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Kizoku Steps Down

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Aug 30th, 2020
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  1. 1. Announcement: Regarding the recent spate of drama, I would again like to offer my deepest apologies to my fans and all those involved.
  3. I believe that it is necessary for me to once again apologise and offer an explanation for my doubtless immaturity and the mistakes I’ve made in my private life. On the other hand, there have been many exaggerations and twisting of the truth that have been spread around. Although I am here, having spoken to an expert with the intent to resolve the matter, I am unable to reveal everything in this post.
  5. Although I am sorry that what I am able to say here is limited, there are some things that I would like to personally express, so please allow me to make some personal comments.
  7. I entered the Japanese esports scene 5 years ago when esports still wasn’t very prominent in Japan, without receiving a single yen of remuneration, and have fought this far.
  9. To make Nora-Rengo the top team in Japan, I accepted a lot of help from players and supporters and we have grown and come this far. I’m proud to be able to have fought alongside NRRG with all of my heart and soul.
  12. 2. It definitely wasn’t an easy path.
  14. I love NRRG. I regret my actions, which have caused the image of the team that I treasure to take a devastating hit.
  16. In my overwhelming passion and emotion for the team, I said and did wrongful things to the members that left. Upon reflection, I should have shown respect to the team members that had fought alongside me.
  18. However, I definitely did not directly do things that caused harm to the players.
  20. The rumours about not paying team members their salary and misappropriating money from NORA-Rengo Skins for personal gain are untrue. Current players’ salaries are a given, and I even contributed to the home loans of players who were husband and wife, as well as the finances of a player who quit to become a streamer.
  23. 3. It takes a lot of money to run a team. People might think that there’s a lot of profit to be made but that’s a misconception. Actually, the profit margins from running an esports franchise alone aren’t very high yet.
  25. In addition, the “Fight Money” fund that comes from the League or tourneys that is used to finance players also constantly comes into question. However, only certain titles provide for funds like this. Needless to say, the money that is meant for the players is distributed to them.
  27. Furthermore, while I certainly have not misappropriated anything, unfortunately I also can’t have said to have been able to provide the players with a generous amount of money. Until the players win something or we get more sponsors, the reality is that players are here on a volunteer basis and sometimes may not get paid.
  29. While I don’t intend to make up the difference out of pocket, that doesn’t mean that I have been squirrelling away money that the team rightfully deserves into my own pocket either.
  32. 4. However, it is an undeniable fact that during this whole episode, I had displayed immature behaviour and negatively impacted the image of the team, and caused a lot of trouble for the esports industry, esports fans, and above all, the team members that were willing to fight to the death for the benefit of the team.
  33. Although I had wanted to stand at the forefront of the team and lead it to greater heights, I sincerely accept my immaturity and inadequacy and will step down as team representative.
  35. I will officially announce the reorganisation of the team’s management at a later date.
  37. To all of you who have supported NRRG thus far, I can’t even begin to guess at the immense disappointment you must be feeling. And to all the team members who have fought so hard for the team, I can imagine that you must have been so badly affected by these events. All this because of my immaturity and inadequacy.
  39. I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart.
  41. Thank you very much.
  43. Lastly, I earnestly hope that you will continue to support Team NRRG in the future.
  45. Kizoku
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