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current script for workman pkg mgr...

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  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. cd ~
  3. mkdir .workman
  4. cd .workman
  5. mkdir {bin,src,spec,installs}
  6. cd src
  7. curl -s -o- http://workman-pack.glitch.me/workman.py
  8. #install pyinstaller
  9. echo "For compilation, what do you use?\n"
  10. echo " 1) PIP"
  11. echo " 2) PIP3"
  12. read -p ">" xo
  13. if [ xo = "1" ]
  14.   pip install --user pyinstaller
  15. else
  16.   pip3 install --user pyinstaller
  17. fi
  18. clear
  19. read -p "PyInstaller has been installed successfully. WorkMan Source Code has been added to $HOME/.workman/src/. Press enter to continue with compilation." paguieuwihiwcnreneidfrd # random set of characters to make sure that this shall NEVER be used to read input
  20. cd ..
  21. pyinstaller -D bin --specpath spec -n workman src
  22. clear
  23. export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.workman/bin"
  24. echo "export PATH=\"$PATH:$HOME/.workman/bin\"" >> .bashrc
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