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  1. VIDEOJS: ERROR: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input
  2.     at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
  3.     at _e (application-2db5ec1d234eab3a2671eb85d8d48e1abc7ac34271eb8f3d251fb4d0c59e46bb.js:28)
  4.     at Function.d.getTagSettings (application-2db5ec1d234eab3a2671eb85d8d48e1abc7ac34271eb8f3d251fb4d0c59e46bb.js:33)
  5.     at new d (application-2db5ec1d234eab3a2671eb85d8d48e1abc7ac34271eb8f3d251fb4d0c59e46bb.js:32)
  6.     at wt (application-2db5ec1d234eab3a2671eb85d8d48e1abc7ac34271eb8f3d251fb4d0c59e46bb.js:28)
  7.     at Gt (application-2db5ec1d234eab3a2671eb85d8d48e1abc7ac34271eb8f3d251fb4d0c59e46bb.js:28)
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