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  1. options:
  2.     amount: 32
  3.     name: &1圧縮ラピスラズリ
  5. on rightclick on pumpkin:
  6.     loop all items in the player's inventory:
  7.         loop-item is south conditional impulse lapis lazuli
  8.         name of loop-item is not set
  9.         set {_gt} to item amount of loop-item
  10.         add {_gt} to {_counter}
  11.     {_counter} is greater than or equal to {@amount}
  12.     set {_item} to south conditional impulse lapis lazuli
  13.     loop 3 times:
  14.         remove {item} from player's inventory
  15.     set {_item} to lapis ore named "{@name}"
  16.     give player {_item}
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