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  6. -----
  7. Mark, how when sailors in a dead calm bathe in the open sea- mark how closely they hug their ship and only coast along her sides
  9. 2COOL4U69
  10. Oh, Time, Strength, Cash, and Patience
  12. agata
  13. Like most sea-terms, this one is very happy and significant
  15. AM Gems
  16. Don't you know you might have killed that chap
  18. andannabegins
  19. It is furnished with a small rope called a warp, of considerable length, by which it can be hauled back to the hand after darting
  21. Andrew
  22. It was unsafe to meddle with the corpses and ghosts of these creatures
  24. Andy Smith
  25. For God's sake, run for the doctor, some one, while I pry it open
  27. AndyKneis
  28. True, both his eyes, in themselves, must simultaneously act; but is his brain so much more comprehensive, combining, and subtle than man's, that he can at the same moment of time attentively examine two distinct prospects, one on one side of him, and the other in an exactly opposite direction
  30. Anthony Scontrino
  31. There is no steady unretracing progress in this life; we do not advance through fixed gradations, and at the last one pause:- through infancy's unconscious spell, boyhood's thoughtless faith, adolescence' doubt (the common doom), then scepticism, then disbelief, resting at last in manhood's pondering repose of If
  33. Asteck
  34. But though his whole life was now become one watch on deck; and though the Parsee's mystic watch was without intermission as his own; yet these two never seemed to speak- one man to the other- unless at long intervals some passing unmomentous matter made it necessary
  36. BachelorRecExec
  37. God goes 'mong the worlds blackberrying
  39. BeingAllFishies
  40. A few minutes more, and he rose again, one arm still striking out, and with the other dragging a lifeless form
  42. Ben K
  43. For the peculiar snow-white brow of Moby Dick, and his snow-white hump, could not but be unmistakable
  45. bigicecream
  46. My object here is simply to project the draught of a systematization of cetology
  48. Bozos of Basketball
  49. This lovely light, it lights not me; all loveliness is anguish to me, since I can ne'er enjoy
  51. Brett Morris
  52. Yes, I'm for it;" and so saying he started for the quarter-deck
  54. Bruce Reid Robinson II
  55. For at that time, and indeed until a comparatively late day, the precise origin of ambergris remained, like amber itself, a problem to the learned
  57. BuckinKaeding
  58. In a strait-jacket, he swung to the mad rockings of the gales
  60. burdrulz
  61. Granting other whales to be in sight, the fisherman will seldom give chase to one of these Grand Turks; for these Grand Turks are too lavish of their strength, and hence their unctuousness is small
  63. Chad
  64. Instances where the lightning has actually struck the vessel, so as to smite down some of the spars and rigging, the effect upon the needle has at times been still more fatal; all its loathsome virtue being annihilated, so that the before magnetic steel was of no more use than an old wife's knitting needle
  66. Chanson
  67. If you unload his skull of its spermy heaps and then take a rear view of its rear end, which is the high end, you will be struck by its resemblance to the human skull, beheld in the same situation, and from the same point of view
  69. Clem Dawg
  70. Had they been strictly held to their one final and romantic object- that final and romantic object, too many would have turned from in disgust
  72. clyde
  73. But this did by no means prevent all communications
  75. Cody Skully
  76. Sometimes, nothing is injured but the man who is thus annihilated; oftener the boat's bow is knocked off, or the thigh-board, on which the headsman stands, is torn from its place and accompanies the body
  78. Common Sence
  79. What at last will Mexico be to the United States
  82. No more White Whales for me; I've lowered for him once, and that has satisfied me
  84. Dan Engler
  85. The consequence is, that upon breaking into the hold, and unloading one of these whale cemeteries, in the Greenland dock, a savor is given forth somewhat similar to that arising from excavating an old city graveyard, for the foundations of a Lying-in Hospital
  87. David Galehouse
  88. So, it being calm weather, they broke out deeper and deeper, disturbing the slumbers of the huge ground-tier butts; and from that black midnight sending those gigantic moles into the daylight above
  90. dexdexter
  91. Are these last throwing out oblique hints touching Tophet
  93. Dr_Balls
  94. see the suds he makes
  96. DrBlueJeanns
  97. While thus employed, the heavy pewter lamp suspended in chains over his head, continually rocked with the motion of the ship, and for ever threw shifting gleams and shadows of lines upon his wrinkled brow, till it almost seemed that while he himself was marking out lines and courses on the wrinkled charts, some invisible pencil was also tracing lines and courses upon the deeply marked chart of his forehead
  99. Dubdub74
  100. What precise purpose this ivory horn or lance answers, it would be hard to say
  102. earpanther
  103. As for the residue of the Pequod's company, be it said, that at the present day not one in two of the many thousand men before the mast employed in the American whale fishery, are Americans born, though pretty nearly all the officers are
  105. Erika Thompson
  106. As for the sons and daughters they beget, why, those sons and daughters must take care of themselves; at least, with only the maternal help
  108. EvanMD
  109. But ploughed up to the primary rock of the matter, the two great principles laid down in the twin whaling laws previously quoted, and applied and elucidated by Lord Ellenborough in the above cited case; these two laws touching Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish, I say, will on reflection, be found the fundamentals of all human jurisprudence; for notwithstanding its complicated tracery of sculpture, the Temple of the Law, like the Temple of the Philistines, has but two props to stand on
  111. EverybodyLovesFrozenDrPepper
  112. Then all in one welded commotion came an invisible push from astern, while forward the boat seemed striking on a ledge; the sail collapsed and exploded; a gush of scalding vapor shot up near by; something rolled and tumbled like an earthquake beneath us
  114. failedbits
  115. Not seldom in the rapid vicissitudes of the chase, this natural line, with the maternal end loose, becomes entangled with the hempen one, so that the cub is thereby trapped
  117. Fatty2Dicks
  118. Nor can any son of mortal woman, for the first time, seat himself amid those hempen intricacies, and while straining his utmost at the oar, bethink him that at any unknown instant the harpoon may be darted, and all these horrible contortions be put in play like ringed lightnings; he cannot be thus circumstanced without a shudder that makes the very marrow in his bones to quiver in him like a shaken jelly
  120. Freja
  121. For, upon the great canal of Hang-Ho, or whatever they call it, in China, four or five laborers on the foot-path will draw a bulky freighted junk at the rate of a mile an hour; but this grand argosy we towed heavily forged along, as if laden with piglead in bulk
  123. Gabe Danon
  124. For ever since those inventive but unscrupulous times when on the marble panellings of temples, the pedestals of statues, and on shields, medallions, cups, and coins, the dolphin was drawn in scales of chain-armor like Saladin's, and a helmeted head like St
  126. Game of Scones
  127. Accordingly, besides the monkey-rope, with which I now and then jerked the poor fellow from too close a vicinity to the maw of what seemed a peculiarly ferocious shark- he was provided with still another protection
  129. GayHammer
  130. The profoundest slumber slept upon him
  132. Ged
  133. Cadiz is in Spain; as far by water, from Joppa, as Jonah could possibly have sailed in those ancient days, when the Atlantic was an almost unknown sea
  135. Geordie McGrath
  136. Affected by the solemnity of the scene, there was a wondering gaze of incredulous curiosity in his countenance
  138. Gnarly Riff Dude
  139. The reason why you don't see his tail, is because he tucks it up out of sight; he carries it coiled away in his pocket, I guess
  141. GoofusOmega
  142. The perpendicular parts of this side ladder, as is usually the case with swinging ones, were of cloth-covered rope, only the rounds were of wood, so that at every step there was a joint
  144. GoofyMaleTwerk
  145. So that for an hour or more, a thousand fathoms in the sea, he carries a surplus stock of vitality in him, just as the camel crossing the waterless desert carries a surplus supply of drink for future use in its four supplementary stomachs
  147. greggy
  148. Aye, aye," cried Queequeg, and seizing the carpenter's heavy hatchet, he leaned out of a porthole, and steel to iron, began slashing at the largest fluke-chains
  150. Haggplant Parmesialex
  151. in the same spot where it sank, once more it slowly rose
  153. Hayzie Bone
  154. This lovely light, it lights not me; all loveliness is anguish to me, since I can ne'er enjoy
  156. HipsterNonsense
  157. Mixed with these were rusty old whaling lances and harpoons all broken and deformed
  159. honlads
  160. In that way, mostly, the disastrous encounter between Ahab and the whale had hitherto been popularly regarded
  162. Hot - Slunch
  163. The crotch alluded to on a previous page deserves independent mention
  165. Hunter
  166. They must lead somewhere- to something else than common land, more palmy than the palms
  168. Iclubsodas_over_thehead
  169. And now marking that the vane or flag was gone from the main-mast-head, he shouted to Tashtego, who had just gained that perch, to descend again for another flag, and a hammer and nails, and so nail it to the mast
  171. Inner G'
  172. After being severed from the whale, the white-horse is first cut into portable oblongs ere going to the mincer
  174. Jacob C
  175. As it passes through the remaining vertebrae the canal tapers in size, but for a considerable distance remains of large capacity
  177. Jake Fogelnest
  178. The Virgin be blessed, a row
  180. Jeff Ullrich
  181. My sensations were strange
  183. JeffreyParties
  184. how valiantly I seek to drive out of others' hearts what's clinched so fast in mine
  186. Joe King
  187. But in order to insure the speediest end to the voyage, they all agreed to another thing- namely, not to sing out for whales, in case any should be discovered
  189. Joe Lerini
  190. He loaded it, and rammed home the loading with his thumb-end; but hardly had he ignited his match across the rough sandpaper of his hand, when Tashtego, his harpooneer, whose eyes had been setting to windward like two fixed stars, suddenly dropped like light from his erect attitude to his seat, crying out in a quick phrensy of hurry, "Down, down all, and give way
  192. Joe McGurl
  193. To be sure they all sleep together in one apartment, but you have your own hammock, and cover yourself with your own blanket, and sleep in your own skin
  195. Jon Onyx
  196. If such a furious trope may stand, his special lunacy stormed his general sanity, and carried it, and turned all its concentred cannon upon its own mad mark; so that far from having lost his strength, Ahab, to that one end, did now possess a thousand fold more potency than ever he had sanely brought to bear upon any one reasonable object
  198. josharminio
  199. The people of his island of Rokovoko, it seems, at their wedding feasts express the fragrant water of young cocoanuts into a large stained calabash like a punchbowl; and this punchbowl always forms the great central ornament on the braided mat where the feast is held
  201. Juan Swarlos
  202. His Mark As we were walking down the end of the wharf towards the ship, Queequeg carrying his harpoon, Captain Peleg in his gruff voice loudly hailed us from his wigwam, saying he had not suspected my friend was a cannibal, and furthermore announcing that he let no cannibals on board that craft, unless they previously produced their papers
  204. jughead
  205. But war is pain, and hate is woe
  207. July Diaz
  208. In the complexion of a third still lingers a tropic tawn, but slightly bleached withal; he doubtless has tarried whole weeks ashore
  210. klem_johansen
  211. You, young man, avast there
  213. Kyle O'Keefe
  214. Yes, the long calm was departing
  216. lets kiss bro
  217. this is the magic glass, man; I see my wife and my child in thine eye
  219. Luke HENDERSON!
  220. Hecla in a snowstorm- "landlord, stop whittling
  222. Lyndon Johnson
  223. The sun hides not the ocean, which is the dark side of this earth, and which is two thirds of this earth
  225. Mart J
  226. On his long, gaunt body, he carried no spare flesh, no superfluous beard, his chin having a soft, economical nap to it, like that worn nap of his broad-brimmed hat
  228. master_blaster
  229. to think of the green navies and the green-skulled crews
  231. MattCameron
  232. If American and European men-of-war now peacefully ride in once savage harbors, let them fire salutes to the honor and glory of the whale-ship, which originally showed them the way, and first interpreted between them and the savages
  234. Mean Detective
  235. But his wild screams were answered by others quite as wild
  237. Michael Bay of Pigs
  238. So that, in real truth, the mates and harpooneers of the Pequod might more properly be said to have lived out of the cabin than in it
  240. mwn
  241. I would rather feel your spine than your skull, whoever you are
  243. Newbie by Nature
  244. This peculiarity is strikingly evinced in the head, as in some part of this book will be incidentally shown
  246. newtman98
  247. Stand up- stand up, and stay so
  249. Not Erik
  250. Seizing the boat-knife, he critically reached within- through- and then, without- the rays of steel; dragged in the line beyond, passed it, inboard, to the bowsman, and then, twice sundering the rope near the chocks- dropped the intercepted fagot of steel into the sea; and was all fast again
  252. Not_Your_Mothers_Dick_Jokes
  253. There is more sand there than you would use in twenty years as a substitute for blotting paper
  255. OcterDoctopus
  256. Provoke him, and he will buckle to a shark
  258. Papa John Leguizamo
  259. Nor have I been at all sparing of historical whale research, when it has seemed needed
  261. ParappaTheRaptor
  262. Moreover, the ship's forge was ordered to be hoisted out of its temporary idleness in the hold; and, to accelerate the affair, the blacksmith was commanded to proceed at once to the forging of whatever iron contrivances might be needed
  264. PatSmear
  265. Now, when this strange circumstance was made known aft, the carpenter was at once commanded to do Queequeg's bidding, whatever it might include
  267. PintMeef
  268. Then going through some small strange motions with it- whether indispensable to the magnetizing of the steel, or merely intended to augment the awe of the crew, is uncertain- he called for linen thread; and moving to the binnacle, slipped out the two reversed needles there, and horizontally suspended the sail-needle by its middle, over one of the compass cards
  270. Poika
  271. The Crotch Out of the trunk, the branches grow; out of them, the twigs
  273. prestonsinfield
  274. One of the men selected for shipkeepers- that is, those not appointed to the boats, by this time relieved the Indian at the main-mast head
  276. ratpack
  277. While the ears of the former has an external opening, that of the latter is entirely and evenly covered over with a membrane, so as to be quite imperceptible from without
  279. raxozellet
  280. Bear with me if I seem to press
  282. Robert Goodwin
  283. But at length we perceived that by one of the unimaginable accidents of the fishery, this whale had become entangled in the harpoon-line that he towed; he had also run away with the cutting-spade in him; and while the free end of the rope attached to that weapon, had permanently caught in the coils of the harpoon-line round his tail, the cutting-spade itself had worked loose from his flesh
  285. rygel
  286. Let me board you a moment- I come in peace
  288. SaladJesseRapheal
  289. I am old;- shake hands with me, man
  291. Sam.
  292. At that preluding moment, ere the boat was yet snapped, Ahab, the first to perceive the whale's intent, by the crafty upraising of his head, a movement that loosed his hold for the time; at that moment his hand had made one final effort to push the boat out of the bite
  294. sarah
  295. Truth hath no confines
  297. Scoops
  298. Hoveringly halting, and dipping on the wing, the white sea-fowls longingly lingered over the agitated pool that he left
  300. ScotchBingington
  301. As a carpenter's nails are divided into wrought nails and cut nails; so mankind may be similarly divided
  303. Sean Paul Giamatti
  304. Oh, take medicine, take medicine
  306. showshowbro
  307. The bread- but that couldn't be helped; besides, it was an anti-scorbutic, in short, the bread contained the only fresh fare they had
  309. skizelo
  310. Besides, it was very convenient on an excursion; much better than those garden-chairs which are convertible into walking sticks; upon occasion, a chief calling his attendant, and desiring him to make a settee of himself under a spreading tree, perhaps in some damp marshy place
  312. slaterboi
  313. The ear has no external leaf whatever; and into the hole itself you can hardly insert a quill, so wondrously minute is it
  315. Sly Sanders
  316. Here is a vital point; for you must either satisfactorily settle this matter with yourself, or for ever remain an infidel as to one of the most appalling, but not the less true events, perhaps anywhere to be found in all recorded history
  318. Somebody
  319. Oh, yes, that every one knows a'most- I mean they know he's only one leg; and that a parmacetti took the other off
  321. Spenny and the Jets
  322. New Zealand Tom and Don Miguel, after at various times creating great havoc among the boats of different vessels, were finally gone in quest of, systematically hunted out, chased and killed by valiant whaling captains, who heaved up their anchors with that express object as much in view, as in setting out through the Narragansett Woods, Captain Butler of old had it in his mind to capture that notorious murderous savage Annawon, the headmost warrior of the Indian King Philip
  324. strit johnson
  325. I do so now touching the Black Fish, so called because blackness is the rule among almost all whales
  327. Sydney Bristow
  328. If you pry it up, so as to get it overhead, and expose its rows of teeth, it seems a terrific portcullis; and such, alas
  330. takehomejoke
  331. The crew, man, the crew
  333. tartan
  334. But thank heaven, at that moment the landlord came into the room light in hand, and leaping from the bed I ran up to him
  336. The Narnold
  337. see yonder Turkish cheeks of spotted tawn- living, breathing pictures painted by the sun
  339. TheClassyHobo
  340. And there seems no reason to doubt that if these elephants, which have now been hunted for thousands of years, by Semiramis, by Porus, by Hannibal, and by all the successive monarchs of the East- if they still survive there in great numbers, much more may the great whale outlast all hunting, since he has a pasture to expatiate in, which is precisely twice as large as all Asia, both Americas, Europe and Africa, New Holland, and all the Isles of the sea combined
  342. TheloniousJunk
  343. Bear that in mind, and don't jump any more
  345. TheRealUncool
  346. At any rate, when you watch those live crabs that nestle here on this bonnet, such an idea will be almost sure to occur to you; unless, indeed, your fancy has been fixed by the technical term "crown" also bestowed upon it; in which case you will take great interest in thinking how this mighty monster is actually a diademed king of the sea, whose green crown has been put together for him in this marvellous manner
  348. thinkofthechildren
  349. It is a quiet noon-scene among the isles of the Pacific; a French whaler anchored, inshore, in a calm, and lazily taking water on board; the loosened sails of the ship, and the long leaves of the palms in the background, both drooping together in the breezeless air
  351. tim atkin
  352. For, owing to the large number of whale-cruisers; the disorderly way they were sprinkled over the entire watery circumference, many of them adventurously pushing their quest along solitary latitudes, so as seldom or never for a whole twelvemonth or more on a stretch, to encounter a single news-telling sail of any sort; the inordinate length of each separate voyage; the irregularity of the times of sailing from home; all these, with other circumstances, direct and indirect, long obstructed the spread through the whole world-wide whaling-fleet of the special individualizing tidings concerning Moby Dick
  354. Tim Treese
  355. Hardly had he done so, when he was surrounded by the three junior mates and the four harpooneers, who all crowded him to the deck
  357. toby keith sweat
  358. And in this way the two went once slowly round the windlass; when, resolved at last no longer to retreat, bethinking him that he had now forborne as much as comported with his humor, the Lakeman paused on the hatches and thus spoke to the officer: "'Mr
  360. TyMarciniakk
  361. Flask," follows after his predecessors
  363. Valerie Bryant
  364. all graze: unceasing touch and go
  366. Whatupwhatdown
  367. They viciously snapped, not only at each other's disembowelments, but like flexible bows, bent round, and bit their own; till those entrails seemed swallowed over and over again by the same mouth, to be oppositely voided by the gaping wound
  369. OKAY.
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