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US gov brief on bribed US judges re UK hacker Lauri Love

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Jun 3rd, 2016
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  1. Briefing memorandum to U S State Department ('State'), US Department of Justice ('DOJ'),
  2. US Ambassadors Anthony Gardner (EU), Denise Bauer (Belgium), Matthew Barzun (UK)
  4. Urgent - preparation for response to European government enquiries this week, presented to the above, US Secretary of State John Kerry, & US Attorney General ('AG') Loretta Lynch
  6. Re: US State Dept support for US passport holders engaged in criminal terrorist activities against EU government officials & institutions
  8. - Current policy of US State & DOJ regarding USA criminal acts targeting Europe, of the Pearson plc - Google Inc / Alphabet Inc trans-national bribery, extortion, & terrorist network ('Pearson-Google'), associated with its admitted bribery of 3 USA judges (2 federal), scheme targeting EU citizens & governments, with multiple crimes on EU territory (summary below)
  10. - Current policy of US State & DOJ regarding Pearson-Google criminal principals such as Joan Ann Lukey in Boston (Ropes Gray) & David Drummond in California (Google), & their menaces such as that of murdering Boston US Attorney Carmen Ortiz - in Kerry's home area - if she prosecutes Lukey's multiple crimes against the EU, Lukey a short walk from Ortiz' offices
  12. - Whether Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch, knowing the DOJ file history of Pearson-Google felonies, the continued escalation of terrorist acts to obstruct & pervert justice, seek to stop the next phase of terrorist acts possibly involving attacking / killing / defaming EU officials
  14. - Whether Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch, continue previous corrupt Hillary Clinton / Eric Holder policies, of suppressing honest brave US officials who would like to bring immediate criminal indictment of Joan Ann Lukey & their fellow Pearson-Google criminals
  16. - Whether Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch, themselves support child-rape & child-violation networks, which play a significant role in Pearson-Google crimes, with US State passports issued to those whom State & DOJ know may become rapists of EU children
  18. - Current policy of US State & DOJ regarding crimes such as theft & defrauding of millions of client funds, by US-based law firms such as Ropes Gray & WilmerHale, operating in Europe & massively deceiving EU citizens & companies, threatening & harming the entire EU economy, whilst conducting mass-marketing deception across the EU thanks to Google
  20. - Current awareness of Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch regarding bribery, corruption & intimidation of in-house lawyers at State & DOJ, via Pearson-Google-tied law firms, inducing State & DOJ lawyers to mislead Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch regarding Pearson-Google bribery-extortion-fraud-terrorism, in exchange for corrupting cash, favours, careers
  22. - Whether Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch, seek to rein in the criminal sub-enterprise within the Google legal department under David Drummond, a Google executive who betrays Google itself & its shareholders, in order to serve his bribe-paying partners at US political-gangster law firms who conduct large-scale criminal operations in Europe
  24. - Whether US State & DOJ continue to indulge multi-million-paying campaign donors such as Pearson-Google, with the prize that they are protected in bribing US judges who create fraudulent documents to hoax EU governments, & in sending criminally harassing e-mails to Brussels; in having corrupted US FBI agents become cyber-terrorists & e-mail computer viruses to the EU; in having CIA contractors hoax on Wikimedia & send hate mail to EU citizen victims; in bribing DOJ officials to produce 'comfort letters' promising non-prosecution of the most blatant & 'smoking gun'-proven criminal acts such as in Pearson-Google terrorism
  26. - Current policy of US State & DOJ regarding violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, United Nations Charter, EU Member State laws & other legal instruments, violations by US-based law firms serving Pearson-Google bribery-extortion-fraud-terrorism, with Google silencing EU media seeking to inform EU citizens about acts of US-gov-tied criminals
  28. - Whether Secretary Kerry & AG Lynch, will continue previous State / DOJ policies of encouraging racist, anti-Semitic & bigoted Pearson-Google attacks upon EU black citizens as 'niggers' and Jewish-associated individuals as 'kike Jew f-ckers'
  30. - Whether US State & DOJ will continue to block the release of totally innocent French citizen Léonel Cazaco, with Loretta Lynch betraying her fellow black human being, Cazaco suffering a life sentence under US Judge 'Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game,' bribed by Pearson-Google, the jailing of this EU citizen a racist pleasure for Pearson-Google who laugh at the sufferings of a "f-cking French nigger"
  32. - Whether US State & DOJ will continue their support for US political donors who defraud millions of euros out of EU citizens & companies, by crimes such as the fundraising fraud for the Wikipedia site operated by child rape & gang-stalking criminals working for US government agencies; with crime partner Google censoring of truth & publishing lies, in order to market products which raise funds for criminal terrorism & extortion purposes of US campaign donors, deceiving EU citizens who buy such products or make such donations; and Google's marketing of corrupt US law firms such as Ropes Gray & WilmerHale which are stealing millions of client funds & engaging in terrorist acts against the EU
  34. - Whether State & DOJ continue to support 'We are USA political gangster lawyers & law firms … We are the most clever, aggressive, & successful criminal partnership in the world'
  36. - Given the active danger of murder of EU officials pursuing misconduct & crimes of Pearson-Google & their law firms such as Ropes Gray & Wilmer Hale, & the criminal history of Pearson-Google exploding in new waves of terrorist activity - whether US State & DOJ are taking any steps to prevent possible new terrorist acts against EU governments that might be planned & implemented by Pearson-Google criminals such as Joan Ann Lukey
  38. Given cyber-terrorist computer viruses sent by Pearson-Google lawyers & US gov staff, e-mail response to this briefing note might not be opened or viewed; State or DOJ officers responding should contact the George-Henri Beauthier law offices, Berckmanstraat 89,
  39. 1060 Brussel, +32 2 538 9010.
  41. Pearson-Google bribery, extortion & terrorism against EU - executive summary
  43. The Pearson-Google trans-national crime scheme in a quick nutshell:
  45. --Overall purpose to defraud EU citizens & companies into buying products funding criminal psychopaths, into hiring US law firms stealing millions of client funds, & into making donations to criminals posing as non-profit groups
  47. - Massive ongoing criminal acts to obstruct & pervert justice and to deceive & intimidate & threaten EU officials & governments & lawyers, & to intimidate & destroy EU media, lives of EU citizen crime witnesses
  49. Criminal techniques of Pearson-Google include:
  50. - Using US judge bribery and bribery of US Presidents / Justice officials and bribery of major media
  51. - Terrorist murder threats & 'We will KILL YOU' extortion, and massive Google-managed lies & hoaxes & defamations, along with Google censorship illegally blocking EU replies of defamed victims
  53. Details & origin of the Pearson-Google bribery terrorism scheme
  55. - Falls under USA definition of 'terrorism', involving specific direct threats to murder EU citizens, plus implicit threats to murder & destroy the lives of EU officials
  57. - With some irony, a major Bush-Clinton donor with criminal desires, was tricked by US lawyers into terrorist crimes against an EU citizen, so that Pearson-Google lawyers could defraud the donor out of millions of funds, whilst US politicians supported the anti-EU fraud & terrorist acts because it led to millions in bribes for Bushes, Clintons & other US politicians
  59. - Most principals of this terrorism scheme are US passport holders, in large part lawyers, lawyers in executive board positions at Pearson & Google, plus lawyers at multiple US law firms linked to US political donors (Ropes Gray, WilmerHale, Willcox Savage, others)
  61. - As with many large-scale or trans-national crimes, many Pearson-Google criminal acts are obstruction and perversion of justice to cover for earlier criminal acts, with Pearson-Google at times exploding in new waves of criminal activity; with the major witness to these crimes an EU citizen in Europe, & with much funding for these crimes sourced in a UK company infested by US lawyer-gangsters; & with many terrorist-related acts on EU territory; there are significant crimes of criminal threat & fraud against EU government ministers, EU police agents, EU companies & EU citizens
  63. - DOJ has thousands of pages of evidence, enabling immediate US felony indictments if there is no DOJ - State political blockage or threat to destroy & kill US Attorney prosecutors, along with surveillance data of Pearson-Google criminals boasting of their terrorist acts
  65. - Trans-national terrorist scheme had two major initial motivations, both involving millions of dollars of criminally-obtained funds:
  66. -- (1) The USA George Bush family encouraged US law firms to steal & defraud millions from a Bush donor, continually goading her into terrorist acts so she would pay millions in bribes;
  67. -- (2) Given the Bush donor had been pumped into a 'best selling author', but also a criminal psychopath, terrorist threats of murder, US judge bribery & illegal international censorship became tools to defraud EU & global public into buying novels which funded US politicians.
  69. - The Bush donor / book author / psychopath criminal, so easily defrauded by her lawyers, is 'Patricia Cornwell', often drunk & on drugs, a teen in foster care under a child-rape figure, Cornwell herself loving violating of children including children's dead bodies, along with terrorist menace to kill people including public officials, the bribery & corruption of public officials & media, vast schemes of internet hoaxing using fake names, classic US southern racist & anti-Semite power against 'kike Jews' / black 'n-ggers'
  71. - Bribery of US judges began as evidence of Cornwell's disgusting fetish for violating children's dead bodies came to light in a Virginia court case, ended by bribery of the Virginia judge, by lawyers for Pearson plc, Willcox Savage, & New York's Michael Rudell
  73. - With Cornwell's over US $100 million in assets from book sales via Pearson, lawyers sought to enmesh Cornwell in more legal cases, more bribery, & more disgusting crimes, in order to defraud her out of millions in bribes & fees because, for Pearson lawyers, "the dumb b-tch never figures it out … milk that b-tch like a fat f-cking cow!"
  75. - Pearson & other lawyers for Cornwell exploited Cornwell's fetish to dominate over Jews, whether lesbian girlfriend or Jewish victim, targeting another book author who had begun investigating Cornwell, Polish citizen Dr Les Sachs
  77. - Seeking to steal Cornwell's millions, Pearson-Cornwell lawyers faxed Sachs a neo-Nazi anti-Semite threat to burn a Jew's books, using Cornwell's name, and then bribed both Cornwell's personal staff & a Richmond news reporter, to publish a fake 'interview with Sachs' by a reporter who never met nor interviewed him, on a newspaper front page
  79. - Though Sachs denounced the interview as a fraud, the Pearson-Cornwell lawyers hid from Cornwell that they themselves had fabricated the interview and as a result of the fraudulent article planted by her own lawyers, Cornwell agreed to pay millions to attack Sachs & threaten to kill him … this deception of Cornwell continues today by Ropes Gray lawyers led by Joan Ann Lukey in Boston, continuing crimes of many other Cornwell lawyers
  81. - Cornwell's lawyers shared funds stolen from Cornwell with Alex 'the Gangster' Gigante, Pearson plc General Counsel, and since then Pearson-Google have widely bribed many parties with millions defrauded out of Cornwell, deceiving Cornwell they are 'working for her' and giving her 'great victories', Cornwell distracted from her own lawyers robbing her
  83. - Defrauding Cornwell into giving her consent to pay millions to threaten to kill Sachs, extort & enslave him, Pearson-Cornwell lawyers set up terrorist acts with 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game', the bribed judge assisting Pearson in hiding from Cornwell herself that her own lawyers were defrauding her
  85. - Extortion & enslavement of Polish citizen Sachs happened quickly - Bribed US Federal Judge Payne phoned Polish citizen Sachs telling him his freedom to write & speak was instantly banned, without trial or hearing, and shortly afterwards this was followed by Pearson lawyers & friends of Judge Payne, threatening to torture Sachs to death, whilst falsely posing as lawyers for Sachs
  87. - Pearson-Cornwell lawyers allowed Sachs to remain alive, under 'Pay us or we KILL YOU' extortion arrangements, embodied in a fraudulent document created by bribed US Federal Judge Payne & the Pearson lawyers, falsely claiming Sachs had 'agreed' to a lifelong ban on his own freedom to write & speak, to have his publishing company & reputation destroyed, & to be a lifelong slave to Judge Payne & Pearson lawyers, paying them hundreds of thousands until he was dead
  89. - Paying extortion funds for a time, Polish citizen Sachs escaped to Europe where he became a major EU journalist on the extensive legal corruption within the US regime; a member of the house of Belgian's King Albert II likely prevented Sachs' murder; Pearson plc, Cornwell's other lawyers & Cornwell herself, poured tens of thousands of words of lies & hoaxes against Sachs on the internet, using techniques offered by Google to all child rapists, extortionists, terrorists and murderers who can show they bribe US judges & politicians
  91. - Court filings to US Appeals & Supreme Court judges made by Sachs after his arrival in Europe, were never answered by those judges, who further 'ordered' that those filings be deleted from US court records & censored from the internet, so that in Pearson-Google US legal cases, the only court filings US judges allow are from people bribing the USA
  93. - Sachs became an early journalist about the crimes of Google with its Wikipedia operation against EU citizens as they serve US political criminals, and this led to Google Inc joining Pearson as a full partner in the Pearson-Google terrorist scheme against EU nations, and seeking to totally destroy Sachs' new life in Europe and murder him
  95. - Using more political-gangster lawyers led by Boston's Joan Ann Lukey, drawing on President Bush favours whilst stealing more of Cornwell's funds, Pearson-Google then bribed US Federal Judge Norman Moon, to hold a fraudulent in absentia 'trial', in order to spread libellous lies about EU witness Sachs, and issue 'orders to Google' to violate EU laws & block Sachs from replying to Pearson-Google internet hoaxes & defamations totalling tens of thousands of words; US DOJ Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was also bribed & paid by Google to issue a corrupt 'comfort letter' promising non-prosecution of Pearson-Google crimes
  97. - Pearson-Google have maintained comprehensive campaigns to terrorise & threaten media, lawyers & government officials on two continents, threatening instant disbarment of any US lawyer, defamation & Google erasure of any EU lawyer; quick automatic 'conviction' & Google censorship of any EU media via fake US judge 'trial' held by one-way harassing e-mail; and defamation, career destruction or possible murder of EU officials, by killers holding USA passports & posing as tourists
  99. - With EU citizen Sachs a major witness, informer & reporter to EU governments, intelligence agencies, & police units, & having registered criminal complaints in EU nations against Pearson-Google criminal actions, the tens of thousands of words of lies, defamations & hoaxes against Sachs, are criminal obstruction & perversion of justice, and also criminal attempts to intimidate EU government officials, and also lawyers in the European Union
  101. - Criminal acts by Pearson-Google in this terrorist scheme included bribery of New York Times & UK Guardian staff members & other media figures, bribery of law professors, hiring of large teams of internet trolls & stalkers, extensively using Google's fraudulent 'Wikipedia', with bribed media reporters & internet hoaxers receiving Google's criminal promise to block all Dr Sachs' multiple websites so he cannot reply to lies & defamations
  103. - Reports to the EU Commission authored by Dr Les Sachs, discussing Pearson-Google crimes, are major background to the courageous EU actions against internet monopoly Google, helping EU Commissioners & staff to understand the criminal nature of Google Inc
  105. - Pearson-Google crimes of financial & other fraud against EU companies & citizens, related to Pearson-Google extortion & terrorism, are massive & broad, including defrauding EU companies & citizens into hiring corrupt USA-tied law firms; financial fraud of the EU public duped into donating to the fraudulent 'Wikipedia' encyclopaedia run by child-rape & gang-stalking criminals; and raising funds for terrorism & criminal gangsters via defrauding the public into purchasing books 'authored' by manipulated criminal psychopath Cornwell
  107. A few items of 'smoking gun evidence in USA DOJ & EU police agency files, regarding Pearson-Google bribery - extortion - terrorism crimes
  109. - Transcripts showing mentally-disturbed psychopath Cornwell committing repeated perjury in US federal courts, coached by her lawyers who bribed US Federal Judges Payne & Moon (Cornwell's perjury about her written threats to burn a Jew's books, Cornwell's impossible perjury claiming that Brussels EU citizen Sachs was 'sneaking into the USA' to 'stalk' her)
  111. - Clearly fraudulent document created by bribed US Judge Payne & Pearson plc lawyers, claiming EU citizen Sachs had quickly agreed to lifelong ban on his own journalism & rights, plus that he would pay several hundred thousand to the judge's friends menacing to kill him
  113. - Fraudulent 'freedom foundation' of Pearson lawyers Tom Roberts & German neo-Nazi Tim Schulte, friends of Judge Payne, posing as Sachs' lawyers whilst threatening to kill him
  115. - Large string of criminally-harassing e-mails sent through Google G-Mail by bribed US federal judge Norman Moon, acting like a deranged criminal psychopath whilst enjoying his Pearson-Google bribery funds & payments, Moon also issuing his EU-attacking illegal 'court orders' to violate EU laws, & block an EU citizen from replying to lies by Moon himself & his friends
  117. - Transcript from Virginia local courtroom, on day Sachs risked his life to confront Pearson terrorist extortionist & fraud Tom Roberts menacing to kill him, Roberts joking about killing Sachs, not realising that Sachs was about to escape to safety in Europe with the evidence
  119. - E-mail electronic evidence proving Pearson-Google cyber-terrorism, with computer viruses e-mailed to destroy European computers, sent both by Pearson lawyer James Magner, & by US DOJ agents in corrupt employ of Pearson-Google
  121. - Criminally defamatory articles with lies seeking to obstruct & pervert justice, published by bribe-taking media at the UK Guardian, New York Times - Boston Globe, & other media, directly receiving corrupting funds & payments from Pearson-Google
  123. - Multi-year electronic records on the fraudulent 'Wikipedia' site continually receiving Google payments, showing multi-year trolling, stalking & obstruction of justice, with Wikimedia administrators sending hate mail directly from CIA contractor corporate accounts
  125. - Continued criminal obstruction of justice for Pearson-Google crimes via bribed 'articles' on Pearson's own corporate websites
  127. - Criminal obstruction of justice for Pearson-Google crimes via Google-owned websites using fake names, such as a 10,000-plus word rant of hate for her victim Sachs, written by Patricia Cornwell herself using fake name 'Sandy Corona'
  129. - Hate mail received by Sachs from people around the world, believing tens of thousands of words of lies published by Pearson-Google on the web, whilst Google illegally blocked Sachs from replying, Sachs' own multiple websites with replies erased, in full violation of EU Member State laws, and EU & United Nations Human Rights Conventions
  131. - Recorded statements of Pearson-Google criminals going about boasting of their crimes, giving such details as the names of the 'bag men' physically carrying the bribery cash to US judges (lawyer Conrad Shumadine of Norfolk handing bribery cash to US Federal 'Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game'; lawyer Jimmy Morris of Richmond paying bribery cash to US Federal Judge Norman Moon)
  133. Quotes from Pearson-Google bribery criminals, recorded by witnesses as these criminals go about boasting of their crimes & terrorist threats against EU citizens & governments
  135. "Bribed American judges & Google, motherf-cker! What the f-ck are you going to do about it? I've got the whole US government backing me up, motherf-cker!"
  137. "It's all really simple. You pay millions to bribe US Presidents, & you get to bribe the federal judges, & you get to bribe the federal prosecutors like that Fitzgerald I paid to lick my ass. What's so hard to understand, motherf-cker? … There is no f-cking 'US Constitution' … The 'Constitution' belongs to people like me, who own the f-cking US judges!"
  139. "Everything we do is 'legal' because we're bribing American judges, that makes anything f-cking legal … Bribed American judges, motherf-cker! End of f-cking story."
  141. "So you have evidence, motherf-cker? We'll have some of the judges I'm bribing take a look at your evidence & f-cking bury it, & that'll take care of your evidence, motherf-cker!"
  143. "The best part of banning someone's freedom of speech is totally slandering the motherf-cker … I love being able to tell people I hate, You are totally slandered, motherf-cker, and there is f-cking nothing you can do about it!"
  145. "Keep your mouth shut you stupid f-cker, can have you totally destroyed on Google!"
  147. "Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia! … I love planting sh-t on Wikipedia & watching the whole world lick up my sh-t … And my c-ntlickers at Google make sure all that sh-t is copied 100,000 times all over the f-cking internet."
  149. "Bribed American judges, motherf-cker, that's the game we play … Do you know what an American judge is, motherf-cker? An American judge is someone who will do whatever I say to totally f-ck you up."
  151. "Any lawyer tries to f-ck with my sh-t in America, I'll have my judges fix his f-ckin' ass, He'll hear me say, that's the last day you practice law, motherf-cker!"
  153. "Of course I threatened to kill the Jew f-cker, of course I threatened to burn his f-cking books … I love humiliating that Jew f-cker! … I stalked that Jew f-cker for years … And look who's the 'stalker' now! Bribed American judges, motherf-cker!"
  155. "F-ck you up, slander you, kill you, totally destroy you just like destroyed kike Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs … Same thing is gonna happen to you, motherf-cker!"
  157. "No amount of money is ever going to compensate for destroying so many years of that Jew f-cker's life … So you keep slandering that Jew f-cker Leslie Sachs, slander that Jew f-cker all over the world … Keep on pounding that Jew f-cker until he is f-cking dead."
  159. Dr Les Sachs
  160. L.Sachs@Inbox.LT
  161. c/o Law Offices of George-Henri Beauthier, Berckmansstraat 89, 1060 Brussel, Belgium
  163. Published by members of the Jewish community of Flanders
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