multiplayer, GTA IV, FiveM, Arma 2 and Arma 3, I have held many In Game positions ranging from Fire Chief to Commissioner/Chief/Sheriff of a LEO Agency and even owning my own Towing Business and much, much more. In my duration of leading Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices, I have brought them back to life after they were ran into the ground and became inactive. I developed my own Standard Operating Procedures along with my own formats, applications, divisions and even badges to raise moral and activity.
  62.     The HDPS would dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens who reside and visit Haywood. HDPS wants to excel in public safety, which also happens to be the agency’s motto. The mission statement of the agency is “Working with the community to provide public safety with Empathy, Integrity and trust.” Which means that we would like the community to hold us to the highest standards possible while trusting us and knowing that we care.
  64.     On the page I included with this letter, you can see my plan of approach for starting up HDPS. The page includes how many players are actually needed to start up this agency and the maximum amount the agency will have, which is anywhere from 15-20 people spread across 8 different ranks. Of those 8 different ranks, 3 of those ranks are commands staff, 3 are supervisory ranks and 2 are non-commissioned officer ranks. 2 of the supervisory and 1 of the command staff ranks (Lieutenant, Captain and Major) are responsible for leading the day to day operations of the HDPS.
  66.     The divisions in HDPS are essential for operations to run smooth and with ease. The Drug Interdiction Unit would be responsible for investigating and preventing the transport and sale of illegal narcotics and drugs. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is a critical division to make sure all citizens that use our roads are safe from hazardous violations that sometimes occur while driving a Commercial Vehicle. This division would be responsible for inspecting vehicles that require a Commercial Drivers License and ensure they are in safe operating conditions to operate on state and/or county roads. Our Public Information Office, also known as P.I.O. would be responsible for our community interaction, which include press releases, ride along requests and also our social media pages. The P.I.O. would also include civilian employees who are not a sworn LEO that want to get their foot in the door. Now for the backbone of our agency, the Field Training Division. The Field Training Division would work closely with the Los Santos Police Department to develop a Training Academy to ensure our Troopers/Officers are adequately trained to perform the tasks of a Law Enforcement Officer within San Andreas. Once a Trooper graduates the Training Academy, he/she would go through a 1 week training observation with another Trooper who is called a Field Training Officer. Once completed with the training observation, they are taken off of probation status and considered a full-fledged Trooper with the HDPS. HDPS’ Standard Operating Procedure would be taught to Troopers during the training observation phase, and would hopefully cover most aspects of Law Enforcement and the correct procedures that Troopers need to follow that go in line with our Motto and Mission statement. The S.O.P. topics are included in the attached page.
  68.     As you can see in the attached page, we have a list of vehicles that would be used by HDPS and shows which ones are rank restricted. To be seen more in the community, Troopers and Supervisors will use agency vehicles that have markings on the sides of the vehicles. Lieutenants and above, along with Detectives will be able to utilize unmarked vehicles for daily agency activities. Also to be seen more, all sworn law enforcement officers will be issued take home cars.
  70.     You may be wondering, what is the Haywood Fugitive Task Force? The HFTF would work in conjunction with the Department of Justice to track down and arrest fugitives who are wanted for violent crimes which range from Armed Robbery to Attempted Murder and Murder. HFTF would consist of highly trained and respective LEO from both agencies.
  72.     I hope you understand my goal and interest in starting up HDPS. I will put countless hours into creating this agency. I will use my design skills to create our logo and our vehicle textures. I will do the best I can with what I have, all I would need is your support. Thank you for taking your time and reading my letter of interest. I hope you really take this into consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  74. Sincerely,
  75. Andrew Moretta
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