Aug 24th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Pacifist Tanooki Rules
  3. *Time starts on pressing Start on the title screen. Time ends on entering the door after defeating Bowser.*
  5. - No damaging/killing enemies [including canonballs and bomb-ombs] unless you are in Tanooki Statue Form
  6. - Damage includes bonking a koopa [or any other shelled enemy] to have them hide in a shell or bonking a parakoopa [or any other enemy with wings] to have them lose their wings.
  7. - Damage boosting through enemies is allowed as long as you don't damage/kill them.
  8. - No Throwing enemies [I.E. you can statue then pick up bomb-ombs in W8. That's not allowed.]
  9. - No Throwing anything at enemies to damage/kill them.
  12. - If you damage/kill an enemy and you're not in statue form, you can die to continue the run.
  13. -If this happens after 7F1, and you don't have a back up Tanooki suit, the run must be reset because there is no way to finish the game within the aforementioned rules.
  15. - Finish the Game
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