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Fuck Straight Talk

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  1. Blake has entered the session.
  2. Thomas: whats the actual limit or "hard cap" on the unlimited data plans? i have read the Tos and every thing on your site and it doesnt say anything about it
  3. Thomas: hello?
  4. Blake: Hi Thomas. Thank you for visiting Straight Talk Wireless.
  5. Blake: We do not have a data cap. The data usage is being monitored by our system. Once it has been reviewed as high usage, the data service will be reduced or suspended.
  6. Thomas: what do you call high usage? and when it is throttled by how much?
  7. Blake: One moment please...
  8. Blake: Your phone will be tagged as high data usage if the usage will aversely affect our network. We do not have an exact speed for data service that is throttled.
  9. Thomas: i feel like my questions are being dodged. "aversely affect our network." could mean nearly anything at all
  10. Blake: One moment please...
  11. Blake: I really apologize. We do not have an exact amount of data cap and we are not allowed to provide the speed for throttled state.
  12. Thomas: Man this is very disappointing i was about to drop a huge amout of money on a phone... as in almost three weeks of wages, and i cant even get a stright answer
  13. Blake: One moment please...
  14. Blake: I apologize. You may try to check for answers in our Forum.
  15. Thomas: I really cant fucking believe this.
  16. Blake: I understand your frustration and concern. Please understand that there is no need for this behavior nor is it necessary. Please refrain from using such language or this session will have to end.
  17. Thomas: its already over theres no way in hell im giving you assholes my money now.
  18. Blake has exited the session.
  19. You are the only user left in the session.
  20. Blake: Thank you for chatting Straight Talk Wireless.
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