Blooming Moon 2

Dec 23rd, 2016
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  1. >bmc #2, ch. 1-2
  3. This is "Lunar Lights", the second book of BlackRoseRaven's Blooming Moon Chronicles.
  5. As a quick reminder, in book 1:
  6. >Luna falls in love with Scrivener Blooms, whose cutie mark is a black rose and a raven feather (you do the math)
  7. >Celestia goes crazy because of reasons, and tries to start a war
  8. >Luna goes full NMM and smacks her back to normal
  9. >Celestia and Luna agree to pretend that NMM returned and randomly attacked
  10. >Luna and Scrivy run off to live together in hiding, with the entire country thinking they're traitors
  12. It's now 14 months later. Luna and Scrivy have been chilling in the Everfree, sometimes hanging out in Ponyville with the M6, and messing with the Royal Guard. Somehow they haven't been captured yet, despite living in the same house in the Everfree the whole time.
  14. Some things that happened in those 14 months:
  15. >Luna and Scrivy got married, and are trying to have children
  16. >AJ and RD are about to get married
  17. >NMM still takes over occasionally (mainly when Luna is angry, or not getting enough of the hot self-insert dick), but Luna's been getting used to it
  18. >Same, but with Pinkie/Pinkamena
  19. >Granny Smith died at some point
  20. >Luna's been training Scrivy for combat
  21. >Luna's been training Twilight in magic and "horn foiling" (horn-fencing, basically, because horns are indestructible and magic can make them sharp)
  22. >Scrivy has superpowers thanks to Luna "sharing her vitality": fast healing, night vision, and no need to sleep; plus Celestia gave him the "blessing of the sun"
  24. And best of all: Rainbow Dash is a dude now.
  25. >Applejack, filled with lust and unnecessary sorrow, and Rainbow Dash, loving one he feared to never have, trapped for so long in a female body while all the while knowing he was male. ‘Twas a difficult transfiguration, and painful for him… yet I think that now, more than ever, he is happy.
  26. For real?
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