100 Lines for Mistress

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  1. How was your day Mistress?
  2. A bit tired and stressed from work? I’m sorry to hear that Miss.
  3. It’s alright you say? Why is that Miss?
  4. B-because I’m going to make your day better? How can I do that Mistress?
  5. You... You want me to undress Miss? Slowly?
  6. Yes Miss...
  7. Like this Ma’am?
  8. You want me to come closer? Yes Miss.
  9. Ah, your hand is cold Mistress. Mmm
  10. Y-yes that feels nice Miss.
  11. You want me to get on the bed? Alright Miss.
  12. H-How should I position myself Ma’am?
  13. This way Miss? Mmmm I love when you run your hand down my back...
  14. Sorry Miss. Yes Ma’am I heard you, ass higher.
  15. [Smack] Ah! Thank you Mistress.
  16. [Smack Smack] Mmmm Thank you Miss, Thank you.
  17. Ah! Ohhhh your.... your fingers feel so good down there Mistress.
  18. [Moans and noises] Y-Yes I’m enjoying myself Miss.
  19. Mmm yes your fingers feel good inside me Mistress.
  20. [Whines] P-Please Ma’am... put them back in me... I love feeling them fill me.
  21. [Smack] Ah! Yes Miss... I shouldn’t be demanding things... Sorry Miss...
  22. W-what did I do today Mistress?
  23. Well I woke up and got dressed, then had breakfast and went to work. I came home early, did some chores and had a late lunch. Nothing very eventful Miss.
  24. [smack and moan] I-I forgot to do something Mistress?
  25. M-my lines Miss...
  26. Yes... I did forget to do my lines... I’m sorry Mistress
  27. You want me to finish them now Miss?...
  28. Recite them out loud Mistress?!
  29. Y-Yes ma’am...
  30. I am Mistress’ pretty girl
  31. I am Mistress’ smart girl
  32. I am Mistress’ good girl
  33. I will not tell myself otherwise, if I do I shall earn punishments from Miss [smack]
  34. Thank you Mistress
  35. I am Mistress’ confident girl
  36. I am Mistress’ talented girl
  37. I am Mistress’ ambitious girl
  38. I will not argue with Mistress about my looks, personality, talents or anything else about myself [smack]
  39. Thank you Mistress
  40. I am Mistress’ hardworking girl
  41. I am Mistress’ dedicated girl
  42. I am Mistress’ caring girl
  43. I will not put myself down if I have the power to do otherwise, I will remember the kind words Mistress has given me. [Smack]
  44. Thank you Mistress
  45. I am Mistress’ beautiful girl
  46. I am Mistress’ thoughtful girl
  47. I am Mistress’ brave girl
  48. I will not convince myself otherwise when people tell me kind things, I will add them to the kind words Mistress has given me and remember them. [smack]
  49. Thank you Mistress
  50. I am Mistress’ sweet girl
  51. I am Mistress’ amazing girl
  52. I am Mistress’ obedient girl
  53. And I will always remember these things because Mistress loves me and wants me to be happy. [smack]
  54. Thank you Mistress
  55. I-I’m sorry I forgot to write them today Miss...[smack]
  56. Yes Mistress I’ll stop apologizing
  57. Mmm it feels good when you rub my red ass like that Miss
  58. [smack] Yes I won't forget to do my lines tomorrow, I promise Mistress.
  59. What? F-Fifty spanks if I forget again? Y-yes ma'am.
  60. [Moans and gasps] Y-your fingers are still cold Miss...
  61. M-My pussy is warming them up? It is nice and hot Mistress? [Moans low]
  62. Your-your fingers are so long...They're filling me so much Miss. [Moans]
  63. Ohh that feels really wonderful Mistress... You always make me feel so good...
  64. [Moans] That's so nice... Hm? What did you say Miss?
  65. You like when I stick my ass up like this Mistress? Why is that?
  66. Because it's like I'm presenting my pretty pussy for you Miss?
  67. [Moans] I'm glad you enjoy it so much ma'am
  68. [more moans] Oh... Ohhh Mistress... Don't do those both at the same time...
  69. Ahh! My clit is so sensitive Miss... Please...
  70. If you do that Miss I'm... I'm gonna....
  71. [Moans loudly and repeatedly for about ten seconds before slowly to heavy breaths] Oh... T-Thank you Mistress...
  72. Gosh... My legs are still shaking Miss...
  73. Will-Will you hold me Mistress?
  74. No?! Why not Miss?! [shocked]
  75. Sorry ma'am... I shouldn't have raised my voice...
  76. You're going to give me a bath first?... Oh.... Thank you Mistress!
  77. Ah! Miss what are you doing?!
  78. N-no I'm okay with you carrying me... It's just you haven't before Miss... [sounds shy]
  79. Y-you're really strong Mistress... I really like it...
  80. Ah! Miss! The counter is cold on my butt!
  81. [gasps and whimpers] I... I don't care if cold is good for a sore but Miss... It's freezing!
  82. Y-Yes I can be a good girl until the bath is ready Mistress...[whimpers and bath noises start]
  83. Ah! Miss what are you doing? [whimpers]
  84. Y-yes I like sitting in your lap... we just don't do it often Mistress.
  85. Lay-Lay my head on your shoulder? Yes Mistress....
  86. [Sighs softly] Your hand feels really nice in my hair Miss.
  87. Thank you for taking care of me Mistress.
  88. [Sniffs the air] The bath smells really nice Miss. Can I get in?
  89. Ah! Hey! You know my legs do work Miss-[cut off by kiss]
  90. Yes... I'll be quiet Mistress. [meekly]
  91. [Moans softly being placed into water] That feels really nice Miss... Thank you again.
  92. [Moans more] I really do love when you play with my hair like that Mistress.
  93. Did-did I make your day better like you said Miss?
  94. I did? I'm really glad to hear that Mistress.
  95. Hm? You want to watch a movie before bed Miss?
  96. That sounds like a lovely idea Mistress!
  97. We can snuggle and make some popcorn after I get clean Miss!
  98. [Moans softly] I would really love if you washed my hair Mistress.
  99. [Giggles] I know I'm the one that likes to serve... but I really enjoy the feeling of your hands Miss.
  100. I love you Mistress. Thank you for such a wonderful evening.
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