PinkWard Coaching Info

Nov 17th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Coaching is offered in a few different ways. Live VOD Review, Recorded VOD Review, and 90minute Coaching. To purchase coaching, donate to PinkWard and email with donation confirmation. You will be contacted to schedule your coaching after providing proof of purchase.
  3. Recorded VOD Review is done on or off stream, depending what you're comfortable with. I will record as I talk over giving feedback of your recent game. $25
  5. Live VOD Review can be done either on or off stream, depending what you are comfortable with. I speak on your overall mistakes providing feedback of a recent game while in call with you. $35
  7. 90 min Coaching will include a VOD Review to start off, giving feedback on the game and what to keep in mind. Then will have a live game coaching session where I watch you play a game through Discord Screen Share giving you live feedback on what you should be doing/aiming to do during the game. If unable to screen share, can spectate game with 3minute delay. These will be done before/after stream, so limited times. $75
  9. Weekend Coaching is available but at a higher price - $100 Live VOD Review, $150 90min Coaching Session
  11. ***Join Discord***
  14. Please DM PinkWard on discord after scheduling with your IGN(In Game Name ex. - "PinkWard"), Region(NA,EUW,LAN,etc.), and your main champ/role
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