11/27 Lesson in Nobility

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  1.  The doors are opened.
  3. The spacious and orderly interior of the Brienne Manor is revealed. Ahead of them is a common area with many decorations. Doorways, hallways, and a stairway that lead elsewhere are also in view. Servants occasionally appearing and disappearing here then there.
  5. "House Brienne is blessed to have such a home. I thank you for your kind words, again."
  7. His gaze then turns to Zus, with a laugh escaping him. In response he points to the direction of the kitchen. A delicious smell emanates from there, for those with a keen sense of smell such as him. Hard to resist!
  9. "Feel free to look around as you would like. You all can even have a glance at my chambers, should you like to."
  14. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  15. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17.  Task's eyes would respectfully scan about the expanse of the Brienne manor as he idly puffed away at his pipe, the sheer enormity and wealth a bit to take in for a citizen of Sudsbury who was used to the largest familiar building around being the jail cells. This level of luxury impressed the bald constable with certainty, clouds of minty smoke rising from his person thoughtlessly as he crossed his sinewed arms over the cloth of his cloak and the leather of his guardsmen's adornments.
  19. This was what it meant to be nobility, it seems.
  21. "Perhaps at some point I will choose to view your quarters, Lord Brienne. I'd feel terribly invasive to do so the first day as a retainer. Does your house have a long history within the city? I must admit my knowledge of such things is limited by my lack of ability to read or write. Makes for problematic visits to any sort of historical catalogue beyond the base word of mouth."
  22. (Task)
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25.  Chambers?
  27. Wno cares about, all Zus wanted? The food. Without an ounce of hesitation, the mongrel walked towards the kitcen with wide and powerful strides, desepearing into the hallway as he turned around.
  29. From afar, Lord Brienne and the others would hear the female cooks screaming: 'NOT HIM AGAIN!!'
  31. After a little while, Zus returned with chicken breasts in each of his hands, casually taking bites as he now decided to have a look around. This man had his priorities, you understand?! Food first, rest we shall see…
  33. It was so big, so huge! The man could already think about, the massive bed he'd get… GAAAAHAHHAA! This shit going to be good! After his little detour, he went back to Lord Brienne, almost finished with the chicken.
  35. "Ye want some master?"
  37. He asked, offering the piece that already had a huge bite in. There was Task and there was Zus… yup.
  38. (Zus)
  39. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41.  "I'm fine, Zus."
  43. He'd stifle a chuckle as he listens to the question and explanation. The hand with the signet ring of the Briennes raises to hover before his chest, above the position of his heart. Presenting it with pride.
  45. "The House of Brienne dates back to around the time of the War of the Dragon. Our family, lead by our founder Aurele Brienne I, played a large part in pushing back the Kingdom of Sluthia's forces, and for such were rewarded the title of nobility."
  47. He takes a look to the ring with obvious fondness in his eyes.
  49. "My ancestors were courageous, loyal, and upright as you all swore to be. Since their time the Briennes have continued to serve the Kingdom until our last breaths. In recent times our family has become small and less notable... with the deaths of my late father and mother..."
  51. A pause is made. A sensitive thing to bring up it seems.
  53. "But I wish to bring back the glory of the family. To show we are still a great service to the Kingdom and that our values have not changed since."
  54. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "And the War of the Dragon dates back to about a millenia and some hundreds of years ago."
  57.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "Thus, we have quite the long heritage."
  58.  Alexander says, "Huh."
  59.  The black-haired one looked over at his master, in silence. The chicken was long gone and the cheerful, silly expression that used to be over his face, long gone, now replaced by something stern and cold.
  61. Y'know, there a fuck ton of stuff that Zus doesn't care about. But the name of his master? The dude who gave a chance to the savage of Osrona? No, Zus wasn't playing with that. This, House Brienne was one of his reasons for working so hard.
  63. He knew he was limited when it came to politics and education. All he was, was the kindness sleeping within him and this monstrous strength. A loud snort escaped his nostrils as he struck his chest.
  65. "Rest assured because The Wild Boar of Esshar in on yer side. I tell ye, your ancestors can rest in piece because Zus ain't letting no one taking down House Brienne. Ye!"
  66. (Zus)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  68.  Task would listen intently to the history of the house he was now in service to with respectful attention, puffing away at his corn cob pipe with an idle nod and a flash of his missing toothed grin as he mulled over what he was hearing with a sense of contented respect. Military nobility that earned their place through loyal, fearless service to the crown was of the highest esteem in the eyes of the city watchman; perhaps the sense of meritocracy and due service rung true in Task's heart coming from his place as a mere child of Sudsbury.
  70. Anyone can rise above it all with enough determination and civic duty.
  72. "I am sorry to hear the tragedy of your family, my lord. But with your moral heart and honorable intentions, the house of Brienne will be the greatest and most esteemed in all of the city within time. An incorruptible noble who aspires for justice is a rare thing, and one that deserves every ounce of influence their mantle allows. It is an honor to serve."
  74. Task would bow his head respectfully, blinking lightly as he nodded firmly to the lord once more.
  76. "How is it that energy magic become a signature of your house, if you don't mind me inquiring Lord Brienne? Do you have a fabled ancestor that manifested such potential in the heat of glorious battle?"
  77. (Task)
  78. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80.  Zus says, "ye."
  81.  "Thank you both."
  83. Their respectful words and listening are appreciated by the noble. He'd continue to smile. The hand of the signet ring lowers once again. Eyes as blue as the energy he welds looking to Task.
  85. "The Briennes have welded energy magic since the most ancient records. Known as the magic of the soul, it best suits us. Our determination to serve the Crown and the people of Osrona shows in it. And with each hardship it only grows stronger."
  87. A simple explanation.
  89. "It simply suits us well."
  90. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  91. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  92.  Zus says, "Ye."
  93.  Zus says, "Zus wields tha."
  94.  Alexander says, "I don't know how to do it."
  95.  Zus says, "Extension of the will."
  96.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "It is simple but requires dedication."
  97.  Alexander says, "I'm dedicated."
  98.  Zus says, "Nay."
  99.  Zus says, "It requires."
  100.  Zus says, "Dedication."
  101.  Task would nod firmly as he mulled over his lord's words, puffing away contently at his corn cob pipe as he parsed the statement of the basis of energy magic and its history within the noble house of Brienne. It made sense that such a magic would belong to warrior nobility, soldiers and knights that put their lives and beliefs on the line with boundless resolve and fearless determination to make the reality they desire.
  103. "Magic of the soul? A proficiency that increases not by endless study in books and papers, but in the mastery of your will and an ironclad dedication to one's pursuits? It sounds like the ideal form of magic for any worthy man. I am unsurprised to hear that it is the magic of your house now, Lord Brienne, it seems to fit to a key."
  105. The bald constable would bow his head respectfully, nodding with a flash of his missing toothed grin.
  107. "Whatever dedication is required, no matter how rigorous the costs and tolls, I will do my best not to disappoint you Lord Brienne. I will learn to the best of my ability. My word is my bond."
  109. Task would raise his fist into the air with manly vigor, striking a pose of DETERMINED JUSTICE.
  110. (Task)
  111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  112.  "So... How do I do it? I mean, I tried to learn it on my own before, and I think it managed to spike for a moment. So, I at least know what it feels like in a fight... But I dunno how to do anything with it, or even bring it out." he stated
  114. "It was random."
  116. He waited for a response, and possible instruction. He wanted to bring out that blue glow once more, so that he could further his learning on this particular type of magic.
  118. "I'll dedicate myself to it every day... So long as you guys can instruct me and stuff."
  119. (Alexander)
  120. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121.  "Mmm..."
  123. He approves of the dedication the others tell themselves to have. Raising a hand again to create a wisp of energy as a demonstration, he'd stare at it as he continues to speak. It inspiring his words.
  125. "To effectively create energy magic you must condense both mana and resolve into the form you desire. As you temper your body and soul with practice and experience, you will naturally become stronger."
  127. And so...
  129. "That means you must train yourself hard and consider what it is that is important to you. Only then can you bring out the most of power from your mana."
  130. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  131. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  132.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "There isn't any much other way I can explain it."
  133.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "And of course you must be able to control your mana well, too."
  134.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "But the power itself comes from body and soul."
  135.  Zus says, "Master Brienne."
  136.  Arrian cos Brienne asks, "Yes, Zus?"
  137.  Zus asks, "Zus doesn't wannabe disrespectul. Can he leave?"
  138.  Zus says, "He had plans, yee."
  139.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "Of course."
  140.  Zus exclaims, "He wannae to train-- thank man!"
  141.  Zus yanks Arrian into a hug.
  142. (Zus)
  143. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  145. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  147.  Zus says, "Ye little small."
  148.  Zus says, "It OK, Zus here to protect ye."
  149.  Zus says, "Seeyee dudes."
  150.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "R-Right..."
  151.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "Until next time, Zus."
  152.  Zus exclaims, "Ye!"
  153.  Zus makes his way out, kicking the door like a PRINCE! Good to be living in this house.. good.
  154. (Zus)
  155. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  156.  Task would pause from the impromptu combatives as he listened intently to Lord Brienne's words, humming to himself in contemplation as he puffed away on his corncob pipe. The basis of energy magic seemed to be exactly what was described to him in lesser words earlier. To manifest one's spirit into a physical form, to bolster one's efforts until the mind, soul, and body are completely attuned and aligned to grow in power through constant diligence.
  158. "I suppose the first step to mastering energy magic would be actually bringing forth mana in a physical form. I admit, it is not one of my strong points as far as manipulation goes. I have my fists and feet of course, I know from my engagements with other magi that my strength is at least somewhat amplified by latent ability. Yet, the actual manifestation of spells...of mana, it eludes me I must admit."
  160. The bald constable would cross his sinewed arms over the cloth of his cloak and the leather of hisguard's adornments, humming to himself as he mulled over the lesson at hand.
  162. "So, one must train their body? I'm no foreigner to extensive training exercises, but where would you recommend I start Lord Brienne? As a bearer of such techniques, I suppose you of all people would know what an elementary energy magi should start with as far as practicing."
  163. (Task)
  164. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165.  Bringing forth mana into a physical form... He did that whenever he casted that mana wave thing, right? No, something told him that it'd be different. He thought on this for a moment, then snapped his fingers. "Meditating." he stated after coming to that conclusion.
  167. "Maybe if I can meditate and try to bring my spiritual power or whatever out, then it'll work properly, right?"
  169. Alexander beamed up at the older teenager from his spot on the piano stool, hoping that the response would be a response he'd approve of... Meaning the answer would be 'Yes, exactly' or something along this lines.
  171. If not? Well, he'd just learn as he went along.
  172. (Alexander)
  173. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  175.  "Meditating would be a start."
  177. Attunement with their mana would be crucial in welding the magic. Energy magic in its simplest form is the drawing and control of the magical essence within and around, after all.
  179. "Search deep within yourselves - for the flow of mana within you. Connect yourself to it. Feel for yourself the thickness of the power running through your veins. Command it, for it is yours to do so."
  181. A nod is given with his simple advice.
  183. "You two can use the depths of the Manor to train it, should you need to. The public of the Kingdom is too full of commotion to hope to properly meditate. Any quiet place you two know a peaceful place somewhere - go there."
  184. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187.  Task would tilt his head sideways as he mulled over Lord Brienne's words, the word not exactly the one he expected to hear when considering the circumstances. He'd expected lifting boulders, sure, one fingered mountain climbing, perhaps swimming with one's legs weighted down by iron ingots. But...meditation? The thought had never occurred to the bald constable in all his days.
  189. It made sense. He'd always thought meditation was simply focused napping.
  191. "Meditation...fascinating. A quiet place, you suggest? I can with certainty attempt to do such. I admit with the rigors of the constabulary, I fear I'm more likely to accidentally fall asleep, but I suppose that in itself is merely part of the challenge of mastery! I will do whatever is required to gain a grasp of energy magic, this is but another test of my resolve."
  193. Task would ball his fist as he raised it in the air, his brown eyes hard with determination and duty ashe flashed his lord a missing toothed grin. The constable did not fear any challenge, even one that sounded far more simple than it was likely to be.
  195. "Empty the mind, get a feeling and understanding for the flow of mana throughout my body, make it as natural as my breathing. Grow to understand the density of its potential, and how to further concentrate it to achieve physical form. I have my work cut out for me, it seems."
  196. (Task)
  197. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  199.  Search deep within himself for the flow of mana, then connect to it. Then, feel how thick the power is and command it. He nodded as he memorized those instructions, then looked around. The depths of the manor? Well, there were a bunch of rooms... Which one should he have picked?
  201. "Erm… Which room in the depths?" he asked.
  203. He was knowledgeable on how loud the kingdom got, and how full of people it could be. He wasn't a fan either... Maybe that's why he couldn't ever focus and learn this on his own. He simply couldn't meditate because of how loud it was.
  205. The incident on the beach seemed to make it come forth from need and desire, so now he'd have to do it on his own.
  206. (Alexander)
  207. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  209.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "Any room at the further ends of the Manor would do, Alexander."
  210.  Alexander says, "There's a lot of futher ends, that's why."
  211.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "Hm."
  212.  Task says, "Seems reasonable."
  213.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "The room at the end of the hallway here would do fine."
  214.  Arrian points off to his left.
  215. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  216. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  217.  "I myself need to meditate too, speaking of it."
  219. He felt the need to do so after the talk of it with the two. Beginning towards the doorway behind him, he stops just before it. Looking over his shoulder he nods to them both.
  221. "I'll be in my chambers doing so for a bit, if there isn't anything else you two may need me for. You're both free to look around or head out as you please. But do meet here tomorrow in the afternoon."
  223. Arrian had remembered he wished to get everyone together.
  225. "I'll be asking everyone serving House Brienne to meet. We can take some time to discuss certain things."
  226. (Arrian cos Brienne)
  227. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  229.  Task says, "With certainty lord Brienne, I look forward to the meeting."
  230.  Task says, "I shall take my leave then, unless there is anything else you require of me."
  231.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "None until tomorrow."
  232.  Arrian cos Brienne says, "Do take care, Task."
  233.  Task says, "With certainty. Good tidings then Lord Brienne."
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