[D&D] [Loot] Items

May 22nd, 2020
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  1. {
  2.   "title": "« Items 🗝️ »",
  3.   "description": "__**COMMON OBJECTS**__\n• An *ivory comb*.\n• A *leather pouch*.\n• A *purple candle*.\n• A wrinkly, thorn and bloodied *woman's skirt*.\n• A crude *effigy* (Grummsh).\n\n__**INGREDIENTS**__\n• *Chalcedony* (1).\n• *Moonstone* (2).\n• An unknown *sticky black unguent oil* thick and heavy, contained.\n• One phial of *Dust of Dryness*.\n• One phial of *Oil of Slipperiness*.\n\n__**GOLDEN ITEMS**__\nTransmuted by nothing other than the fantastical Philosopher's Stone.\n• A gold *human skull* (20gp).\n• A golden *apple* (5gp).\n• A golden *rose* (5gp).\n• A set of *five small disks* (balance weights, 5gp each).",
  4.   "color": 7682094
  5. }
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