Stomping Tantrum Tests

Dec 11th, 2017
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  1. Stomping Tantrum is a 75 BP Ground-type contact move that doubles in BP from 75 -> 150 if "the user's previous move has failed". This basically amounts to whether or not the attack animated (if it animated, it does NOT get the boost). These are situations I have personally tested (not exhaustive):
  3. Situations that DO cause Stomping Tantrum to receive its 2x power boost:
  4. -Previous attack displayed "But it failed!"
  5. -User was flinched / fully paralyzed / hit itself in confusion
  6. -User attempted to wake up from sleep / unthaw on the previous turn
  7. -User missed its previous attack (<opponent> avoided the attack!). NOTE: If spread move, the attack must miss ALL targets.
  8. -Previous attack was immune due to typing or Ability (e.g. Ground move into Flying-type or Levitate, Fire move into Flash Fire)
  9. -Previous attack was ineffective due to a Terrain (e.g. priority move in Psychic Terrain, Spore in Misty Terrain would double ST)
  10. -Taunt / Disable, etc. preventing the successful use of the user's previous attack
  11. -Using Substitute while the user already has a Substitute
  12. -Using Substitute while the user does not have enough HP to make a Substitute
  13. -Using a boosting move while at +6
  14. -Using a move like Recover while the user's HP is full or Heal Pulse while the target's HP is full
  15. -Using a Z-move into an immunity
  16. -Using a status Z-move whose final effect failed
  17. -Move blocked by Primal weather
  18. -Move failed due to lack of target (attacking an empty partner slot, all opponent's Pokemon fainted before the move was used)
  19. -Instructing a Stomping Tantrum when the Stomping Tantrum user's move failed on the PREVIOUS turn (both ST are doubled)
  21. Situations that DO NOT cause Stomping Tantrum to receive its 2x power boost:
  22. -Previous attack landed into Protect, Wide Guard
  23. -Missing ONE target of a spread move
  24. -Follow Me / Rage Powder redirecting the Stomping Tantrum user's previous move
  25. -Using Splash, etc.
  26. -Breaking a Substitute / Disguise
  27. -Sky Drop picking up the Stomping Tantrum user on the turn prior
  28. -Sky Drop preventing the successful use of a move while in the semi-invulnerable state
  29. -User is in recharge state (e.g. from Hyper Beam)
  30. -Z-Stomping Tantrum never receives a boost; it is fixed at 140 BP.
  31. -Sky Drop failing to pick up a Pokemon that weighs 200+ kg (this is an exception to the animation rule).
  32. -Using Stomping Tantrum after Instructing a move to fail on the CURRENT turn (e.g. Instructing Protect, Protect fails, Stomping Tantrum has 75 BP)
  34. If a spread move interacts with one slot having used Protect and the other slot meeting the Stomping Tantrum fail condition, Stomping Tantrum WILL double. Necessarily, this must occur AFTER Protect would block the move in the checks done prior to move success (see here: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/ultra-sun-ultra-moon-battle-mechanics-research-read-post-2.3620030/post-8096570).
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