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  1. Name: Mu-onna
  3. Type: Fae (Yokai)
  5. Gender Ratio: Female Dominant. Approximately three in fifteen of these mazoku are futanaris.
  7. Organisation: Though rare, mu-onnas are extremely sociable mazoku, and even those who do not live in urban environments invariably live in areas where they can expect to see a considerable number of people passing by. Most mu-onnas operate hospitals, orphanages, hospices or inns, and even the rare mu-onna who lives a relatively sheltered life is still typically a healer or otherwise someone frequently called upon by others.
  9. Physical Description: Mu-onnas have the appearance of curvaceous human woman, with large, plush breasts, round jiggling buttocks and wide, breedable hips. Their natural physique is soft in tone, and they often tend towards the lower level of plumpness; not enough to really be called fat, but enough of a pouched belly and thickness on the limbs to make them especially snuggly, though mu-onnas who are slender and svelte despite their wide hips and curved bosoms and buttocks do make up a significant minority. Mu-onnas cannot be called conventionally beautiful, however. This is because of a single reason: they have no faces! Where a human woman would have eyes, ears, nose and mouth, a mu-onna has nothing but blank skin, something that many offworlders find highly alarming.
  12. Personality Typing: Loving, Nurturing, Caring, Affectionate, Gentle, Tender, Peaceful.
  13. More than one sage claims that a mu-onna’s personality can be summarised with just two words: “loving mother”. And it’s not mere hyperbole to make such a claim, either.
  15. Mu-onnas are like born mothers; they are a breed that finds the truest of pleasures to be in caring for and comforting those in need, especially children, and they have open arms and warm hearts for anyone who seems even the slightest willing to reciprocate.
  17. Quiet, inoffensive and placid beings, mu-onnas want only to live lives filled with love and happiness, and to share their good fortune with others. They cannot abide to see others in pain or fear, and are moved by instinct to comfort and tend to those who are distressed. Patient, long-suffering and dedicated, they gravitate naturally towards positions where they can care for others. Mu-onnas most commonly manage orphanages, act as midwives and healers, or even become chefs, all to ensure they can give out comfort and care where they need it, but some have even been known to become city officials, looking to acquire political power so that they may use it to benefit the lives of those in need with greater efficiency.
  19. Understanding and sweet-natured as they are, mu-onnas can really be said to have only two flaws.
  21. The first is that they can be taken advantage of, and more than one heartless individual has done so - threatening those a mu-onna feels most protective for, such as children or loved ones, has even been used to force them to serve ruthless individuals in various manners.
  23. Secondly, though mu-onnas chide their kinsfolk against doing so, some mu-onnas get too fixated on an individual. Their intentions are good, but they can become so protective and over-eager that they go beyond nurturing and instead become smothering. They baby their loved ones instead of nurturing them, enticing them to remain dependent on the mu-onna rather than helping them to grow and become strong, proud souls in their own right.
  25. It is this trait that mu-onnas regard with true shame, for a mother should always want what is best for her children, no matter what pain or grief it may bring to her own heart.
  28. Reproduction: It should be no surprise that mu-onnas tend to have love on their minds. Nor should it be surprising that many Fae regard them as highly attractive lovers and eagerly court them.
  30. Mu-onnas do not necessarily expect monogamy, or even prolonged relationships, but they do have a pronounced stream of romance in their souls. Used to being the ones courted rather than the ones doing the courting, mu-onna look for partners who can treat them with gentleness and respect; for those seeking a prolonged relationship, a love of children, and an ability to be a good caretaker to children, is essential. All mu-onnas want to be mothers, some day.
  32. As lovers, mu-onnas are loving, tender, very physical, and surprisingly playful. Mu-onnas are huge fans of physical intimacy during sex, and love to cuddle or to have their curves stroked, caressed and petted; the touchier their partner is during sex, the happier the mu-onna is. They love a partner who loves their bodies, and are all too willing to share everything they have with them...
  34. Mu-onnas have no shame at all about using their Malleable Flesh ability to “spice up” the bedroom. Sprouting multiple breasts so a lover has more to play with? Certainly! Expanding nipples into penetrable orifices and letting a partner use his or her phallus in them? That sounds lovely! Partner wants to fist the mu-onna? She certainly won’t complain!
  36. Indeed, these mazoku consider their methods for enveloping others to be highly intimate and erotic actions, and they relish doing so. Although the precise methodology differs from individual to individual - one mu-onna may like to simply seep over her lover in sex and absorb them, another may prefer stretching her vagina or anus over her partner and swallowing them into her womb or stomach, a third may like to mould her nipples into toothless mouths that greedily swallow her lover(s) whole - all mu-onnas share this as a common fetish, and sadly it is one of the reasons why many mu-onna relationships don’t work out in the long term. A person willing to let a mu-onna wrap them up in her flesh and keep them warm and safe inside of her can be guaranteed of a willing and very happy spouse.
  38. Mu-onnas eagerly accept offers to have children; indeed, it’s harder to convince a mu-onna not to expand her family than it is to convince her to have another baby. Though quite capable of conventional sexual reproduction, mu-onnas also have a unique ability to conceive; by drawing another being into their bodies, a mu-onna can absorb their genetic essence, allowing her to, if she wills, fertilise herself with a mu-onna daughter that is genetically related to them.
  40. Mu-onnas normally give birth to one to three children at a time, but a particularly virile spouse can potentially make them much more heavily pregnant, and many mu-onnas regard multiple pregnancies as highly desirable due to a combination of being “good luck” and very sexually attractive. A mu-onna pregnancy lasts nine months before the child, or children, are born, and births are always pain-free and practically effortless.
  43. Special Abilities:
  44. Malleable Flesh - A mu-onna’s body is comprised of a substance more like clay than flesh. They can reshape their bodies with an almost fluid ease, allowing them to disguise themselves as other beings, morph their features, or even envelop same-sized or smaller beings like slimes. As a side-effect of this ability, physical attacks have little effect on mu-onnas, for they can remold their bodies and rejoin severed pieces.
  46. Sleeping Spell - All mu-onnas have an instinctive ability for a singular hex, which allows them to coax even the most alert and wakeful of beings into a deep slumber. This spell can be resisted by strong wills or artificially stimulated minds, but is quite potent, especially depending on the mu-onna’s power.
  48. Mindprobe - By touching a sleeping person, a mu-onna can look into the depths of their mind, reading their memories and thoughts to unlock various information. They can also alter memories, though this requires an expenditure of mana and is unreliable if the victim does not want the memory altered; they most commonly use this to block off or erase traumatic memories.
  50. Assimilate - If a mu-onna has a victim enveloped within her body, she can assimilate them into herself, absorbing their flesh, mind and soul to become one with them. She acquires any skills or powers they have, takes up all their memories, and acquires many of their personality traits - in effect, they become a single being. An assimilated being can be retrieved, or even expelled voluntarily, but only for a period of about 24 hours, typically. After this point, the two beings have merged together irreversibly, and the mu-onna and her victim have become a single new being altogether.
  53. Notable Weaknesses: The truest weakness of mu-onnas is that they are typically docile and passive by nature; the average mu-onna does not want to fight, does not like to fight, and will quickly surrender if her charges are threatened. Their desire to protect those close to them can sometimes persuade them to fight in order to protect them, but they are more likely to sacrifice themselves than to actually take up arms with any real effectiveness.
  56. Other Notes:
  57. Nobody is quite certain how mu-onnas can perceive the world around them with no visible eyes, ears, mouths or noses. Most attribute it to their inherently magical nature.
  59. Mu-onnas have been known to sculpt faces on themselves to try and attract or be less frightening to potential spouses, but it is surprisingly difficult for them to hold these shapeshifted features in place, and so most inevitably revert back to their natural blankness.
  61. The one thing that mu-onnas despise more than anything is the abuse of children, and they display a frighteningly intense vengeful streak when confronted by those who harm children.
  63. Though most mu-onnas deny it intensely, many of them do have a strong fetish for shotacon and lolicon; the more childlike mazoku can always find an interested mu-onna partner, if they’re willing to look.
  65. Rumors of incest between mu-onnas and their children, predominantly their adopted children, are commonly shared, but few believe it.
  67. Mu-onnas communicate through a mixture of telepathic broadcasts and highly intricate sign & body language combinations.
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