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  2. Jirachi used U-turn!
  3. It's not very effective...
  4. The foe's Gengy lost 8% of its health!
  5. kody called Jirachi back!
  6. kody sent out Kyogre!
  8. Kyogre's Drizzle made it rain!
  10. Rain continues to fall!
  11. Jirachi's wish came true!
  12. The foe's Gengy restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
  13. shantaz: thats uber! u noob!
  15. Start of turn 5
  16. Kyogre used Surf!
  17. The foe's Gengy lost 98% of its health!
  18. The foe's Gengy fainted!
  20. Rain continues to fall!
  21. kody: lol do you see what tier youre in?
  22. kody: Tier: Wifi Ubers
  23. kody: Mode: Singles
  24. kody: besides, garchomp is uber
  25. kody: :}
  26. shantaz forfeited against kody!
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