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  1. # Find and explain 3 Euclid or Keter SCPS.
  2. #### SCP-106 “The Old Man” SCP-106 is a humanoid entity it’s appearance resembles an old rotting man with several vital organs and it’s insides being exposed. SCP-106 generally tries to trap subjects of its choice inside of a “Pocket dimension” and try to play/torture them for his own enjoyment.
  4. SCP-049 is a humanoid creature that resembles a medieval plague doctor, SCP-049s main goal is to “cure the pestilence” although no further details on why he wants to do such a thing. SCP-049 will seek out any humans that may be near to himself a notable exception to this are doctors and other medical professionals. SCP-049 will [REDACTED] the subject by touch before grabbing his medical sash and proceed to turn the subject into a zombie, while doing so 049 will become extremely aggressive and attempt to capture other subjects.
  6. SCP-096 “The shy guy” SCP-096 is a tall humanoid creature that has advanced pigmentations of the skin and wears no clothes. SCP-096 will become extremely agitated when it’s faced has been viewed thus triggering him to start working and cry before going at fast speeds ignoring any kind of resistance to kill said subject.
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