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  1. i could've understood it if we were gearing tanks for the raid. But these are rogue loot which u could fairly distribute. People shouldnt wait months to get a piece of tier 1gear. this is just loot hoarding on 1person, also sorry i dont want drama but 2weeks ago you told something on disc cause meatslicer won 3itims in 1run nothing against you meatslicer or anyone but i hope you all understand
  3. Mershiavandaag om 01:13
  4. The loot prio also seem kinda odd. Obviously there is seniority to take into account. But one person getting multiple items a raid is not how it usually works, well at least not in my experience. Prio 1 means that the person is sure to get the first of one those items he is prio 1 on in a raid. Not that he is sure to get all those items. That just seem really skewed, and demoralizing.
  5. Also. Do rankers get prio over other raiders? I'm thinking Obsidian Edge Blade from today's raid. Why didn't that sword go to a non ranker?
  6. Especially when that person already have prio 1 on another, better, 2 handed weapon
  7. And sure the total amount of acquired loot is nice and dandy, for the guild as a whole. But if all that loot get funneled into a few select people, it does not look like it is in the guild's best interest in the long run.
  9. tarkkavandaag om 01:21
  10. two handers no good for raiding so its like off spec loot
  11. i think
  13. Mershiavandaag om 01:22
  14. Sure it's off spec. But for rankers only?
  16. tarkkavandaag om 01:22
  17. dunno
  19. !Vrystrazvandaag om 01:24
  20. of course rankers are gonna have prio on the 2H weapons when they're gonna be using it for many many maaaaaaany hours a day for months
  21. and as i've already said before, seniority barely plays a role in loot distribution, kahve and meatslicer are simply top dps' and therefore they're getting prio on the 5 T1 set bonus
  22. what exactly are they going to use the 5set bonus for?
  24. !Vrystrazvandaag om 01:28
  25. if you care one bit about min maxing, you should wait for your turn and you're gonna get all of it anyway, it's a very high chance to get rogue tier pieces each and every raid, this raid we got like 3 pieces? last raid like 4 pieces, so and so forth, by the time the next month ends i wouldn't be suprised if all the rogues are already fully geared with their 5 t1 set bonuses, the only real big issue we have are with 1H weapons, as we still haven't gotten any brutality or vis'kags
  26. there are a few reasons why 10 extra energy is useful mershia, i don't recall all of them but i do recall they're good ones, one of them being that you can recover an extra sinister strike if you happen to have one dodged or parried
  27. probably kahve remembers most of them, either way, as i've said it doesn't matter, you will all have T1 and T2s in the end
  28. i don't know how it %100 works with dagger rogues however so that's one thing i have to research over the week
  30. Mershiavandaag om 01:34
  31. Can you elaborate on the min/mixing in funneling gear into a few people. Sure it definitely min/maxes their dps. Not the raids though.
  32. 10 energy is useful for the opening and when thistle tea is used. Other than that it's a pvp bonus. It's a miniscule dps increase.
  33. Sure everybody will have full tier gear at some point. The point is how it is distributed until then
  34. sakudovandaag om 01:37
  35. ìts easy to say but realy comon do you know how it feels if someone wins every raid 3-4itims and we dont win anything you know how it feels i realy dont want any drama bro realy but comon do you understand use or ?
  37. !Vrystrazvandaag om 01:37
  38. if there would be any 'funneling' of gear happening to any dps, it wouldn't be with only tier pieces i can assure you that, tier pieces are the least important pieces that are normally presented to rogues, comparatively to vis'kag/brutality/strikers/agedcore/perds/accuria
  39. i'd understand for you to complain if i were to say that the same rogue or warr is getting both swords or a sword and a strikers or a sword and a dagger
  40. i don't understand why you'd complain over tier pieces which are literally only an upgrade when used in set bonuses, other than T2 pieces
  41. it's the same thing i've done with warriors, i've passed on 4 different T1 pieces because i want the second tank to have the set bonus because it benefits him, normally why would i since i'm the main tank, it's an attempt to becoming as efficient as possible
  42. if you wanna complain about something, don't have it be of silly stuff like this, if there's anything wrong that's specifically done such as for one getting an item even though it's not benefitting, then you should come up about this
  43. for example the way one of my old guilds would give ouro's intact hide to mages before warriors, because they thought it was better
  45. Mershiavandaag om 01:46
  46. I think you are misunderstand feedback/clarification with complaining. I'm trying to understand the philosophy behind the loot distribution.
  48. !Vrystrazvandaag om 01:46
  49. wellp, i don't take offense to it at all, if you have any other questions then go for it
  50. i've tried explaining as best as i can
  51. or if you have any suggestions as to how it should be done instead
  52. and why
  53. While weapons are the bigger dps upgrades, tier gear it still good upgrades. And everyone wants to upgrade their character. It just looks like not everyone get to upgrade their character at the same pace.
  54. Well for rogues anyway
  56. !Vrystrazvandaag om 01:49
  57. alright so
  58. with meatslicer
  59. for one
  61. bro all what i want to say is how come that same person win 3-4itim in 1raid thats not fair realy, also 2weeks ago same story happend, person  won 3-4itim i dont get it about this council loot  you have to understand use there are some guilds doing council loot but when he win itim is -30points weapon -60points and no its not dkp system some new council loot with points think about it and i hope its gonna change cause this is going no where.  And i also dont wanna whine cry or make drama but realy it feel strange when you raid with 40people and everytime 1person get the loots try to split the dps itims abit please?
  63. Mershiavandaag om 01:53
  64. You never got to elaborate on the min/maxing
  66. !Vrystrazvandaag om 01:55
  67. i don't understand why you guys are taking this emotionally and personally
  68. obviously everyones gonna want everything, and yes there are 40 people, theres only so few loot to distribute
  69. Mershiavandaag om 01:56
  70. Nothing emotional, nothing personal. Just seeking answers
  71. So far there has not been so many answers though
  72. Anyway. I got a meeting early tomorrow so I unfortunately have to log off. I'll check back tomorrow.
  73. to put it short, kahve and meatslicer simply does very well dps, i've already had a conversation with kahve before since he's an officer that he should be talking with the rogues about how they can improve their performance, now as much as i personally don't mind you nor sakudo you guys still have a good way ahead of you before you do as decent dps as kahve or meatslicer,and i do have faith and i want to keep both of you in here, i have no doubt both of you are capable to be top players, maybe something went wrong and you lost your world buffs at the first 10 mins of the raid or something like that, it happens, also i want to remind you guys, that you have been here for just about 2 weeks or 3 weeks at most now, and when you're this fresh into the guild i HAVE to distribute the loot first to the top performers, and it's not even that i'm loot starving you since i did put you on perditions just about after your first raid
  74. i know for a fact that sakudo got MC'd on lucifron, on aoe bosses the third or fourth or fifth tank sometimes somehow manages to lose threat and it kills 1-2 melee
  75. and i do take care of that, i will give you guys space to perform and i want you guys to show me that you're trying your best
  76. i don't count raid to raid about loot distribution, so i don't care if you do 100 dps one raid and 1000 on the other, as long as i see improvements on your logs, and in scenarios such as the MC on lucifron i will not put a blame on you guys as you had nothing to do about it
  77. the bad part, that i can agree on that it is shit, is that you can die and it can be someone else's fault completely, and your logs are gonna look shit
  78. and the bad part about that bad part is, i can't truely know how good of a player you are in such a short period of time since i haven't seen you perform that much yet
  79. Agreeing entirely with the last message. Whilst it’s a double edged sword I think just because someone is top dps doesn’t mean they should have entire prio because of deaths etc and whatever. I was doing really well with my world buffs (was overall tenth for a little) and then I got stunned by trash and cleaved or something and my performance kinda dipped. I mean don’t get me wrong Kahve and Meat are really good rogues but they do great dps because of the combination of gear + skill it’s not solely skill lol. And I say this as a rogue who is trying to min max with swing timers and maintaining snd and etc since I’ve been playing it for 10+ years. Also the whole swing timer thing I didn’t even know helped so much so thank you for pointing that it out in the rogue channel.
  81. Mershiavandaag om 11:49
  82. Seniority is by far the best argument regarding how loot is distributed currently. It only makes sense. You don't give a lot of loot to a bunch of new guys. That was never what this was about anyway. It was the loot philosophy. At some point ofc, seniority cannot be an argument anymore (unless new people join), since that would mean the first persons of a certain class would always have loot prio over everybody else. You touched this a bit yourself, so I don't believe that will become a problem. We'll have to see when new content hits.
  83. As Setups just mentioned. Primarily focusing gear on the top dogs will in the long run spiral out of control. There will be no incentive to push dps because at some point you simply can't out perform because of gear difference. It will make for a few happy people, and a good bunch of demoralized ones.
  84. And I would like to stress this has nothing to do with my personal loot. I'm very happy with my prio atm. Although I still don't understand the whole cht deal. But that is another discussion.
  85. Avelanevandaag om 15:57
  86. Honestly guys
  87. alot of stuff are taking into account when deciding loot
  88. i dont have anything to do with rogue or warrior loot
  89. but i know for a fact that the ppl who are, are looking into dmg, while obviously ppl who gets gera will do more dmg ...
  90. but they also look at who farms pre raid bis..
  91. and who does interrupts on the fights they are supposed to do it
  92. And without mentioning any names... you can check it yourself in logs... but rogue loot seems to somewhat fall in the right hands
  93. while im not entirely defending how the loot is distributed, cause i found a few faults in the system too, i also acknowledge distributing loot to the ppl who puts in the most effort. But is Vrys says, you guys are pretty much next in line anyway.
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