WW4 EXTENDED - Changelog

May 31st, 2014
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  1. WW4 Extended - Changelog
  3. v.1.1.1
  5. Logics and scripts
  6. NEW: Optional logic "Delete dead bodies". Deletes dead infantry units after a default time of 5 minutes. Time can be changed through the WW4EXT_dbtime global variable. Vehicles can also be deleted by setting the WW4EXT_deleteVeh variable to true
  7. FIX: Changed the way MAP rucksacks checks for mag types so it works after loading a saved game
  8. FIX: Fixed not being able to unpack rucksacks after you unpack anything but a magazine (bandages, food, etc)
  9. FIX: Viper wasn't able to properly deploy countermeasures
  11. Infantry
  12. FIX: Added missing entry for multicam crew and pilot to cfgModels. Updated binarized models
  14. Vehicles
  15. FIX: Corrected position of Stryker MEV driver
  17. Other
  18. FIX: Further fixing and revising of the included missions
  20. v.1.1
  22. Logics and scripts
  23. NEW: (untested in MP) Optional logic to enable dust effects (infantry steps, weapon fire, bullet hit, AT launcher fire, etc)
  24. NEW: Game logics that automatically replace infantry ammo with HD variants (both normal and ruck ammo), found in Unit Scripts logic group. It's my old script to replace HD WW4 mags, updated to ext and with added ruck mag support. The script can also be accessed directly to only assign HD to a given unit or group (found in \ww4ext_scripts\hdammoww4ext.sqs)
  25. NEW: (untested in MP) Game Logic "Enable fixed speed limit for vehicles" (in Unit Scripts logics), which limits the speed of vehicles to a fixed maximum when their group speed is set to "LIMITED" (it uses a new script: limitedspeed.sqs, the idea is to enhance the chances vehicles -particularly helos- have to engage enemies while on patrol)
  26. NEW: (untested in MP) Auto-smoke script that emulates a smoke grenade throw without locking the unit in the "the stars are so beautiful today" mode. This script replaces the old smoke throwing one.
  27. NEW: (untested in MP) Auto-flares script that emulates a unit shooting a flare without locking the unit in the "the stars are so beautiful today" mode. This script replaces the old flare shooting one.
  28. NEW: Ability to easily change the faces used by a group through the new changefaces.sqs script
  29. FIX: Fixed dropping two ruck mags instead of one when unit starts assigned to a vehicle
  30. FIX: Fixed some harmless (but annoying) errors related to the init scripts of units that either die or are deleted after spawn
  31. FIX: Face count for tropical faces in ww4ext_faces scripts should be correct now
  32. FIX: Fixed "Self heal" action menu spam when respawning in MP
  33. CHANGE: Updated face scripts to support: army white, specop white, army black and camo black
  34. CHANGE: Smoke grenade scripts now don't replace BIS smk gr with a WW4 one (so the BIS one is used all the way)
  35. CHANGE: bulletcracks.sqs is now deprecated. There's a new shoteffects.sqs script that deals both with bullet cracks and dust effects
  36. CHANGE: Chance to throw a smoke grenade on hit reduced from 80 to 60%
  37. CHANGE: Significantly reduced chance of going for a little sprint and then lie down when shot at while crawling
  38. CHANGE: Significantly reduced chance for harmless (but annoying) error when unit tries to throw smoke towards a unit that is either dead or deleted
  39. CHANGE: You'll be warned of how many calls for support missions are left when they are not unlimited (for CAS, fire and transport support)
  41. Infantry
  42. NEW: Desert russian crew, pilot, pilot helo and off duty
  43. NEW: Russian flora off duty
  44. NEW: Russian Counter Intelligence units in multicam
  45. NEW: VDV in desert version
  46. FIX: Fixed class name for squad leaders in VDV mechanized groups
  47. FIX: Multicam crew and pilot were using the UCP model
  48. FIX: US SR SF RTO had wrong magazines assigned
  49. FIX: Replaced VOG grenades with 9x39 mags for CT Russian TL (rifle doesn't have GL)
  50. FIX: Recon TL assistant had wrong magazines assigned (SD instead of normal ones)
  51. FIX: ASSISTTL_556B_GL_MAGS loadout renamed to ASSISTTL_556_GL_MAGS in 556loadout.hpp
  52. FIX: Changed prefix for guerrilla grenadier (flares) from WW4EXT_GUER to WW4EXT_GUE. Added legacy classes to not break existing missions
  53. CHANGE: All infantry units have been revised to reduce section count to the minimum possible. This should give some performance boost
  54. CHANGE: New models for russian motorized rifle desert and flora, as well as pilots and crew flora and digiflora
  55. CHANGE: New models and textures for russian VDV flora (rifle and crew) and crew digiflora
  56. CHANGE: Replaced a couple 9x39 mags with a couple smoke grenades for CT Russian Assistant TL
  57. CHANGE: Revised body armor values. Helmets are now less protective than before (now the most advanced ones can only protect up to two 7.62 shots)
  58. CHANGE: Russian CT medic now uses the new Bizon
  59. CHANGE: Loadout definitions increased to incorporate several 556BA assignments
  60. CHANGE: Moved slots and unit icon definitions to definitions.hpp in inf cfg pbo
  61. CHANGE: Removed camo face from recon multicam units
  62. CHANGE: New model for russian CT units
  63. CHANGE: Digital flora texture toned down and tweaked in general
  65. Vehicles
  66. NEW: M2 Static (stand up) for all sides
  67. FIX: Stryker MEV able to heal now
  68. FIX: Fixed stryker and harrier compatibility issues with dedicated servers
  69. FIX: WW4EXT_5TA (ammo truck) renamed to WW4EXT_5TAm, so it doesn't get overwritten by the arctic one
  70. FIX: Shilka now uses the "tank" UI display instead of the "ship" one
  71. FIX: Added missing zamerny point to the BTR-80s
  72. FIX: Cargo positions for Zils should be correct now (previously they were too elevated)
  73. FIX: Added missing proxies in cargo view and fire geo for units riding BMP2s on top. Several fixes to the geometry of the BMP2 in cargo view
  74. FIX: Several fixes to Toyota models, including alpha sorting and a couple missing proxies
  75. CHANGE: Several changes and fixes to Toyotas, including increasing passenger capacity for transport version to 10 (it was 7), with a total crew of 11, and for dshk version to 3 (it was 1), with a total crew of 5
  76. CHANGE: Disabled being able to turn out for the shilka driver (same as in vanilla shilka)
  77. CHANGE: Revised and cleaned model for BRDM-2
  78. CHANGE: T-90 Shtora system now only deflects missiles that require a laser, cable or are launched by aircraft
  79. CHANGE: Woodland US Army vehicles mostly manned by multicam units now
  80. CHANGE: Moved zamerny points to the turret ring area for the T-72, T-90 and M1 series tanks. This should help the aiming of AI units attacking them
  81. CHANGE: Mechanized stryker and bradley groups: strykers GL replaced with MG versions, added woodland (actually multicam) version of dismounted squad, fixed UCP marksman class name
  82. CHANGE: Moved undercover skodas to the civilian vehicles group
  83. CHANGE: Russian desert vehicles now manned by desert units
  85. Weapons
  86. NEW: EXT version of Bizon (WW4EXT_Bizon)
  87. NEW: SD mag definitions for the 556BA(EU)
  88. FIX: (fix for vanilla OFP bug) Added missing laser target for laser designators manned by resistance units
  89. FIX: Revised and corrected recoil assignment for most mags
  90. FIX: Revised weapon dexterity values (some were wrong, such as the SMG GL having better dexterity than the normal version)
  91. FIX: Removed reduced zeroing for SD versions of some weapons (that was a leftover from a previous version where SD weapons had lower zero)
  92. CHANGE: Revised some bullet damage values
  93. CHANGE: Revised recoil values for all infantry mags. Created new versions of recoils for HD mags, some of them based on the old recoils for non HD (such as those of 7.62 mags). Non HD mag recoils will now always autocenter the weapon, even if the recoil is heavy
  94. CHANGE: Homogenized damage values of east RPGs. RPG-75 is now equivalent to RPG-18. RPG-22 is now equivalent to M136 (now RPG-22 can one-shot a stryker). RPG-26 is a bit superior to RPG-22. RPG-7(PG-7VL) is a bit superior to RPG-26
  95. CHANGE: Javelin is now "fire & forget". Removed manual control from the javelin, so the missile hits the locked target no matter where the player moves the javelin launcher sight after firing
  96. CHANGE: Damage for top down javelin missile buffed to be able to kill any current armored vehicle
  97. CHANGE: Removed BIS tracers from all vehicle weapons, so now BIS tracers and EXT tracers can be enabled without any problems (and you can now see the dot of laser designators if you enable the OFP tracers)
  98. CHANGE: Tripods now have lower dispersion (previously they were using HMG_AA, which has a ridiculous amount of dispersion so aircraft isn't destroyed in one burst, now they have HMG_INF, as they should have from the start)
  99. CHANGE: Added ruck mags to MAP_rucksack for new 556BASD and HD variant mags. Updated ruck related scripts to support the new 556BASD ruck mags
  100. CHANGE: M136 AT4 buffed to be able to kill a russian BMP-3 (as that vehicle's armor was buffed to withstand 50 cal)
  101. CHANGE: A bit less dispersion for suppressed rifles
  103. Other
  104. NEW: EXT versions of most (all?) OFP enterable buildings, plus some other vanilla buildings and objects
  105. NEW: Default BIS glasses and sunglasses now replaced with GI glasses and modern sunglasses, respectively. Vanilla glasses and sunglasses now available as BISglasses and BISsunglasses. GI glasses texture cleaned, added glass
  106. NEW: Ruined version of the woodland (grey) stone wall
  107. NEW: Desert version of rampart, stone wall and all the bunkers
  108. NEW: More ammo boxes: flares & smoke, explosives, rifle HD and rucksack ammo and items
  109. NEW: New multiplayer mission (coop for up to two players): CCE2 with WW4 Extended units, using CCE2 v7.1.1beta
  110. FIX: Disabled canocclude tags from geometry LOD of bunkers (to avoid objects not rendering when looking over them or from the inside out). Fixed geometry for medium bunker
  111. FIX: Most objects should now sit correctly on terrain (no more floating sandbags on uneven terrain, etc)
  112. FIX: Removed geometry from geo LOD for howitzer camo nets to allow AI units to move below them without problems
  113. FIX: Doors of guard house can now be opened and closed
  114. FIX: Removed line "sounds[] = {};" in cfgsounds in ww4ext_helper config, which was causing the sounds defined in this config to not be loaded into the engine in some cases
  115. FIX: Fixed, revised and updated all EXT missions
  116. CHANGE: Bullet crack sounds lowered, so they are just a tiny bit higher than a normal shot (so they now don't always override other sounds)
  117. CHANGE: Tweaked invisible targets and related scripts (all of them are Target type now, previously the infantry ones where derivatives of soldierwb; changed the cost values to make sure AI units will engage them more consistently; increased size of fire geometry by A LOT, so it's even more visible to the AI; all targets are now actually objects and not infantry, so there's now no limit to the amount that can be spawned, and all the complicated stuff I had to do in their spawning script -on hit suppression- is not needed anymore)
  118. CHANGE: Moved most objects from the "WW4 EXT/Objects (W)" category to the "WW4 EXT/Objects" one (they can be used regardless of the terrain type after all)
  119. CHANGE: Updated material definitions with the textures of the new objects
  121. v.
  123. Logics and scripts
  124. FIX: Fixed small syntax error in healTimer.sqs
  125. FIX: Fixed CAS and transport support scripts ignoring the passed custom vehicle and crew
  126. CHANGE: Fire support scripts can now emulate artillery, mortar and MLRS. Check the updated Extra Features Manual for more info.
  128. Infantry
  129. FIX: Fixed model path for middle east guerrilla with IED
  131. Vehicles
  132. FIX: Desert variant of M60 was using woodland model
  134. Weapons
  135. FIX: Fixed texture paths for some missile models
  136. CHANGE: Reduced recoil effects for 7.62 sniper rifles
  138. Other
  139. FIX: Tank layout/direction icon edited by OFP Aspect Ratio Fix was placed over the tank's unit info area. Now it's placed below it.
  140. FIX: Added null and alive checks before applying tracers to units in bn_tracer_red.pbo. This should stop the annoying (but harmless) script errors displayed sometimes when dynamically spawning vehicles.
  142. v.1.0.3
  144. Logics and scripts
  145. ● CHANGE​​: WW4 EXT Logics/FX renamed to WW4 EXT/Time & Weather. Moved the
  146. Random time and Random weather logics there.
  147. ● CHANGE​​: WW4 EXT Logics/Other renamed to WW4 EXT/Player features.
  148. ● CHANGE​​: WW4 EXT Logics/Unit scripts renamed to WW4 EXT/Unit scripts.
  149. ● CHANGE​​: WW4 EXT Logics/Support renamed to WW4 EXT/Support.
  151. Infantry
  152. ● CHANGE​​: New models for digital flora motorized rifle, VDV and GRU spetsnaz. Model
  153. and textures look closer to the 6B23 gear. DF texture reduced to more realistic sizes.
  154. ● CHANGE​​: DF GRU now equipped with AN­94 rifles, helmets and balaclavas (they are
  155. now more Direct Action focused, leaving recon tasks to GRU partizan or VDV recon).
  156. Vehicles
  157. ● FIX​​: AH­1Z pilot and gunner “get in” positions are now usable
  158. ● FIX​​: Fixed all the problems related to the commander and gunner hatches for the T72s
  159. and T90s (inverted rotation points, incorrect Fire Geo positions, etc).
  160. ● FIX​​: Skoda Rapid yellow now uses correct model
  162. Weapons
  163. ● NEW​​: New AN­94 GP SD rifle variant
  164. ● CHANGE​​: You can now autotarget with Vikhr missiles
  165. ● CHANGE​​: US designated marksman rifle in 1st person model now uses a higher poly
  166. version (the same as in A2)
  168. Other
  169. ● FIX​​: Kodiak island: Replaced the buildings that had windows with the windowless ones
  170. provided in vanilla WW4. This is done so there’s no alpha sorting problems with WW4
  171. units (units being invisible when behind a window). This means that now this version of
  172. Kodiak requires WW4.
  173. ● CHANGE​​: Revised and reduced section count of several models
  175. v1.0.2
  177. Logics and scripts
  178. FIX: Fixed invisible targets not resetting properly
  179. CHANGE: Added back explosion sound on destruction of vehicles.
  180. CHANGE: create_dummy script now uses the new spawner classes
  181. Vehicles
  182. FIX: Non-scoped view of Chinook gunner corrected
  183. FIX: T-90 Export can now be engaged by enemies
  184. FIX: M113 gunner turret will now turn to engage threats
  185. FIX: BMP-3 Export vehicles now use proper export base classes
  186. CHANGE: Disabled option to turn in and out for drivers of wheeled APCs (Stryker, LAV)
  187. CHANGE: Driver is now the commander of all land vehicles where there’s a gunner but no commander
  188. CHANGE: Edited the retracted position of the A-10’s landing gear so it doesn’t clip or not as much as it did before. It still doesn’t close properly, but the effect should be less noticeable.
  189. CHANGE: Increased armor value of BMP-3 so it’s not engaged by 50cal weapons
  190. CHANGE: BMP-3 now equipped with 6 Arkan missiles (previously 6 Bastion). BMP-3 export now equipped with 4 Bastion missiles (previously 6 Konkurs)
  191. CHANGE: M113 export now use shielded version. Non-shield model removed.
  193. Weapons
  194. FIX: Fixed ammo assignment for Steyr and FAMAS
  195. CHANGE: Vehicle weapons that used the GAU hit sound now use normal bullet hit sounds. This seems to reduce the performance hit in some PC builds.
  196. CHANGE: Reduced minimum engagement distance for TOWs from 500 to 200m
  197. CHANGE: Increased damage of Arkan missiles
  198. CHANGE: Normalized manoeuvrability and inittime values of all missiles
  199. CHANGE: Changed ironsight view of Steyr
  202. v1.0.1
  203. Vehicles
  204. NEW: Harrier and Harrier LGB ported from A1 (uses sfc.itzhak's cockpit and scripts). ww4ext_harrier.pbo no longer needed
  205. FIX: Fixed dshk not turning in lower LODs of Toyotas
  206. CHANGE: Added legacy classes for BAS helos
  208. Weapons
  209. FIX: Fixed dshk in vehicles like the Toyotas not being able to engage infantry.
  210. CHANGE: Revised engagement distances and dispersion values of all vehicle HMGs.
  211. CHANGE: Revised ROF and engagement distances of all infantry LMGs.
  212. CHANGE: ZU-23 now able to engage planes again
  214. Other
  215. NEW: Dozens of new flags available. See related pdf file for a list
  216. NEW: Wooden ramps and walkways
  217. FIX: Ladders of scaffolding 4F now usable
  218. CHANGE: Some of the available objects can now be walked over
  221. v1.0
  222. Internal restructuring, balancing of units and weapons, tweaking of vehicle models, Arma 1 and 2 ports, IEDs, digital flora units, PMCs, more National Army units, more guns, persistent faces...
  224. All
  225. CHANGE: Revised and refactored class inheritance and overall structure of EXT. It should be cleaner and easier to follow and edit. This version *requires* a clean install.
  227. Logics and Scripts
  228. NEW: Hit effects for AI and players.
  229. NEW: Suppression system initiated when a unit is hit by an enemy (toggleable).
  230. NEW: Units equipped with smoke grenades are able to throw them when under attack (toggleable).
  231. NEW: Units equipped with flares will shoot them during combat if night time.
  232. NEW: Custom faces (afghan, camo, etc) are now applied to vehicles crew and persistent through saved games.
  233. NEW: "Enable sight switching" game logic that allows switching between telescopic sights (ACOG, PSO, etc) and back up iron sights. Activated through action menu or user defined key via FWATCH and personal menu. Switching will reload the gun and revert the selected fire mode to the default (semi, in most cases). Switching takes up to two seconds to try to balance that
  234. NEW: Blizzard weather effect
  235. NEW: Shtora scripts for T-90. Able to deviate incoming missiles even if targeted via laser designator.
  236. FIX: New fixed versions of vanilla WW4 snow and sand dust weather FX logics.
  237. FIX: Arty FFE script wasn't using the passed custom radius
  238. FIX: Activation code for AI rucksack management wasn't present since who knows when
  239. FIX: Dropped rucksack mags should now be placed correctly inside buildings
  240. CHANGE: New sounds for bullet cracks. Script revised.
  241. CHANGE: "Alert" mode set through the personal menu won't change the combat mode of the player's group (it will preserve "don't fire" order)
  242. CHANGE: "Stealth" and "Contact" modes set through the personal menu no longer issue an "engage at will" order (to avoid AI becoming too bold trying to look for good cover)
  243. CHANGE: Added further checks for presence of unit in the event handler init scripts
  244. CHANGE: WW4 fire and smoke effects on vehicle destruction: effects duration now tied to vehicle type (the bigger, the longer it lasts). No effects for vehicles with no fuel (such as bicycles).
  245. CHANGE: Global variables that track EXT settings (rucksacks, bullet cracks, etc) reduced from about a dozen to a single one.
  247. Units
  248. NEW: Spetsnaz counter terrorism / COIN units, using WW4 models. They can be used to represent OMON, MVD, FSB, etc
  249. NEW: PMC/Mercenary units in desert and woodland for all sides (alternative take on vanilla WW4 mercs)
  250. NEW: Engineer-like insurgent class. It carries and is able to deploy IEDs. Other EXT engineers are able to deactivate them (those placed by an AI or a player)
  251. NEW: Several russian units in digital flora camo: motorized rifle, VDV, GRU spetsnaz, VDV recon…
  252. NEW: National Army units in desert camo. More unit classes, including SF.
  253. NEW: GRU spetsnaz in partizan camo
  254. FIX: Some Middle East units were missing their shadow
  255. FIX: Squad bar icons for National Army units for west and east sides weren't properly applied
  256. CHANGE: All infantry units should now be more reactive in combat. Stealthy approaches are now possible, mainly by crawling (spec op classes have it easier).
  257. CHANGE: Helmets and body armor now use values based on real life equivalents (IBA, PASGT, 6B23, etc) and each unit is only protected on the areas shown in its model.
  258. CHANGE: Russian heavy anti-tank gunners now use the new RPG-29
  259. CHANGE: Shortened the formation distance of insurgent, guerrilla and national army units. Insurgent units are now particularly packed together (2m), increasing the chance of becoming victims of splash damage and/or concentrated fire. The two latter use the vanilla BIS distance (half of WW4 distance, 5m). Rest still use WW4 defaults (10m).
  260. CHANGE: Insurgent and guerrilla ambush squads now consist of: 2xRPG gunner, 2xRPG gunner assistant, 1xMG gunner, 1xMG gunner assistant and 1xmarksman
  261. CHANGE: "Spetsnaz GRU" category renamed to "Spetsnaz" (as it now includes branches other than GRU)
  262. CHANGE: VDV Recon moved to Spetsnaz category and assigned specop stats, traits and weapons. Model also updated
  263. CHANGE: Updated models for National Army units woodland
  264. CHANGE: All SOF branches have now auto riflemen and their assistants.
  265. CHANGE: SOF units don't act as medics any more. New medic classes added to each SOF group that lacked it.
  266. CHANGE: "US Army/Special Forces" renamed to "US Army/SOF". "US Army/Rangers" renamed to "US Army/SOF/Rangers".
  267. CHANGE: SOF units currently tagged as "Operator" renamed to "Rifleman".
  269. Vehicles
  270. NEW: All BIS vehicles now use a new model with hidden side markings (red and white stars, etc). BMP, BMP2, BRDM and M113 models scaled down to more realistic sizes. Increased cargo capacity of BMP2 and M113 to 14 and 10 respectively. BMP2 commander position now in the turret, besides the gunner, and extra cargo now sits on the roof of the vehicle.
  271. NEW: BIS AH1 Cobra, 5t and Ural trucks, A-10 (also LGB version) and M113 without shield
  272. NEW: M1A1 and M1A2 ported from Arma 2
  273. NEW: T-72 ported from Arma 2
  274. NEW: T-90 ported from Arma 2
  275. NEW: BMP-2 ported from Arma 1
  276. NEW: M113 ported from Arma 1
  277. NEW: LAV-25 ported from Arma 2
  278. NEW: MH-6 and AH-6 ported from Arma 2
  279. NEW: Mi-24 ported from Arma 2
  280. NEW: Mi-8 ported from Arma 2
  281. NEW: UH-60 ported from Arma 2
  282. NEW: T-55 ported from Arma 2
  283. NEW: AH-1Z ported from Arma 1
  284. NEW: A-10 ported from Arma 1
  285. NEW: BRDM-2 in desert version
  286. NEW: Toyota Hilux ported from Arma 1
  287. NEW: M1A1M, M60A3, T-55M, T-72M, BMP-2 and BRDM-2 export versions for all sides
  288. NEW: TOW HMMWV in green and desert, using MCAR for the firing system and the Arma 1 TOW launcher models
  289. NEW: BIS Bus and police jeep adapted to EXT
  290. NEW: BIS M113 and BMP ambulances adapted to EXT
  291. FIX: Stryker: revised and fixed geometry and alpha sorting, fixed axis of turret, rifles shouldn't engage Strykers any more (vehicle is type armor but simulates car now).
  292. FIX: Harrier: texture of ammo display in cockpit is working now, position of GAU gun corrected, cockpit console lighting, game engine (AI, autopilot) now able to land this plane, non-GBU version will show/hide the missile proxies correctly now
  293. FIX: Sea Knight: minor fixes to the textures in the tail area, so the numbers aren't cut
  294. FIX: BRDM-2 driver now vulnerable to shots through windshield.
  295. CHANGE: BTR-70 renamed to BTR-80 (class name also updated, now WW4EXT_BTR80). Uses vanilla WW4 model with skirts removed.
  296. CHANGE: T-80U renamed to T-80BV. Now able to shoot Kobra ATGM
  297. CHANGE: M1A1 and static M2 MG also for USMC
  298. CHANGE: Armored HMMWVs also for US Army
  299. CHANGE: Rebalanced armor and ammo values of all vehicles. Using CAVS and WGL values as starting points (most vehicles used them already, but not all).
  300. CHANGE: Editor name of vehicles now include a prefix tag indicating the type of vehicle or function they serve. It should be easier to identify what is what for those not familiar with the vehicles or their function
  301. CHANGE: MBTs with ballistic fire control systems now fire high speed rounds so no extra gun elevation is needed for in-range shots (human gunner still needs to compensate horizontally if enemy vehicle is moving that way). Gunner is also able to see radar in these vehicles.
  302. CHANGE: Zil trucks now use LODs with lower poly count than before
  304. Weapons
  305. NEW: IEDs. Possible to detonate them remotely or by damaging them. They can also be placed via the editor (found in "WW4 EXT/Objects") where they are available in two variants: buried (the default) and hidden in grass. AI units won't avoid those placed via the editor (unlike the IEDs placed by AI or players). IEDs also available as rucksack ammo. Based on the WGL mines
  306. NEW: AS Val, assigned to Spetsnaz units
  307. NEW: Tripod M60, M240 and PKM
  308. NEW: RPG-18, RPG-22, RPG-26 and RPG-29, light and heavy rocket launchers for East
  309. NEW: Proper SOFLAM using imported and edited Arma 2 model. BDU and non-western units still use old laser designator model
  310. NEW: Makarov and Makarov silenced, imported and edited from Arma 2. Russian and soviets units equipped now with this gun instead of the Tokarev
  311. NEW: MK14 marksman rifle, imported and edited from Arma 2. Assigned to USMC marksmen, and to US Army ones in UCP and Multicam
  312. NEW: Several new weapons for vehicles (crew MGs, ATGMs, etc)
  313. NEW: Groza OTs-14-4A-03 (PSO and SD)
  314. NEW: Adapted to EXT most BIS weapons not already present in WW4 or EXT
  315. FIX: Fixed path to bullet impact sounds. They should be back again
  316. FIX: VSS aiming was off-center. Bullets should now hit where you're pointing at (no more deviation to the right).
  317. CHANGE: Numerous changes to the values of the ammo of rocket and missile launchers. Part of the armor rebalance included in this update
  318. CHANGE: All EXT infantry weapons now have their own classes, so vanilla WW4 magazines pbo classes aren't overwritten anymore. You can now decide to use vanilla or EXT weapon variants for your units. New EXT weapons able to use vanilla WW4 magazines.
  319. CHANGE: Revised and updated overall bullet damage and muzzle velocities
  320. CHANGE: Bullet flying sounds successfully muted now. Subsonic weapons preserve them.
  321. CHANGE: Reduced sound levels of ricochet sounds
  322. CHANGE: Rate of fire changes also applied to rifles using 7.62 ammo (reduced rate of fire and mode selection distances)
  323. CHANGE: Added WW4 bullet impact sounds to the appropriate vehicle weapons (mounted MGs, etc)
  324. CHANGE: Expanded impact sound library for most vehicles ammo. Now they will emit different sounds when impacting against metal, buildings, ground or people
  325. CHANGE: RPG-7 and M136 now use imported and edited Arma 1 models
  326. CHANGE: RPG-18 now uses imported and edited Arma 2 model (also RPG-22 and RPG-26, by now)
  327. CHANGE: Updated sound of handguns
  328. CHANGE: Edited Groza and Groza SD models to look more like an OTs-14-4A-01 and OTs-14-4A-02, respectively
  329. CHANGE: VSS and SR-25 can be zeroed now
  330. CHANGE: Vehicle HMGs now shoot only in bursts
  332. Other
  333. NEW: Material definitions for all kind of EXT, WW4 and OFP objects and units
  334. NEW: Imported and edited several map objects from Arma 1 and 2, including forts, barricades and buildings.
  335. NEW: Several new custom faces in woodland camo.
  336. NEW: New glasses: GI glasses S9 (class GIglassesS9)
  337. NEW: East rucksacks in digital flora and partizan camo
  338. CHANGE: Updated squad bar icons. "SF" becomes "SOF". "OP" becomes "RFL".
  340. v0.9.7
  341. East static MGs, desert T80 and BMP2, M16A2, desert BDU units, T55 and FWATCH fixes
  343. Logics:
  344. - FIX: Fixed keybinds being saved as strings when using FWATCH
  345. - CHANGE: Updated ARTY_FFE script (which allows to directly call fire missions). Among other things, it now simulates MLRS batteries.
  347. Units:
  348. - FIX: T55s should now be correctly identified now, regardless their side
  349. - NEW: Desert versions of T80 and BMP2 for east and resistance sides
  350. - NEW: US Rifle, Rangers and spec op units in desert BDU
  351. - CHANGE: T55 parent class now belongs to east side instead of resistance, and all the rest of T55s derive from it.
  352. - CHANGE: West BIS replacement and other BDU units now equipped with M16A2
  353. - CHANGE: BDU units now equipped with older gear in general. Some helmets have cat eyes.
  354. - CHANGE: Desert vehicles now how custom desert icons in the squad bar
  356. Weapons:
  357. - NEW: NSV and KORD machine guns for east and resistance sides (found in "WW4 EXT/Soviet Army/Vehicles", "WW4 EXT/Russian Army/Vehicles" and "WW4 EXT/Vehicles Res")
  358. - NEW: M16A4 M203 SD and M16A4 Acog SD
  359. - NEW: M16A2 variants (M203, Acog, SD, M203-SD, Acog-SD)
  361. Other:
  362. - FIX: Removed occlusion from the invisible objects used for smoke grenades (meaning that no object, unit or landscape element behind them will be hidden any more)
  363. - CHANGE: Added as medics afghan VDV, GRU spec op, arctic and desert BDU units able to heal to the "heal group" script, available through the personal menu
  366. v0.9.6
  367. GRU Spetsnaz, guerrilla units and other fixes
  369. Logics:
  370. - FIX: Fixed compatibility issues with latest version of FWATCH (1.13), regarding key press detection
  371. - NEW: Smoke grenades: reshaped and reduced size of blocking object, so it doesn't bleed through the smoke as much. Delayed its appearance a bit. (ww4ext_helper)
  373. Units:
  374. - FIX: Problems with the texture of the lapels in afghan VDV units should be minimized, if not solved now. Uses krzychuzokecia's model tweaks (ww4ext_vdv)
  375. - NEW: Guerrilla units in woodland and desert camo for all sides. Using WW4 militia unit models and stats.
  376. - NEW: Spec op units for Soviet/Russian side. Using WW4 Shadow Ops unit models and stats.
  379. v0.9.5
  380. Russian motorized infantry, VDV Afghan, BMP-3, BTR-70, AI blocking smoke grenades, fast rope and paradrop insertions
  382. Logics:
  383. - NEW: Fast rope and paradrop insertions added to transport support when helos are used. Fast rope via heavily modified version of Blip's Multi-Rope script. Multiplayer untested. (ww4ext_support)
  384. - NEW: AI detection blocking smoke grenades. Toggle-able via placement of a logic found in "WW4 EXT Logics/Unit Scripts". Also included in the "Enable all" logics (ww4ext_helper)
  385. - FIX: Probably reduced chance of rucksacks dropping two magazines instead of just one. The bug seems related somehow to the remove and replace scripts, where the rucksack EH seems to be applied twice (although it isn't) (ww4ext_scripts)
  386. - CHANGE: Added check for locality in all unit init scripts (ww4ext_scripts)
  387. - CHANGE: Reduced initial wait in replace and remove scripts (ww4ext_scripts)
  388. - CHANGE: Support requests will check if player has map enabled and decline if not (ww4ext_support)
  390. Units:
  391. - NEW: WW4's Russian army infantry units converted to EXT. Available in woodland and desert camo. Found in "WW4 EXT/Russian Motorized Infantry/Infantry". Premade groups available, where they are assigned BMP-2 (for woodland) and BMP-1 (for desert), or BMP-3 (ww4ext_rusarmy)
  392. - NEW: VDV Afghan era units (ww4ext_vdv)
  393. - CHANGE: BIS east unit premade groups now closer to real soviet equivalents. Squads are now assigned the "new" BTR-70 (ww4ext_rpl)
  394. - CHANGE: BIS east Team Leader renamed to "Senior rifleman". Class name remains the same (ww4ext_rpl)
  395. - CHANGE: Removed handguns from autoriflemen, replaced handgun mags with hand grenades rucksack pouch (ww4ext_usarmy, ww4ext_usmc, ww4ext_rpl)
  396. - CHANGE: Added new classes to VDV: assistant RPG, AA, assistant AA and engi (ww4ext_vdv)
  398. Vehicles:
  399. - NEW: VIT's BMP-3 in green and desert camo (ww4ext_bmp3, ww4ext_bmp3_cfg)
  400. - NEW: WW4's BTR-899 in green and desert camo adapted to EXT. Renamed them to BTR-70 (as their model is basically that) and gave them proper weapons (ww4ext_eastveh_cfg)
  401. - CHANGE: Also added T-55 to east side (ww4ext_eastdesertveh_cfg)
  403. Weapons:
  404. - FIX: Removed side pouches in 1st person view from molle-like rucksacks (map_rucksack)
  407. v0.9.4
  408. BRDM-2, desert armor for east and resistance
  410. Logics:
  411. - FIX: Script that replaces rucksacks with invisible versions should now work properly with civilian and resistance sides (ww4ext_scripts)
  412. - FIX: Renamed "supersonic" flyby logic to "jet" flyby and modified it accordingly. I went full NASA there with unit conversions (fell prey to tunnel vision, I was using my bullet crack script as template). The effect remains the same (ww4ext_scripts,ww4ext_helper)
  413. - FIX: Black hawks shouldn't take any more damage and be destroyed when waiting for cargo (ww4ext_support)
  414. - FIX: Rucksacks shouldn't (hopefully) drop two magazines instead of just one in some circumstances (map_rucksack)
  415. - CHANGE: Added new BRDM-2 to transport preset pool for east (ww4ext_support)
  416. - CHANGE: Transport support will try to assign land vehicles with a similar seat count as the group count of caller (so, no 5t truck for just a couple units, but a HMMWV instead, etc) (ww4ext_support)
  418. Weapons:
  419. - CHANGE: Burst mode for 50cal, dshk and pkt not used against infantry units any more. Reduced mid-range distance and probability to emulate more human-like behaviour (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  420. - CHANGE: Disabled ability to target infantry for high powered vehicle weapons when a more appropriate alternative is present (like a PKT or 50cal)
  422. Vehicles:
  423. - NEW: Proper BRDM-2 by Offtime/OFPL, found in "East/WW4 EXT/Soviet Army/Vehicles"
  424. - NEW: Desert armor versions of T-55, T-72,BMP and Shilka, found in respective "BIS Vehicles"
  425. - FIX: Vehicles that transport ammo now carry the new EXT rocket launchers and ammo
  426. - CHANGE: Made sure no EXT vehicle unloads cargo in combat. While it's annoying in some situations, it can be handled via scripting, while it's something impossible to fix in OFP the other way around (no way to avoid them to stop and dismount when fired upon, so no convoys).
  427. - CHANGE: BIS "BRDM-2" renamed to "D-442 FUG Scout". "BRDM-2 MG" renamed to "D-442 FUG Scout MG". Scouts MG moved from "Russian army" to "Soviet army" category. All class names remain the same.
  428. - CHANGE: Lowered engine sounds for crew to most vehicles. Engine of military cars (HMMWVs, UAZs, etc) louder now, to stop them from ninja-ing.
  431. v0.9.3
  432. Jet flybys, unit UI icons, several fixes and changes related to launchers and transport support
  434. Logics:
  435. - NEW: Flyby sounds for jets, activation logic found in "WW4 EXT Logics/FX" (ww4ext_helper, ww4ext_scripts, ww4ext_sounds)
  436. - FIX: AI units should now be able to supply team members with Carl Gustav ammo when requested (ww4ext_scripts)
  437. - FIX: Personal menu wasn't recognizing defined key presses when using it with FWATCH for the first time (ww4ext_dialogs)
  438. - FIX: CAS vehicle should now disengage properly when RTB (ww4ext_support)
  439. - FIX: Transport support should now work without problems in multiplayer (ww4ext_support)
  440. - CHANGE: Mission makers can now simulate AIs call for CAS support. Requires marker WW4EXT_CASAI<side> (WW4EXT_CASAIWest, etc). Called through: [<AI unit>] exec "\ww4ext_support\CAS\CAS_call.sqs" (ww4ext_support)
  441. - CHANGE: Land vehicles used for transport will try a new, closer destination if they can't find a path to the current one. They'll also RTB when all the cargo has debused before reaching the destination point (ww4ext_support)
  442. - CHANGE: New global variable WW4EXT_TRANSAirOnly to only use air vehicles for transport when not specifying class and crew of vehicle (ww4ext_support)
  443. - CHANGE: Heal group option in the personal menu now allows the medic to move to a patient regardless of its current Wait or Stop order (ww4ext_scripts,ww4ext_dialogs)
  444. - CHANGE: Added a hint pop-up informing of the default key to open the personal menu when using FWATCH for the first time (ww4ext_dialogs)
  445. - CHANGE: More checks and tweaks to make sure the spawner unit spawns correctly, particularly in dedicated MP servers (ww4ext_scripts)
  446. - CHANGE: RPO no longer deleted if "disposable launchers" logic is used (ww4ext_scripts)
  447. - CHANGE: Added support to new EXT versions of rocket launchers to the AI rucksacks script (ww4ext_scripts)
  448. - CHANGE: Reduced min distance from shooter to hear bullet cracks and reduced max distance. Reduced horizontal radius from player to active a bullet crack. Now you should be worried when you get to hear them (ww4ext_scripts)
  449. - CHANGE: CAS vehicles now use the support logic location as reference when RTB, not the spawner unit (ww4ext_support)
  450. - CHANGE: Random time includes a global variable (WW4EXT_skippedTime) to help you display correct time on debriefing or player death in SP (ww4ext_scripts)
  452. Weapons:
  453. - FIX: Gear selection on mission start should now work without problems with rocket launchers. EXT units now use new launcher versions (ammo in handgun slots). Vanilla WW4 use vanilla-like ones (ammo in rifle slots) (ww4ext_magazines)
  454. - FIX: Rucksack ammo for AA missile launchers should now correctly unpack into their respective ammo when used (map_rucksack)
  455. - FIX: Corrected error in path to hit and ricochet sounds introduced in previous patches (ww4ext_magazines)
  456. - FIX: BDM's 2A42 ammo custom sounds reactivated (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  457. - CHANGE: Reduced flying bullet sounds further to increase chance of hearing weapon bangs when under heavy fire (and bullet cracks, if enabled). The "giant bullet fan" is still present, though, as I've not been able to remove flying sounds completely (ww4ext_magazines)
  458. - CHANGE: All rocket gunners now supplied with new EXT rocket launchers and ammo (all infantry factions)
  459. - CHANGE: Added rucksack ammo versions of new EXT rocket launchers ammo (map_rucksack)
  460. - CHANGE: Reduced engagement distance of 50cal, dshk and pkt in full mode. Not needed such huge reach now that they engage air with burst mode (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  461. - CHANGE: New sound for the GAU12 based on real footage (also used for the su25 for now) (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  463. Units:
  464. - NEW: Every unit has an accompanying UI icon to clearly identify its type, particularly useful when using rucksacks (which overrides the carried weapon icon) (ww4ext_icons, all inf units)
  465. - FIX: BIS resistance assistant rocket gunners have now the correct rucksack rocket ammo (ww4ext_rpl)
  466. - CHANGE: US rangers pre-made rifle squads have now one unit equipped with AT4 (ww4ext_usarmy)
  468. Vehicles
  469. - CHANGE: Reduced volume of engine related sounds for planes (ww4ext_eastvehcfg, ww4ext_a10_cfg, ww4ext_harrier_cfg)
  471. Other:
  472. - NEW: Script that allows you to issue doMove (or any do<x>) orders even if your group is Stopped or Waiting. Call it just before issuing a do<x> order. Use: orideWaitStop = loadFile "\ww4ext_scripts\orideWaitStop\overrideWaitStop.sqf"; _unstuck = [<_stop:bool>, <_noRadio:bool>] call orideWaitStop (ww4ext_scripts)
  475. v0.9.2.1
  476. Fix for hinds and spawn location in transport support, added BRDMs
  478. Logics:
  479. - FIX: Hind should display Get In action entry properly when used in transport support (ww4ext_support)
  480. - FIX: Spawner should now be located at transport support logic location, as it should. Vehicles now will spawn there and not at the pick up location (ww4ext_support)
  481. - CHANGE: Added BRDMs to the east's preset pool in the transport support (ww4ext_support)
  483. Vehicles:
  484. - NEW: BIS BRDM converted to EXT. Somehow I missed this one, and nobody brought it to my attention (ww4ext_eastveh_cfg)
  485. - NEW: WW4 BRDMs converted to EXT. MGs emulate PKTs (ww4ext_eastveh_cfg)
  488. v0.9.2
  489. Transport support, crouch orders, rof tweaks, new music tracks and some fixes and other changes
  491. Logics:
  492. - NEW: Transport support logic allows you to travel anywhere on the map by using land or air vehicles. Still requires further tweaking. Not tested yet in MP (although it should work) (ww4ext_support)
  493. - NEW: More options for personal menu: crouch, alert mode (combat and crouch), night vision fix (makes sure your units don't wear NV goggles if mission reaches daylight) (ww4ext_dialogs)
  494. - NEW: Artillery and CAS support missions can now be called by an AI. Mission makers need to place a corresponding marker and make the call themselves (ww4ext_support)
  495. - FIX: Add bandages script now only requires one slot free instead of two (ww4ext_scripts)
  496. - FIX: Personal menu should now also work inside vehicles when not using FWATCH (ww4ext_dialogs)
  497. - CHANGE: CAS black hawk hydra pilots are now the helo pilot kind (ww4ext_support)
  499. Vehicles:
  500. - CHANGE: Added more PKT ammo due to adjustment to new count of ammo in boxes (ww4ext_eastveh_cfg,ww4ext_bmd_cfg)
  502. Weapons:
  503. - CHANGE: Also tweaked PKT: increased engagement distance and ROF, added full and burst modes to help AI, particularly against air units, ammo box reduced to 250 (from 2000) (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  504. - FIX: Javelin gunners and similar ATH units shouldn't freeze the game any more in some circumstances (ww4ext_magazines)
  505. - CHANGE: Rifle units should now reserve burst and full mode for engagements under 200m, while having a slower rate of fire the more distant the target is, in general. This should help AI better conserve their ammo, and slow down/balance the dynamics of long distance engagements (ww4ext_magazines)
  507. Other:
  508. - NEW: 15 new music tracks by Kevin MacLeod ( which fall under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. The OPGWC music I included in the last update turned out to be by Hans Zimmer one half and the other by who knows who. So use these tracks instead if you care about copyright and proper attribution (ww4ext_music_cc,ww4ext_music_cc_cfg)
  511. v0.9.1
  512. Several fixes and some changes, MANPADs for everyone, bullet cracks, new Sanctuary's mosque
  514. Logics:
  515. - NEW: Option to play bullet crack sounds when they fly near player. Right now only for singleplayer (ww4ext_scripts)
  516. - NEW: Random weather logic that doesn't change the fog (ww4ext_scripts)
  517. - FIX: Fixed error in "random time" logic (ww4ext_scripts)
  518. - FIX: Players should now wear rucksacks when using the "Enable rucksacks for AI & players" logic (ww4ext_scripts)
  519. - FIX: Fixed able to call for support when there was no support logic of their side placed in the editor (ww4ext_support)
  520. - FIX: Hold fire will be preserved after issuing a "follow" or "clear" order through the personal menu (ww4ext_dialogs)
  521. - FIX: Disbanded units won't disappear any more if recruited again (ww4ext_dialogs)
  522. - FIX: Added delay and several checks before adding tracers to spawned unit, to avoid script error displays by bn_tracers_red (ww4ext_scripts)
  523. - FIX: RTOs now are able to call for support even if WW4EXT_SUPPORTonlyLeaders is true (ww4ext_support)
  524. - FIX: Fixed being able to still click for support on map after cancelling via action menu (ww4ext_support)
  525. - CHANGE: Moved the tracers logic to "WW4 EXT Logics/Unit Scripts", as it modifies the fired event handler (ww4ext_helper)
  526. - CHANGE: No verbal orders when using the personal menu if group is in stealth mode (ww4ext_dialogs)
  527. - CHANGE: Combat mode changed to red (open fire, engage at will) when issuing a "Contact" order through the personal menu (ww4ext_dialogs)
  528. - CHANGE: Updated and optimized FWATCH related scripts (ww4ext_dialogs)
  529. - CHANGE: Important support messages are now accompanied by a radio beep (ww4ext_helper,ww4ext_sounds,ww4ext_support)
  530. - CHANGE: All WW4 EXT unit classes able to heal are now recognized by the healing script (ww4ext_dialogs)
  531. - CHANGE: Removed debugging stuff that was left in disband and rearrange scripts (ww4ext_dialogs)
  532. - CHANGE: Activate all logics now also activate tracers and bullet cracks (ww4ext_helper)
  533. - CHANGE: Reduced velocity of artillery shells to that of a howitzer (ww4ext_support)
  535. Vehicles:
  536. - FIX: ZU-23M1 was missing its Igla missiles (ww4ext_vehwpns, ww4ext_ZU23M_cfg)
  537. - CHANGE: Tank shells flying should be more audible now (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  538. - CHANGE: BIS vehicles for west now have their own category (BIS/Vehicles). US army vehicles now manned again by ACU units (ww4ext_usarveh_cfg)
  539. - CHANGE: All WW4 EXT vehicles should use the vanilla WW4 explosions when destroyed (ww4ext_scripts)
  541. Weapons:
  542. - FIX: Rucksacks no longer add a "Deactivate mine" action when sappers and spec ops drop ruck mags. Now uses the same method used by the latest WGL. Rucksack scripts for AI updated accordingly. (MAP_Rucksack,ww4ext_scripts)
  543. - FIX: Rucksack scripts for AI now support the SCAR-H (ww4ext_scripts)
  544. - CHANGE: Lowered sound priority/volume of small arms bullets when flying (ww4ext_magazines)
  545. - CHANGE: Lowered volume of several sounds related to the use of rucksacks (MAP_Rucksack)
  546. - CHANGE: Reduced speed ELR SD and 9x39mm ammo (ww4ext_magazines)
  547. - CHANGE: Increased effective range of pkm, m249, m240 and m60, zeroed at 500m now (ww4ext_magazines)
  548. - CHANGE: Reduced volume of the wss files of bullets flying (ww4ext_sounds, ww4ext_magazines)
  549. - CHANGE: Tweaked 50 cal and dshk: increased engagement distance and ROF, added full and burst modes to help AI, particularly against air units (ww4ext_vehwpns)
  551. Units
  552. - NEW: MANPAD gunner and assistant MANPAD gunner units added wherever they were missing (usarmy, usmc, rpl)
  553. - FIX: ACU and DCU ranger javelin gunners are correctly assigned M16s now (ww4ext_usarmy)
  554. - FIX: BIS heavy AT gunners are now correctly assigned WW4 AT4 launchers (ww4ext_rpl)
  555. - CHANGE: "LAAD Gunner" name changed to "MANPAD Gunner" for units other than USMC ones (usarmy, usmc, rpl)
  556. - CHANGE: Spec op DA units will now use only suppressed weapons, if available. Less power, more stealth. (usarmy, usmc)
  557. - CHANGE: No more dot/holo optics for BDU units (usarmy)
  558. - CHANGE: Binocs now only issued to assistants, sqd leaders, snipers... for units from all sides (usarmy, usmc, vdv, rpl)
  559. - CHANGE: US rangers ACU now use the model of US army recon units (usarmy)
  561. Other
  562. - NEW: Included new Sanctuary's mosque (ww4_bd)
  563. - NEW: Script to add MAP bandages to units with rucksacks (ww4ext_scripts)
  564. - FIX: Some of the included missions weren't updates in ages. They should now (missions)
  565. - CHANGE: Added missing original documentation from tracers addon (ww4ext_docs)
  568. v0.9
  569. WW4 BIS replacements, OGWC objects and music, several new scripts, dialogs and logics
  571. Logics:
  572. - CHANGE: Built-in EH scripts are now disabled by default (all of them for infantry, most for vehicles). Now each EH script has to be activated by placing the appropriate game logic (or setting a given global variable to true)
  573. - NEW: Included the addon version of CoC NS 2
  574. - NEW: CAS support logic to easily set up support missions, MP compatible
  575. - NEW: Artillery support logic to easily set up support missions, MP compatible
  576. - NEW: Advanced sandstorm logic, customizable and with integrated sound, MP compatible ("Enable sandstorm w/ sound")
  577. - NEW: Mist in dense and sparse variants (based on VTE mist script), MP compatible
  578. - NEW: Random weather and random time, MP compatible
  579. - NEW: Tracers for machine guns, medium mg and vehicles
  580. - NEW: Personal menu to issue squad orders, call for support and other features, based on Drongo69's CCE menu
  582. Weapons and ammo:
  583. - FIX: Smoke from firing GAU8 was missing (ww4ext_a10_cfg.pbo)
  584. - CHANGE: Lowered reload sound of some vehicle weapons (ww4ext_vehwpns.pbo)
  585. - CHANGE: Updated missing tracer definitions for vehicle weapons (ww4ext_vehwpns.pbo)
  586. - CHANGE: Increased hellfire missile range and lowered its cost, to increase chance of apache's using missiles against light armor (APCs) (ww4ext_vehwpns.pbo)
  587. - CHANGE: increased splash range of the GAU8 (ww4ext_vehwpns.pbo)
  588. - CHANGE: increased damage of S-5 rockets, reduced that of Yak-B 12.7 (ww4ext_vehwpns.pbo)
  590. Units:
  591. - NEW: WW4 replacement units for the default BIS ones are now converted to EXT and available for all sides (ww4ext_rpl.pbo)
  592. - NEW: Gunner M60 and assistant MG M60 for US army BDU
  593. - NEW: New groups (F2) for US mechanized (bradley, m113, stryker)
  594. - NEW: Engineer units for US army and USMC
  595. - FIX: BDU rangers had tan boots instead of black
  596. - FIX: Woodland FORECON DR TL was wrongly using the desert model (ww4ext_usmc.pbo)
  597. - FIX: All spec op units should now have assigned specop unit icons (yes, that includes the us rangers)
  598. - CHANGE: US Special Reconnaissance sniper now uses SR-25 instead of M24 (ww4ext_usarmy.pbo)
  599. - CHANGE: BDU units now use alice rucksacks
  601. Vehicles:
  602. - NEW: Converted BIS M60 tank
  603. - FIX: Pitch of engine sound of several helos
  604. - CHANGE: Converted BIS vehicles now manned by converted WW4 BIS replacement units
  605. - CHANGE: Apache turret no longer rotates 360 (ww4ext_usarveh_cfg.pbo)
  606. - CHANGE: Increased apache's radar range (ww4ext_usarveh_cfg.pbo)
  607. - CHANGE: Increased apache's engine sound, lowered cockpit sound (ww4ext_usarveh_cfg.pbo)
  608. - CHANGE: Increased blackhawk hydra's radar range and engine sound, lowered cockpit sound (ww4ext_usarveh_cfg.pbo)
  609. - CHANGE: Increased engine sound and lowered cockpit sound of lots of helos (ww4ext_usarveh_cfg.pbo, ww4ext_eastveh_cfg.pbo)
  611. Other:
  612. - NEW: Converted assorted objects from OPGWC
  613. - NEW: Imported music tracks from OPGWC
  616. v0.8
  617. West BIS vehicles, US Army in BDU Woodland and DCU, Russian VDV
  619. Logics:
  620. - NEW: Fixed version of WW4 sandstorm script. In the original, if the player happened to be in a vehicle when the script was started, the script would change the reference of the player object to that of his vehicle.
  622. Weapons and ammo:
  623. - NEW: M136 launchers use now the model found inside the Strykers
  624. - NEW: Added and adjusted RPG-75 (Nh-75 in-game)
  625. - NEW: Added RPG-22. Uses model of RPG-75
  626. - NEW: Molle rucksacks in desert and green camo
  627. - NEW: SVD and V94 sniper rifles can now be zeroed in-game
  628. - CHANGE: RPO-A Shmel launcher is now disposed of after firing, as its real life counterpart
  629. - CHANGE: M242 Bushmaster autocannon can now use SABOT (for the LAV) and HE ammo (for the Bradley)
  630. - CHANGE: Changed tracer colors of some US vehicle weapons to a redish one
  632. Units:
  633. - NEW: US Army, Rangers and Spec Op units in DCU camo
  634. - NEW: US Army, Rangers and Spec Op units in BDU woodland camo (differences from default WW4 ones: able to use rucksacks, custom selections, adjusted weapon selection)
  635. - NEW: Russian VDV units (including VDV recon)
  636. - FIX: Civilian groups (via F2) have their side correctly assigned now
  637. - FIX: Middle East civilians now have same amount of inventory slots as other civilians
  638. - CHANGE: SOAR pilots now use green camo
  640. Vehicles:
  641. - NEW: Remaining BIS West vehicles added to WW4 EXT
  642. - CHANGE 3RD PARTY: Non bundled vehicles now use WW4 EXT weapons
  645. v0.7
  646. More US Special forces, 3rd party vehicles configs
  648. Units:
  649. - NEW: More special forces classes, with also multicam versions of the previous units.
  650. - CHANGE: Civilian units (including cops) now have the secondary slot available. They were able to use rucksacks before, but weren't able to equip them.
  652. Vehicles:
  653. - NEW 3RD PARTY: New config for a couple BAS Little Birds. Weapons still not updated. Downloaded separately.
  654. - NEW 3RD PARTY: New config for BAS Black Hawks. Neither weapons nor scripts updated yet. Renamed some of the choppers to better reflect the models they represent. Downloaded separately.
  655. - NEW 3RD PARTY: New config for Our Weapons Mi-2. Neither weapons nor scripts updated yet. Downloaded separately.
  658. v0.6.5
  659. US Special forces
  661. Units:
  662. - NEW: Special forces units
  663. - NEW: Undercover specop units, this time emulating middle east civilians
  665. Vehicles:
  666. - NEW: Armored versions of Toyotas, intended to be used by undercover spec op units
  667. - CHANGE: Removed "desert" from 5t truck open name
  668. - CHANGE: Civilian Toyotas now driven by ME civilian
  669. - CHANGE: cfgpatches of dma_TOYOTA1 renamed to WW4EXT_dma_TOYOTA1, to prevent conflicts with original Toyotas
  672. v0.6
  673. 5t trucks, Stryker MEV, multicam units, vehicle fixes
  675. Weapons and ammo:
  676. - NEW: Molle assault pack in multicam
  678. Units:
  679. - FIX: Problems with leg textures in some LODs should be solved now for WW4 EXT units.
  680. - NEW: Crew and pilot units for National Army. Also, more infantry classes.
  681. - NEW: Multicam units added to US Army (including US Rangers).
  682. - CHANGE: National army units now use helmets from ww4 rpl we soldiers. Faces not automatically set to afghan, as this limited somehow the versatility of the units. Users must now run the face script themselves.
  683. - CHANGE: Players no longer excluded from the face change scripts.
  685. Vehicles:
  686. - NEW: 5t trucks, retextured.
  687. - NEW: Stryker MEV.
  688. - CHANGE: Supercobra pilot view now uses that of the BIS cobra. Gatling gun now rotates and moves correctly. Model and textures moved to new pbo.
  689. - CHANGE: LAV-25 now uses sounds and maneuverability stats from the stryker. Added some LODs. Vehicle now casts shadow. Weapons standarized.
  690. - CHANGE: Toyotas moved to new pbo. Updated armor stats and ammo carried.
  691. - CHANGE: Updated armor stats of zils.
  694. v0.5
  695. Harrier, Middle East units, BIS Resistance and Civilian vehicles and units
  697. Units:
  698. - NEW: Middle East insurgents, guerrillas and civilians, using JJR Middle East rebel models. Guerrillas are the same as insurgents, but without HD ammo
  699. - NEW: BIS civilians converted to WW4 EXT. Stats derived from WW4 insurgence units
  700. - CHANGE: Desert insurgents and national army now use JJR ME afghan faces
  701. - CHANGE: Desert insurgent assistant AA gunner now wear black backpacks
  703. Vehicles:
  704. - FIX: KLR250 problems fixed. They were caused by some data corruption when converting with ODOL explorer and editing my version of Oxygen. I've finally changed the textures via Notepad++ directly from the original models
  705. - NEW: Added Harrier
  706. - NEW: BIS Resistance vehicles added to WW4 EXT
  707. - NEW: BIS Civilian vehicles added to WW4 EXT. Stats adjusted: more hardiness and slight better performance off-road
  708. - CHANGE: You're now able to zoom in when piloting planes
  711. v0.4
  712. BIS East vehicles conversion, KLRs, BMD3s and ZUs, global vehicle tweaking and National Army
  714. All
  715. - CHANGE: Further internal restructuring. Sounds moved to ww4ext_sounds.pbo. Vehicle weapons and ammo data moved to ww4ext_vehwpns.pbo
  717. Weapons and ammo:
  718. - CHANGE: Sounds when using a rucksack aren't global anymore (so the player doesn't hear the sound every time any unit uses something from a rucksack)
  719. - CHANGE: Name of new rucksacks shortened
  720. - CHANGE: Units can now share AA ammo stored in their rucksacks
  722. Units:
  723. - FIX: Side of insurgence units properly identified now
  724. - NEW: National Army for all sides, inspired by the ANA and Syrian army. They are generic enough to be able to be used as anything, though.
  725. - NEW: Undercover operators. They look like and are identified as the civilians they mimic, but have the stats of a Delta Force operator (source and inspiration: )
  726. - NEW: Added AA gunner and assistant AA gunner classes to insurgency
  728. Vehicles:
  729. - FIX: Tip of wings of A-10 textured
  730. - FIX: Top area of Strykers GL textured
  731. - NEW: BMD-3 for East, in desert and woodland
  732. - NEW: ZU-23M for East and insurgents of all sides
  733. - NEW: KLR250 motorcycles for West, in desert and woodland
  734. - NEW: BIS East vehicles tweaked and added to WW4 EXT, some of them with new sounds, all of them with new standard weapons
  735. - NEW: Skodas in armored version with slightly tweaked engine and handling outside roads. Intended for use by undercover operators
  736. - CHANGE: Started standarization of vehicle weapons and ammo.
  737. - CHANGE: Shortened sound of GAU-8 bullets impact
  738. - CHANGE: A-10 sounds tweaked
  739. - CHANGE: New firing sound for 50cal MGs
  740. - CHANGE: Stryker gunner position and views tweaked to enhance playability.
  743. v0.3
  744. US army and US Army Rangers units and vehicles, Zil truck, Strykers, A-10
  746. Weapons and ammo:
  747. - FIX: Corrected bad naming in cfgpatches for AT4 and new LAW
  748. - FIX: SCARSD now has SD ammo again
  749. - NEW: New rucksack models: ILBE Assault pack woodland and desert and molle in ACU pattern
  750. - NEW: Added SCAR-H
  751. - CHANGE: Rucksacks now can hold missile and rocket launcher ammo (including BIS AA)
  752. - CHANGE: M24 can also be zeroed in-game now
  753. - CHANGE: Added brief pause after firing AT4s and LAWs before removing them (otherwise it could cause crashes in some circumstances)
  754. - CHANGE: ARs zeroed to 200
  756. Units:
  757. - NEW: USMC: Off-duty soldiers, woodland variants of remaining untis, including FORECON
  758. - NEW: US Army: Lots of new units in ACU camo, equalling those of the USMC
  759. - NEW: US Army: Rangers
  760. - NEW: Insurgency: Added more unit classes
  761. - NEW: Pilots in ACU and NOMEX (kind of) tan and green flight suits
  762. - NEW: Added another variant of multicam for testing purposes. Same as variant 1 but with less brown
  763. - CHANGE: All units updated with the new rucsacks
  764. - CHANGE: Spotters no longer carry extra sniper rucksack ammo
  765. - CHANGE: Assistants of rocket and missile gunners now carry ammo for gunner in their rucksack, and are able to supply him with it when requested
  767. Vehicles:
  768. - NEW: Zil armored truck with and without MG, available for insurgency of all sides
  769. - NEW: US Army: Strykers in woodland and desert camo, WW4 Apache, Black hawks and HMMWVs, and also Chinook and Warthog BIS models with new config and sounds (for the A-10)
  770. - NEW: USAF: A-10 Thunderbolt
  771. - NEW: Added insurgence predefined vehicle groups
  772. - NEW: Helos from WW4 added
  773. - NEW: BIS Chinook tweaked and added
  774. - CHANGE: Increased sensitivity and engaging abilities for toyotas with DShks. Those MGs now also use same specs and sounds as the new Zil truck, and also eject empty shells when firing
  775. - CHANGE: Tweaked Supercobra weapons and ammo. Also changed some of its sounds. Take it just as a test. I'll probably either revert them or tweak them further.
  776. - CHANGE: All choppers now use rotorwash and autoflare scripts (this latter also applies to planes).
  777. - CHANGE: Added missing icons to toyotas. Using a mix of BIS ones, as the original addon lacks proper icons
  778. - CHANGE: Global tweaking and first attempts at balancing for a lot of vehicles
  781. v0.2
  782. Weapon zeroing, multicam test, LOTS of new vehicles
  784. All:
  785. - CHANGE: Prefix for all classes now set as WW4EXT_ . You'll need to edit your mission.sqm and use Search and Replace so the units call for the correct class.
  787. Weapons and ammo:
  788. - NEW: Some sniper rifles (M40,M82) can now be zeroed in game
  789. - NEW: Added M136 AT4 launcher. It uses the Carl Gustav model so far, as there's none in WW4
  790. - NEW: Added new version of M72 LAW
  791. - CHANGE: Upped dexterity for AT and ATH weapon types
  792. - CHANGE: Rocket launchers zeroed now at 300 (was 100)
  793. - CHANGE: Changed type of rocket and missile ammo to handgun ammo, to free more space from normal ammo slots and give those units more rifle mags
  794. - CHANGE: RPG-16 reamed to RPG-7. Among other things, an RPG-16 doesn't display the rocket, as it's the same size of the tube. The RPG-7 also decreases the range (the RPG-16 can shoot up to 800m) and it's way more common. (,_RPG-2,_RPG-4,_RPG-7,_RPG-7D,_RPG-16..jpg?type=w2)
  795. - CHANGE: Changed name and stats of M72 LAW to that of the M-72A7 LAW
  796. - CHANGE: M72 LAW no longer autoloads
  798. Infantry:
  799. - FIX: Fixed team leaders and spotters ammo count that was causing OFP to freeze
  800. - NEW: M-72A7 LAW and M136 AT4 launchers will be automatically removed after being shot
  801. - NEW: New pilot class without mask: Pilot (Helo)
  802. - NEW: USMC rifle units in woodland camo
  803. - NEW: US Army rifleman in multicam and ACU camo. Multicam camo provided in two variants, to decide which one will be the default one. Pick yours!
  804. - NEW: Some new insurgency unit classes
  805. - NEW: USMC rifle team leader with LAW instead of rucksack
  806. - CHANGE: Reduced inventory slots for MGunners
  807. - CHANGE: AutoRiflemen carry one extra drum instead of a hand grenade
  808. - CHANGE: Assitant AR carry more mags and less grenades
  809. - CHANGE: Replaced a rifleman with rifleman AT light in default 12 man squad
  810. - CHANGE: Spotters are now leaders of the default groups, so they are the ones directing the targetting
  811. - CHANGE: Spotters equipped now with ACOG rifles, instead of GL
  813. Vehicles:
  814. - NEW: AH-1W SUPERCOBRA, LAV-25, TOYOTA pick-up trucks, CH-46E SEA KNIGHT
  815. - NEW: WW4 HMMWV M2 Woodland
  816. - CHANGE: Reworked armor and other values for the humvees
  818. Terrain:
  819. - NEW: Added Kodiak v1.1
  822. v0.1
  823. USMC infantry
  825. Weapons and ammo:
  826. - FIX: Fixed Abakan GL muzzle
  827. - FIX: Fixed V94 tracer color
  828. - FIX: Added HD string to HD ammo not properly tagged
  829. - NEW: New zeroing. Default: 300m. ACOG,etc: 500m
  830. - NEW: Added several levels of dexterity based on weapon type
  831. - CHANGE: Overall ammo stats updated (sources: wikipedia, WGL, personal taste). Recoil values mostly maintained
  832. - CHANGE: Long range ammo (WLR, ELR) rate of fire reduced considerably, so marksmen don't shoot like machinegunners
  833. - CHANGE: AT-4 renamed to RPO-A Shmel
  834. - CHANGE: M72 launcher renamed to M72 LAW launcher
  835. - CHANGE: LAW launcher now autoloads (to simulate to some extent you pulling out a new one, instead of manually reloading it, which can't be done)
  836. - CHANGE: Major tweaks to rocket and missile launcher values, so they reflect the real counterparts better. The progression is now more noticeable, particularly regarding distances
  837. - CHANGE: Improved/Added class inheritance
  838. - CHANGE: HD ammo also has slightly reduced speed
  839. - NEW: Added dispersion coeficients from WGL
  841. Units:
  842. - New USMC group class, using units from West Marines
  843. - New FORECON group class, using units from West Recon
  844. - New units and retextures: USMC recon and FORECON direct action
  845. - New unit classes that reflect the structure and naming in the USMC
  846. - Units equipment updated to reflect real life counterpart
  847. - Added MapFact rucksacks to new units
  848. - AI units can use the rucksack automatically (no need for extra scripts or init lines)
  849. - New models added (USMC pilot, crew and recon units, FORECON direct action operators)
  851. Vehicles
  852. - New vehicle classes based on those already present in WW4
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