Walnut - That's What's Friends Are For I

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >Hexferry was uncomfortable as Anon sat next to this unknown moth mare who had short a dark brown mane that was made into twin tails, a fluffy ochre coat, and wore a black business uniform with a skirt, and checkered tie during their daily lunch get together at Honeybee's.
  2. >"Who the fuck is this moth?" Hexferry thought inside her head as she met everymoth, but this one. Giving her warm smile Hexferry could tell something was off. Chuckling a bit Anon said "Well...Bit as I promised, this is your new friend Lavish Bit.".
  3. >Saying "What?" Hexferry was confused as Anon backed away from his seat, and walked over to her whispering into her ear "This moth needs friends...and you would be perfect. I ran into her at a bookstore where she was stalking me, and tried to ask me to be her friend. But since I'm to busy doing stuff Hexy I was wondering if you could be her friend.".
  5. >Looking Anon in the eye Hexferry was disgusted by Anon just dumping the moth on her, putting both his hands together he begged kindly saying "Please...". Rolling her eyes and giving in Hexferry said "...Fine, but it's not like I'm doing it for you.".
  6. >Smiling Anon then leaned down, and hugged her which made her squeak before he backed away, and left leaving her alone with her new friend.
  7. >Turning her attention Lavish who was Hexferries suppose to be new friend, she needed to get a little bit more Information about her, and why the hell she's wearing a business suit.
  8. >Offering the suggestion to go shopping Lavish happily agreed, and they left to go to Spinnetia Mall the hottest place to shop for moths.
  9. >Going shopping for an hour before taking a seat in the center of the mall with their oversized bags Hexferry was amazed at the amount of money Lavish could spend buying 1000 bit clothes not only for herself, but Hexferry as well though she rejected Lavish insisted. Curious on where Lavish acquired such a vast amount of wealth Hexferry asked her what her job was.
  10. >Responding Lavish said " job it's not reputable. ..I'm like what you call a supervisor, security, and owner at it. It requires me to always be aggressive, and sometimes to be cruel to those who like to buy my employee products for an hour maybe two and refuse to pay up. And because of this I don't really have friends."
  11. >Going "Huh." Hexferry was curious by Lavish meant it wasn't reputable, or by her employees selling their products. Prodding deeper Hexferry said "Your employee's products?" which gained Lavish attention saying " employee's sells some "private wares" certain types of ponies who are willing to pay high bid.".
  13. >Being vague information Hexferry wanted to know what in the hell Lavish did for a living. Going further Hexferry asked Lavish straight out "Do you think I can join?".
  14. >Freaking out by her request Lavish could barely speak saying " you sure you can sell some private wares, Hexferry?"
  15. >Rolling her eyes Hexferry replied in a confident tone saying. "Pretty sure I can sell some private wares. I don't think it's going be that hard. How much do I get payed?", Speaking Lavish said "50% of what you sold, and I get the other half." Which made Hexferry light up in shock.
  16. >Smiling Hexferry spoke saying "Sounds like a good deal to me. Welcome me aboard Bit." before shaking Lavish's hoof.
  17. >Putting on a discouraged look after shaking hooves with Hexferry, and welcoming her to her job Lavish asked her new friend "Do you have any friends you can call cute that would like to join in?".
  19. >Raising an eyebrow to the question Hexferry wasn't going to leave Lavish without an answer saying "Let's see there's Amata she wears a maid outfit, Caramel um...she's kinda wild, Actias she's perfect, and Sepia she kawaii sometimes. Um...then theirs Cejire. She's not cute, but likes to think she is so I guess I can include her.".
  20. >Shaking her head before getting up, and grabbing her bags to leave Lavish said "Well when you arrive at my office tomorrow at Steam Blvd. with your friends you gotta make sure to call me Mistress in front of the other employee's. And I'll help you and your friends get ready to sell your "private wares.".".
  21. >Smiling and saying "Okay, Mistress." Lavish departed ways with Hexferry for the day.
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