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  1. <color="red">Rules</color> <color="blue"></color>
  3. 1. Don't mic spam.
  4. 2. Don't team kill Players.
  5. 3. Don't exploit the game in any way.
  6. 4. Be polite and Nice to all Players And Staff.
  7. 5. Any racist sexist Stuff Will get you banned Like saying the n word
  8. 6. What Staff say is final.
  9. 7. Don't ghost!
  10. 8. Don't delay the round in anyway!
  11. 9. Don't ruin the round for others.
  12. 10. Do not purposefully kill yourself so you don't have the be the role you don't want to be like being an 049-2.
  13. 11. Don't spawn camp!.
  14. 12. The Only Roles That can Team With SCPs Are Chaos and vice versa.
  15. 13. Dont be a Dick To ppl.
  16. 14. Have Fun
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