Red Sterling

Nov 28th, 2017
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  1. Name: Red Sterling
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Pegasus
  4. Class: Paladin
  5. Age: 24
  6. H/W: 6/5
  8. Skills:
  9. -Racial:
  10. --Agile: passive; You are particularly agile, capable of overcoming terrain and enemy blows with equal ease. You have a +1 bonuse to dodging, climbing and acrobatics.
  11. --Flight: You use your wings to fly freely, given enough space to lift off. While in flight, you evade obstacles on the ground and can reach otherwise inaccessible places.
  12. --Bounce: passive; You hate spending too much time in one place, and are always itching to fly at a moment’s notice. Takeoff is instant and automatic.
  13. -Class:
  14. --Fervor: automatic instant, recharge 2 after effect ends; next two actions autocrit, but you are helpless afterward.
  15. --Master of Arms: Passive, your weapon counts as two weapon types at once. (Single + Shield)
  16. --Leap of Faith: Weapon, Recharge 3; In a feat of surprising agility and strength, you leap at any enemy target to deliver a quick ---blow, not giving them time to react. Hits on DC3
  18. Talent: Two swords crossed over a shield; Sterling adds +1 to any attack from any weapon (barehooves excluded)
  20. Inventory:
  21. -Single Sword
  22. -Shield
  24. Appearance:
  25. A bright red mare with long, flowing blonde mane and tail. Usually armored muzzle to dock in bright shiny armor, she's recently forgone clothing to 'get into the times'.
  27. Background:
  28. Red Sterling, also known as Sir Sterling the Masterful, is the daughter of a noble high-bred pegasus knight, her father, and a common Earth pony farmer, her mother. She was raised in the ways of chivalry by her father since foalhood up until his passing, and holds a deep and honored respect for knighthood, though she herself is a little air-headed and often goes to extremes for the sake of valor and battle. Her parents' Cinderella story gives her a skewed view on romance. Sterling spends most of her days with her best friends and fellow knights, the unicorn Honor Code (Sir Code the Virtuous) and the earth pony Dog Pound (Sir Pound the Authoritative), the trapsmaster and houndsmaster, with whom she shares a very special bond and have been on numerous adventures to conquer Equestria's vast wilderness with.
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