Fan Created Content for DDLC (Post 12-18-2018)

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  1. Stories are organized by alphabetical order. Multi-Pastebin stories (ie. Dokriminals) are not organized chronologically, sorry.
  3. Monika:
  4. Abstinence with Monika! by SuperStoryFunTime (Lewd):
  5. Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Monika by YetAnotherWriteAnon (Not Lewd):
  6. DokiCorp: Monika by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  7. Easter with Moni by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  8. Freshman by NotUnderage (Not Lewd):
  9. Globetrotter Monika by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  10. Inner Dialogue by Amblypygid (Not Lewd):
  11. Late Night City Adventures With Monika! by Amblypygid (Not Lewd):
  12. Monikingofthehill by JewAndGoy (Not Lewd):
  13. Night walk with Monika by Troubled_Writer_Anon (Not Lewd):
  14. Pair bond by Amblypygid (Not lewd):
  15. Prank'd by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  16. Regular Checkup by Guest (Lewd):
  17. Scars of the Past by ThatOtherAnon (Not Lewd):
  18. That Final Day of Summer by JewAndGoy (Not Lewd):
  19. The Short Case of the Blue Lollipop by Guest (Not Lewd):
  21. Natsuki:
  22. A Nice Little Valentine's Day Story by Bosstones (Lewd):
  23. Bun in the Oven by Bosstones (Lewd):
  24. DokiCorp: Natsuki by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  25. DokiCorp: Reunited by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  26. Knock-Down!! by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  27. Mistaken Promised Day by TickDickler (Not Lewd):
  28. Proposal Misadventures by Natsunon (Not Lewd):
  29. Satisfaction Shores by Bosstones (Lewd):
  30. Through the Lewding Glass by Bosstones (Lewd):
  31. Two of You by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  33. Sayori:
  34. Bullynon III by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  35. DokiCorp: Sayori by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  36. Sayori and FeMC Discuss Graduation by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  37. The Gift of Sayori by StockingSayoriAnon (Not Lewd):
  38. Their Day by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  39. Their Day 2 by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  40. Their Day 3 by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  42. Yuri:
  43. Birthday Blade by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  44. Boss's Orders by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  45. DokiCorp: Yuri by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  46. Raccoon love by Troubled_Writer_Anon (Not Lewd):
  47. The Moon Shines Brightly by Guest (Not Lewd):
  48. Yuri Time! by Amblypygid (Lewd):
  50. Various Characters:
  51. Anon and MC Save The Dokis (And Tyrone) Part 1 by YetAnotherWriteAnon (Not Lewd):
  52. Anon and MC Save The Dokis (And Tyrone) Part 2 by YetAnotherWriteAnon (Not Lewd):
  53. Anon and MC Save The Dokis (And Tyrone) Part 3 by YetAnotherWriteAnon (Not Lewd):
  54. Breathless, from 5 to 7 by Guest (Not Lewd):
  55. Bullynon by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  56. Bullynon II by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  57. Common Writer: Episode One by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  58. Common Writer: Episode Two by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  59. Common Writer: Episode Three by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  60. Common Writer: Episode Four by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  61. Common Writer: Episode Final by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  62. Dark-rum Dark-rum Literature Club by Guest (Not Lewd):
  63. DeathMatch by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  64. Doki Court by Amblypygid (Not Lewd):
  65. Doki the Gathering by NotUnderage (Not Lewd):
  66. Dokriminals by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  67. Dokriminals: The Diabolical Dokis by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  68. Dokriminals: The Purple Plan by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  69. Dokriminals: The Green Game by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  70. Dokriminals: The Sapphire Scheme by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  71. Exodus by JewAndGoy (Not Lewd):
  72. First Date by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  73. Greentexts And Shit by YetAnotherWriteAnon (Lewd):
  74. GRN/Shitposts by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  75. Heartbeat Speakeasy by Bosstones (Not Lewd):
  76. High School Horror by YetAnotherWriteAnon (Not Lewd):
  77. It's the Thought That Counts by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  78. Lewd/Semi-Lewd Greentexts by PoiU567 (Lewd):
  79. Martial Artist Monika by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  80. Red Petals for Valentine's by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  81. Their Day 4 by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  82. Their Day 5 by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  83. Their Day 6 by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  84. Their Day 7 by MindDrippings (Not Lewd):
  85. They Meet Again by AussieWriteFag (Not Lewd):
  86. They Must Never Know my Terrible Secret by SuperStoryFunTime (Not Lewd):
  87. Untitled by Guest (Not Lewd):
  88. Wholesome Greentexts by PoiU567 (Not Lewd):
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