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  1. First go to:
  2. This is the US support site, if you are from a diffrent country it will automaticly detect it and will ask you if you want to change it.
  5. This are the things you need to do:
  6. Select Installation and Setup
  7. Select the current month and year
  8. Use this as your webcam serial number: CNB1161176
  9. Select your operating system
  10. Now go directly to the description box (skip the rest like error box)
  11. Make up a story about your webcam
  12. Usefull tips for your story:
  13. Tell them you got the webcam 3 days ago
  14. Tell them when you connect your webcam to your computer nothing happens
  15. Tell them when you insert a USB drive your computer detects it but when you insert the webcam nothing happens
  16. Tell them you went to your friend to test it but without any positive result
  17. Tell them you installed the correct drivers but the webcam isn't recognized
  19. Now scroll down a little and fill in your REAL information because thats the address they will send you the webcam to.
  20. Wait for 1 business day for them to reply and you will get a confirmation email that you will receive a new webcam.
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