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  3. Excadrill is almost always your lead. Get rocks, spin their rocks, die. The rest of the team functions around keeping rocks up and spamming offense. Aegi works as both a spinblocker and a crazy set up sweeper if you choose to Dmax it. Max Knuckle gives you constant attack boosts. SD is nice for the initial power. Shadow Claw can probably be changed out for Iron Head or something. Hawlucha functions best as a Dmax sweeper. It sets Electric Terrain with Max Lightening, which also pops its Electric Seed and gives it the Defense boost plus Unburden boost. Just win from there lol. Toxtricity is another mon that really appreciates Electric Terrain up. It outspeeds everything after a Shift Gear, and Overdrive + Boomburst is insane coverage. Volt Switch is just a filler move, didn't know what else to put. Considered Fire Punch to hit Ferro after a Shift Gear boost and change to Mild/Rash. Pincuchin only exists to help set up Electric Terrain if Hawlucha fainted. It can also set up Spikes and/or Memento out into Toxtricity to give it an opportunity to Shift Gear easily. Ditto is on the team so you don't lose to opposing Dynamax bullshit lol.
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