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  1. Rnztfm
  2. Tobacco man prologue song dark times coming
  3. Wilbur sings love theme. Wilbur's buddy tells him he needs to get out of his depression over his wife having and suggests a trip back to the ppissant mountain town he s always talking about. Then saia he'll no Om not going with you I've seen Texas chain saw and night of the living dead and plan 9 and cabin in the woods and evil dead and evil dead 2 and some day when someone makes killer campout I'll see that too. I wouldn't be caught dead in the middle of the woods. Wilbur head Ann idea and puts up a flyer at the supermarket. 5 random strangers pull numbers and sing 5 Random Strangers. Then on bare stage n silently takes last number.
  4. Butcher scene creepy guy sings about first date thank you tinder, am i just creepy and weird or foreshadowing, I don't think those guys are that clever, while butcher sings a cooking song counter melody. Ellie arrives and adds a third part to the polyphony.
  5. Ellie driving hey Cat on a hot tin roof, get it?
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