Hagu x Hagu 4 [untypeset]

Oct 31st, 2016
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  1. Hagu x Hagu 4 translation
  2. From
  4. [The Long Valentines War]
  5. >Haguro: Today is Valentine's day....
  6. >Haguro: I got to give this the Commander...
  7. >Ashigara: This is Ashigara's victory chocolate!
  8. >Bep: Have some Russian Chocolates.
  10. >Ashigara: Hm?
  11. >Ashigara: Haguro! You're not going to give that chocolate to the Admiral?
  12. >Haguro: U....Um...he's already gotten enough....from everyone else...probably.
  14. >Ashigara: There you go again~! This kind of thing is all about heart, you know?
  15. >Haguro: B...but, but, even though you can say I made it myself, I really just melted and remolded it....
  16. >Haguro: the past, a really amazing teacher once said that chocolate's taste deteriorates if you melt and remold it....
  17. >Ashigara: So you're scared?
  18. >Haguro: I...I'll give it to him later!
  19. >Ashigara: Reallly~?!
  21. >Myoukou: Admiral...what's with that face so early in the morning?
  22. >TTK: I didn't get it....
  23. >TTK: Chocolate....I didn't get any from Haguro~~~!!
  24. >Myoukou: Ahh....
  25. >TTK: I waited all the way until midnight | [no...] and I ended up waiting until this morning...
  26. >TTK: Why didn't Haguro give me anythign, Myoukou....
  27. >Myoukou: Perhaps...
  28. >Myoukou: Perhaps she doesn't like you?
  29. >Myoukou: ...Hey, I was just joking.
  30. >Myoukou: ...Admiral?
  32. >Ashigara: Ehhhh~!? You didn't give it to him in the end?! | Hurry up and do it already!
  33. >TTK: Haguro!
  34. >Haguro: C...commander!
  35. >Haguro: I have to go!
  36. >The next day
  37. >Ashigara: You didn't give it to him again?
  38. >Haguro: Ahh....I'll give it to him tomorrow!
  39. >The day after
  40. >Ashigara: Again?!
  41. >Haguro: Ah....I'll definitely, tomorrow...
  42. >The day after that
  43. >Ashigara: Haguro....
  44. >Haguro: Umm....why don't I give it to year...?
  46. >Ashigara: That's enough already--!!
  47. >Ashigara: Hey, Admiral, here's Haguro!
  48. >Haguro: Nee-san?!
  49. >Haguro: C....commander....umm....
  50. >Haguro: Why is he so haggard--?!
  51. >Myoukou: Because he didn't receive a certain something from a certain someone. | This is a big crisis for the Naval District--!
  53. >Haguro: U....Umm....Commander...!
  54. >Haguro: T....this chocolate!
  55. >Haguro: I...if you're okay with it....! | Please accept it!
  57. >TTK: F....
  59. >Haguro: If I knew it'd make him that happy | I'd have given it to him earlier...
  60. >[Yelling: Thank you very muuuchhhhhhhh]
  61. >Haguro: Really...I really should have give it to him earlier.
  62. >Haguro is thinking hard about her actions.
  64. A Test of Reason (note: probably means something more like a Test of Self-Control)
  65. >TTK: Uwah?!
  66. >Haguro: Ahh!
  67. >TTK: S...sorry! Haguro, are you alright?
  68. >Haguro: I should be asking the C...commander that!
  69. >TTK: .... | Well, I have air supremacy above Haguro!
  70. >TTK: ---or something like that! [haha]
  71. >Haguro: Ah....I s....surrender.... <3
  72. >TTK: Hmmmmm~~~~?!!!
  74. AshigaraHaguro!
  75. >Haguro: Ah!
  76. >Haguro: Ashigara Nee-san's put her hair up!
  77. >Haguro: I don't have long hair like the nee-san
  78. >Haguro: So I'm always amazed by how you guys can style your hair the way you like!
  79. >Ashigara: Then....
  80. >Ashigara: Haguro, why don't you try it?
  81. >Ashigara: Haguro's hair is pretty soft, it's pretty comfortable to the touch!
  82. >Haguro: Ehehe<3 [It's itchy!]
  83. >Ashigara: There we go!
  84. >Ashigara: Great!
  86. Ashigara: ....Ehh?
  87. >Ashigara: Do you not like it?
  88. >Haguro: No! I'm really happy!
  89. >Haguro: Can i wear it like this for today?
  90. >Ashigara: What the heck! This little sister is way too cute!!
  91. >Ashigara: If this Haguro runs into the could be a little dangerous... [in terms of his self-control.]
  92. >[Ashigara: Should I let the Commander see this...?]
  94. >Myoukou: Admiral, are you alright?
  95. >Myoukou: The Doctor said you should rest for the day...
  96. >Myoukou: Leave today's duties to me.
  97. >TTK: Sorry. >Ashigara: Admiral! Haguro's here to take care of you!
  98. >TTK: That dressup is....
  99. >Haguro: N...Nee-san made me wear it!
  100. >Ashigara: Hospital ship Haguro~!!
  101. >Haguro: Umm....let me...take care of you....
  102. >TTK: Ah....Ahhhh...
  104. >TTK: Haah / Whew
  105. >Haguro: I'll go and change your towel.
  106. >Haguro: ...Pardon.
  107. >Haguro:'re awake?
  109. >TTK: My throat is really dry.
  110. >Haguro: I've got water.
  111. >Haguro: You're sweating...I'll help clean that off.
  112. >Haguro: Well, since it's not good if you get, um....
  113. >Haguro: Could you take off your shirt?
  114. >TTK: Eh?!
  115. >TTK: Uh....I can do the rest on my own....
  116. >Haguro: No! Sick men should stay still!
  117. >TTK: may as well be my mom.
  119. >Haguro: Do you have an appetite?
  120. >Haguro: I made some porridge.
  121. >TTK: I'll have it.
  122. >TTK: Hot!
  123. >Haguro: Ah...! S...sorry!!
  124. >Haguro: Hold on a moment.
  125. >Haguro: is it now?
  126. >TTK: Ah....Ahhh.
  128. >Haguro: Is it to your taste?
  129. >TTK: Ahh! I'd like another bite!
  130. >Haguro: Of course!
  131. >TTk: Whew--....My head still feels a little woozy, though...
  132. >Haguro: Is there anything else you want to do?
  133. >TTK: Mmm....
  134. >Haguro: anything at all!
  135. >TTK: Then...I'd like to put my hand between Haguro's legs.
  136. >Haguro:!
  137. >TTK: *record scratch* Just now....what did I just say...?!
  139. >TTK:! There's no ulterior motive!
  140. >TTK: Uh....
  141. >TTK: The inside of your legs looked...uhh, really cool! | I just really wanted something cool! | ...that's why!
  142. >TTK: Uh.....
  143. >TTK: As can't try to explain that kind of thing away.
  144. >TTK: If I put my hand between your legs, it might cool me down....
  145. >Haguro: ...okay.
  146. >TTK: Right--! Why am I saying something so stupi.... | ....I can?
  147. >Haguro: You don't have any other reasons, right?
  148. >Haguro: If it's just....cooling you down....
  149. >TTK: Really?
  150. >Haguro: G....go ahead...
  152. >Haguro: Ah!
  153. >TTK: (he literally says shrimp, but he's probably just saying some gibberish)
  154. >Haguro: Umm...might it be better if I take off my stockings?
  155. >Haguro: If it's just this, there might not be such a cooling effect....
  156. >TTK: [sounds about right.]
  157. >Haguro: A-around....
  158. >Haguro: Please turn around....
  159. >TTK: Is this...real life...?
  161. >Haguro: It should be....
  162. >Haguro: ...Alright now.
  163. >TTK: Speaking of which....I don't think I've ever seen Haguro's legs without her stockings... [They're pretty.]
  164. >TTK: Well...well then....
  165. >Haguro: Alright...
  167. >TTK: Uwahh!
  168. >TTK: This....!
  169. >TTK: [So smooth]
  170. >TTK: [and soft]
  171. >TTK: [Even though...]
  172. >TTK: [It's a little moist...]
  173. >[* Mental Image]
  174. >TTK: ...Ahh!!
  176. >TTK: I feel like i'm going to get sucked in...
  177. >TTK: Like this could wrap all around me...
  178. >TTK: How comfortable...
  179. >Haguro: Eh?!
  180. >TTK: Ah.....!
  181. >Haguro:
  182. >Haguro: ...comfortable?
  183. >TTK: Ah....Ahhh.... | How cool, I mean...
  184. >TTK: And yet it's also....kind of warm...
  186. >Haguro: Gasp x2
  187. >Haguro: this
  188. >Haguro: How about like this?
  189. >TTK: It's...really tight.
  190. >TTK: I feel'd be okay if I just died like this....
  191. >Haguro: ....dying isn't alright....
  192. >TTK: Aight...
  194. >TTK: Thank you | for listening to that kind of stupid request....
  195. >TTK: It was, uh....
  196. >TTK: Really comfortable...
  197. >Haguro: ....mmm.
  198. >Haguro: Commmander....
  199. >Haguro: .....I
  200. >Haguro: Will always....
  201. >Haguro: Be at your side.
  203. >Haguro: ....hey.
  204. >[Chu/Kissing sound...]
  205. >Haguro: ...Commander, you
  206. >Haguro: Pervert.
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