Mat Man has some great tips

Apr 3rd, 2018
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  1. Read and keep by your bedside :
  3. UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook
  4. if you read it, and think I want to do this then proceed to the below
  6. If you hate it find another career.
  7. Other things you will deal with.
  9. Also long hours, everyone knowing your job better than you, dealing with alpa geeks and system commands and location of config files location and format changing.
  11. Production is hell, grab your helmet , grab your gun and prepare for battle.
  13. Fundamentals:
  15. 1. learn vi it on every system.
  16. 2. Have an understanding of C/C++ when you get crash strings and and udertanding code will help you troubleshoot the system.
  17. 3. Know Scripting languages old but goody Perl(not in use but their maybe old scripts that use it) python/ grep/sed/awk/bash/ksh and sh.
  18. 4. Understanding of TCP/IP networking
  19. 5. SQL,YAML,JSON,XML,sqlite(SQL) all fo these are used to configure systems.
  20. 6. Understand SAN,SCSI, RAID (filesystem management LVM,ZFS mdraid, dm-multipath) and
  21. 7. How to read performance metrics.
  22. Something that I use daily and since learning it in the Navy.
  23. The Scientific Method to Troubleshooting
  25. The Scientific Method is the key to troubleshooting your computer and network problems. It burns away irrelevancies and brings you to the root cause.
  27. There are six steps in the scientific method:
  29. 1. Gather Information
  30. 2. State the Problem
  31. 3. Form a hypothesis
  32. 4. Test the hypothesis
  33. 5. Observe Results & Draw conclusions
  34. 6. Repeat as necessary
  36. Learn and keep up with the new hotness.
  38. Your bos is going to come to you about Tech ABC if you do not know about it you may loose your chance to use it and make your life better. Or Known know and live in Admin hell.
  39. Understand Linux/Unix/Windows whatever ever else might be in your company.
  40. As an admin you need to interact and troubleshoot. Knowing command to tell others will speed you.
  41. Frank what your ip address?
  42. How do i get I am on Window? ipconfig, (power tip Get-NetIPAddress | Format-Table)
  43. I am on Linux ip addr sh
  44. I am on Rhel 5 ifconfig (I know but I deal with muti-billion companies and they still using RHEL5 and SUNOS 5.10)
  45. What that a lot
  47. Tip document everything, write it all down (except your password)
  49. Final tips
  51. Read replace notes and patch
  52. Backup, Backup off site and test backups with restores.
  53. it not a question of if your disk will fail, But when
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