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  1.  shitstorm, marduk, lulzboat, topiary, alex, glomex, s0cket
  3.     [01:29am] == Channel modes on #!sec are: +inrst
  4.     [01:29am] == Channel #!sec was created at: Sat Jul 16 23:10:58 2011
  5.     [01:29am] S0cket: Topiary, you where doing toe RFI?
  6.     [01:29am] marduk: mmm i am still not sure about this, guise.
  7.     [01:29am] alex: yeah
  8.     [01:29am] Topiary: RFI was complete yesterday, S0cket
  9.     [01:29am] Topiary: nah guys this is a good venture
  10.     [01:29am] S0cket: Ah, cool
  11.     [01:29am] marduk: Topiary: you know what you're doing i assume?
  12.     [01:29am] alex: this gonna be huge if we do it carefully
  13.     [01:29am] S0cket: Yeah we will rock the socks off them
  14.     [01:29am] Topiary: yeah marduk
  15.     [01:29am] alex: ^
  16.     [01:29am] marduk: kkjc
  17.     [01:30am] S0cket: So
  18.     [01:30am] S0cket: We get in get the shit
  19.     [01:30am] S0cket: and leave=
  20.     [01:30am] S0cket: no traces?
  21.     [01:31am] Topiary: fake traces as usual
  22.     [01:31am] Topiary: more morons getting arrested
  23.     [01:31am] alex: we also need a steve jobs rage meme for the rls
  24.     [01:31am] alex: can you do this topiary?
  25.     [01:31am] S0cket: Yeah we need one
  26.     [01:31am] S0cket: I ate a ROTTEN apple
  27.     [01:31am] alex: haha ^
  28.     [01:31am] S0cket: or.. the icloud was leaky
  29.     [01:31am] Topiary: yes alex
  30.     [01:31am] marduk: ALSO, COCKS
  31.     [01:31am] S0cket: DICKS?
  32.     [01:31am] S0cket: WHERE
  33.     [01:31am] • S0cket BENDS OVER
  34.     [01:32am] S0cket: guys
  35.     [01:32am] S0cket: where is sabu?
  36.     [01:33am] marduk: iuno he should be back later, he had something for me
  37.     [01:33am] S0cket: oooh
  38.     [01:33am] S0cket: new leak?
  39.     [01:33am] alex: sabu should appear soon
  40.     [01:33am] S0cket: Knice
  41.     [01:33am] S0cket: Where did rum go?
  42.     [01:33am] alex: idk
  43.     [01:33am] S0cket: he went after ryan?
  44.     [01:34am] S0cket: or joepie.
  45.     [01:34am] S0cket: he is gone
  46.     [01:34am] S0cket: i want my frikandellen
  47.     [01:34am] Topiary: Project Inception already began with that, alex, I already laundered like $65,000
  48.     [01:34am] Topiary: do you want more?
  49.     [01:34am] S0cket: What
  50.     [01:34am] S0cket: 65K?
  51.     [01:34am] marduk: joepie is busy with normal stuff
  52.     [01:34am] S0cket: Ah thats why
  53.     [01:34am] Topiary: S0cket, Project Inception, did I not tell you about that?
  54.     [01:34am] S0cket: No  tell me!
  55.     [01:34am] alex: $65k's enough for now
  56.     [01:35am] S0cket: Are we going to buy ferraris and go to ryan?
  57.     [01:35am] alex: haha
  58.     [01:35am] S0cket: Yeah we need a l33tm33t
  59.     [01:35am] Topiary: where my BitCoin gobbler takes 0.1 from every transaction and shifts it off as transaction fee/lost in verification
  60.     [01:35am] S0cket: What
  61.     [01:35am] S0cket: EPIC
  62.     [01:35am] S0cket: Mtgox again?
  63.     [01:36am] Topiary: no, some internal infodox we got from someone's email attachments
  64.     [01:36am] S0cket: Wow.
  65.     [01:36am] Topiary: we got a worm inside the client and it spreads instantly through the entire network
  66.     [01:36am] S0cket: Winning!
  67.     [01:36am] S0cket: what we doing with the cash?
  68.     [01:36am] S0cket: for wikileaks right?
  69.     [01:36am] S0cket: or does sabu get his ass-dildo?
  70.     [01:36am] Topiary: anyway, my BitCoin trader knows, you know the thing about Silk Road anyway I'm sure
  71.     [01:37am] S0cket: yeah sure
  72.     [01:37am] Topiary: so I cash out $1500 segments into PayPal
  73.     [01:37am] S0cket: and the rest into ... pot?
  74.     [01:37am] Topiary: it's spread around, yes
  75.     [01:37am] shitstorm joined the chat room.
  76.     [01:37am] S0cket: Hey Shitstorm
  77.     [01:37am] S0cket: Wait that sounds akward
  78.     [01:37am] S0cket: ah /care
  79.     [01:37am] S0cket: Topiary, itll be epic
  80.     [01:38am] shitstorm: hiya
  81.     [01:38am] S0cket: what are we going to buy?
  82.     [01:38am] alex: this^
  83.     [01:38am] Topiary: S0cket, it's been spreading for about a week
  84.     [01:38am] S0cket: Wow. imagine.
  85.     [01:38am] S0cket: 2 months
  86.     [01:38am] alex: haha
  87.     [01:38am] S0cket: we = rich
  88.     [01:38am] S0cket: Goto russia
  89.     [01:38am] Topiary: I have about 2 million infects
  90.     [01:38am] S0cket: We need to get a HQ in RUSSIA
  91.     [01:38am] alex: eh - russia
  92.     [01:38am] S0cket: LulzHQ
  93.     [01:38am] Topiary: I can't go faster or I will destroy the market, hence $1500 segments, and of course the original $50K as a "one time" transaction
  94.     [01:38am] S0cket: If you pay they dont fuck you.
  95.     [01:38am] Topiary: so $50K + $1.5K every day since then
  96.     [01:39am] S0cket: ... Damn
  97.     [01:39am] S0cket: Lulzmillionare?
  98.     [01:39am] Topiary: I will be reeling $45,000 a month
  99.     [01:39am] alex: jopie91 is irc op, isnt he?
  100.     [01:39am] S0cket: No that was P2A
  101.     [01:39am] alex: eh, true - confused
  102.     [01:39am] S0cket: Power2all
  103.     [01:39am] S0cket: he was fake d0xed
  104.     [01:39am] Topiary: and I named it Project Inception because we're stealing sekrits that they think are being stored in other sekrits
  105.     [01:39am] alex: sure
  106.     [01:40am] alex: this^
  107.     [01:40am] Topiary: anyway, I bought the core 15 two year's supply of VPNs/hosting
  108.     [01:40am] S0cket:  neat
  109.     [01:40am] S0cket: Finally a vpn
  110.     [01:40am] alex: eh ~
  111.     [01:40am] S0cket: now i can Stealthninja alex from behind
  112.     [01:41am] marduk: Topiary: you should name everything we do.
  113.     [01:41am] marduk: no exceptions.
  114.     [01:41am] alex: right, socket
  115.     [01:41am] S0cket: Yeah
  116.     [01:41am] alex: got this  fu!
  117.     [01:41am] S0cket: Can we get a Project J3st3r?
  118.     [01:41am] S0cket: Project Jetski!
  119.     [01:42am] Topiary: you mean project pay attention to washouts on wordpress?
  120.     [01:42am] S0cket: Yeah
  121.     [01:42am] S0cket: Cant we just butthurt jester?
  122.     [01:42am] S0cket: Like D0x him and make him suicide?
  123.     [01:42am] alex: god, dont talk about this jesfag - hes not worth it
  124.     [01:42am] S0cket: and get it recorded
  125.     [01:43am] Topiary: let them make irrelevant comments and DDoS tiny web servers, we will continue leeching $1500 a day
  126.     [01:43am] S0cket:  True
  127.     [01:43am] marduk: there used to be a spamfilter against jester on this network
  128.     [01:43am] marduk: goodtimes.jpg
  129.     [01:43am] Topiary: anyway, none of our shit got suspended in the last week because I bought out the "clients"
  130.     [01:43am] S0cket: How about apple agian?
  131.     [01:43am] Topiary: amazing what people will - or rather, won't - do for $1000
  132.     [01:44am] Topiary: Apple is still ongoing
  133.     [01:44am] S0cket: I saw alex talking about having the IOS5 source?
  134.     [01:44am] Topiary: alex?
  135.     [01:44am] alex: whos alex?
  136.     [01:44am] S0cket: ^
  137.     [01:44am] Topiary: some guy who owned some source I hear!
  138.     [01:44am] alex is now known as not_this_alex.
  139.     [01:44am] S0cket: :3
  140.     [01:45am] S0cket: Anyways, i got a peek inside. and they have no security
  141.     [01:45am] S0cket: did a NMAP
  142.     [01:45am] S0cket: only 1 IPS
  143.     [01:45am] S0cket: if we manage to dump the stuff overnight.
  144.     [01:45am] S0cket: Mmm
  145.     [01:46am] S0cket: not_this_alex, Can you do the dumping?
  146.     [01:46am] S0cket: My hdd is still full of porn
  147.     [01:46am] not_this_alex: guys
  148.     [01:46am] S0cket: Yes alex?
  149.     [01:46am] not_this_alex: we need to crack this hash
  150.     [01:46am] Topiary: S0cket, I am storing 1.5TB of it already
  151.     [01:46am] not_this_alex is now known as lex.
  152.     [01:46am] lex is now known as alex.
  153.     [01:46am] alex: lulz
  154.     [01:46am] alex: 8bb4cdc8f511ad386e723f298c9c39
  155.     [01:46am] alex: but keep it internal
  156.     [01:46am] S0cket: Whats it?
  157.     [01:46am] S0cket: ios master password?
  158.     [01:46am] Topiary: if you guys want me to buy space for hosting, just say it, or dumping power
  159.     [01:46am] S0cket: Encryption header keys?
  160.     [01:46am] alex: lol no, but its related to something big
  161.     [01:46am] S0cket: Topiary, can you make obama wear a shoe?
  162.     [01:47am] S0cket: Or get jester to fuck his mom and film it
  163.     [01:47am] Topiary: Obama makes more than $1500 a day just by maintaining his cleanly-shaven face
  164.     [01:47am] S0cket:
  165.     [01:47am] Topiary: that being said I make $1500 a day just by saying "got some more for you" to Mr. X (because he doesn't know that you know)
  166.     [01:47am] Topiary: so he is Mr. X
  167.     [01:48am] S0cket: Yeah ok
  168.     [01:48am] S0cket: Oh hey, didnt we found that document?
  169.     [01:48am] alex: priority on that hash!
  170.     [01:48am] Topiary: document?
  171.     [01:48am] S0cket: about the Apple Tapping service?
  172.     [01:48am] alex: i will ask sabu if he comes later
  173.     [01:48am] Topiary: okay alex let me grab you some clusters
  174.     [01:48am] alex: kk
  175.     [01:48am] Topiary: we got mad clusters three days ago, gonna check if the guy has set them up properly
  176.     [01:48am] alex: k nice
  177.     [01:48am] Topiary: basically raping alphanumerics like some kind of MIT supercomputer
  178.     [01:49am] S0cket: Topiary, Nice stuff!
  179.     [01:49am] alex: -> 8bb4cdc8f511ad386e723f298c9c39
  180.     [01:50am] S0cket: Topiary, Sabu came across that document where was noted that all IOS 3 and up devices where logging LOCATION WIFI and TEXT Messages send.
  181.     [01:50am] alex: job is crackin fuckin hash - will cause epic release
  182.     [01:50am] alex: kk thy
  183.     [01:50am] S0cket: Dont release it!
  184.     [01:50am] marduk: alex: what was that... admin sql thingy at thangy?
  185.     [01:50am] alex: ^
  186.     [01:50am] S0cket: ^
  187.     [01:50am] marduk: :D~
  188.     [01:50am] Topiary: okay S0cket, I'll add that to my notes
  189.     [01:50am] S0cket: Sure
  190.     [01:50am] S0cket: They just log shit
  191.     [01:51am] S0cket: location etc etc
  192.     [01:51am] alex: its okay as long as the hash does not go public
  193.     [01:51am] alex: in these cracking boards
  194.     [01:51am] S0cket: Yeah
  195.     [01:51am] marduk: guess thats a test.
  196.     [01:51am] • marduk isnt so sure about this chan anymore.
  197.     [01:51am] alex: its actually not
  198.     [01:51am] marduk: especially since shitstorm joined
  199.     [01:51am] marduk: he's the WORST LEAKER OF ALL!
  200.     [01:51am] alex: haha
  201.     [01:51am] marduk: :3 shitstorm
  202.     [01:52am] alex: i think everything is secure now tbh
  203.     [01:52am] alex: got no leaks a long time
  204.     [01:52am] marduk: yeah right
  205.     [01:52am] marduk: i remember last time i heard that
  206.     [01:52am] alex: the hash thing got other reasons
  207.     [01:52am] S0cket: Guys i need to take a pee
  208.     [01:52am] S0cket: gimme 3 seconds
  209.     [01:52am] marduk: there was #blackops
  210.     [01:52am] S0cket: Black dicks?
  211.     [01:52am] marduk: just one example of the more recent ones
  212.     [01:52am] Topic changed to "priv8 ffs | Sabu, get word to kayla | TARGET: 8bb4cdc8f511ad386e723f298c9c39" by alex.
  213.     [01:52am] alex: yes
  214.     [01:53am] marduk: well
  215.     [01:53am] marduk: we know who leaked it
  216.     [01:54am] alex: yeah
  217.     [01:54am] alex: im brb now. please contact me on any hash progress
  218.     [01:54am] Topiary: en sträng krävare är ofta en slät betalare
  219.     [01:54am] S0cket: Back
  220.     [01:54am] S0cket: Ok
  221.     [01:54am] S0cket: erhmm
  222.     [01:54am] S0cket: Oh guys
  223.     [01:54am] S0cket: 1 thing left
  224.     [01:55am] S0cket: alex,
  225.     [01:55am] alex: yeah?
  226.     [01:55am] alex: short please g2g
  227.     [01:55am] S0cket: You still have the paypal master ENC key?
  228.     [01:55am] S0cket: the MD5 one?
  229.     [01:55am] alex: nah i was just kidding there
  230.     [01:55am] alex: well brb now
  231.     [01:55am] S0cket: Damn
  232.     [01:56am] S0cket: Yeah bye
  233.     [01:56am] S0cket: !
  234.     [01:56am] S0cket: brb also
  235.     [01:56am] Topiary: marduk, need to talk with you about something
  236.     [01:56am] marduk: query pl0x
  237.     [01:57am] Topiary: thought we should tell the group
  238.     [01:58am] marduk: mh?
  239.     [01:59am] S0cket: Yeah do it
  240.     [01:59am] Topiary: just about the idea with buying up some stuff
  241.     [01:59am] S0cket: What we buying now?
  242.     [02:00am] Topiary: I want to start skimming off more coins at a faster rate as the market increases, maybe .2 and infect more in bursts rather than transitions
  243.     [02:00am] Topiary: making it look like more people are using the clients at American peak hours
  244.     [02:00am] Topiary: I should be able to increase to making (around) $2.5K a day that way
  245.     [02:00am] Topiary: but it's risky because if they find the bug
  246.     [02:00am] Topiary: well, that's like 500 life sentences
  247.     [02:00am] Topiary: thoughts?
  248.     [02:01am] S0cket: Do it.
  249.     [02:01am] S0cket: Wont be found
  250.     [02:01am] Topiary: okay I don't want to go into details but seeing as I just told you about the project
  251.     [02:01am] S0cket: Yeah
  252.     [02:01am] Topiary: safety etc
  253.     [02:01am] S0cket: Itll be epic
  254.     [02:01am] marduk: mmm
  255.     [02:01am] S0cket: I know
  256.     [02:01am] Topiary: but it's kind of like that worm from the movie Hackers where it takes money
  257.     [02:01am] marduk: well, we need some new stuff anyway
  258.     [02:02am] Topiary: except it takes BTC
  259.     [02:02am] marduk: we have no other irc but here that we can trust arm
  260.     [02:02am] marduk: which is kinda fucked
  261.     [02:02am] S0cket: Cant we just buy ourselfs a server in russia?
  262.     [02:02am] marduk: atm*
  263.     [02:02am] S0cket: DMCA proof
  264.     [02:02am] Topiary: Russia is not DMCA proof
  265.     [02:02am] marduk: dmca doesnt matter much
  266.     [02:02am] marduk: needs to be ddos proof
  267.     [02:02am] marduk: and secure. so. dedicated
  268.     [02:02am] marduk: no vps. no no no.
  269.     [02:02am] Topiary: point me to the buy button
  270.     [02:03am] Topiary: create an invoice and I will make it so
  271.     [02:03am] Topiary: we'll let Sabu do that
  272.     [02:03am] marduk: yar
  273.     [02:03am] marduk: vpntunnel.se gives me a headache
  274.     [02:03am] marduk: meh.
  275.     [02:04am] Topiary: that's because you're not on a VPN provider that you're paying weekly to give you unlimited bandwidth and disregard all logs
  276.     [02:04am] marduk: looks like good lold Mr. Nader can't afford it anymore
  277.     [02:05am] marduk: no heh
  278.     [02:05am] marduk: not the prob
  279.     [02:05am] marduk: Mr. Nader is ... uncooperative
  280.     [02:05am] Topiary: haha
  281.     [02:05am] marduk: most don't understand what's that about
  282.     [02:06am] Topiary: don't even understand myself to be honest
  283.     [02:06am] Topiary: what is it?
  284.     [02:06am] S0cket: Back
  285.     [02:06am] marduk: sth weird is going on there
  286.     [02:06am] marduk: i dunno what yet.. but .. i'm getting paranoid
  287.     [02:07am] Topiary: you need a switch?
  288.     [02:07am] marduk: i think we should keep on following our i2p solution
  289.     [02:07am] marduk: still best imo
  290.     [02:07am] Topiary: okay
  291.     [02:08am] Topiary: right, gonna check the PMs that are stacking up, sec
  292.     [02:08am] S0cket: K
  293.     [02:09am] alex: i'm out - bye
  294.     [02:09am] alex: !topic
  295.     [02:09am] Lulzboat: Channel Topic: priv8 ffs | Sabu, get word to kayla | TARGET: 8bb4cdc8f511ad386e723f298c9c39
  296.     [02:09am] alex left the chat room. (SSL Connection closed)
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