Wizard Shotan Review

Oct 15th, 2019
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  1. My big complaint is that, for a "grand wizard", your spells aren't flashy enough. I really love your passive, but the actual abilities are kinda underwhelming, and don't sell it very well.
  2. Your Q is damage, your W is damage (except AoE), and your E is a shield-- which I also feel is very out-of-place.
  3. To preface the rest of this: I really like your passive.
  4. However, I also think you don't have enough support for the queue system you currently have, where you're able to queue up your passive instead of blowing it immediately
  5. Which puts you into a position where every combo is W or E into an auto, followed by the other into an auto, followed by Q > AA.
  6. So you're pushed further into "spell weaver" than "combo mage with spell weaving", the latter of which I feel is stronger for your passive.
  7. I think that'd just be pretty easily solved by giving you attack speed whenever you have your passive charges, increasing with the amount of charges you have, so that you can blow those charges pretty quickly
  8. I'd also pull away from the point-and-click stun on your W and put the stun on an active. A point-and-click stun is VERY powerful.
  9. You could also DEFINITELY have flashier abilities to help sell the "grand wizard" thematic.
  10. Oh, the Q passive effect also makes a ton of sense, but is part of the reason you wanna use Q last in your combo, since then you'd get the most out of the cooldown reduction. I'd pull that away from your QP and put it onto your raw passive somehow.
  11. I also feel like the R passive is kinda tacked on, but some form of Mana return makes a bit of sense so that you can keep spell slinging, since "consistent magic" seems to be what you're going for. If you're going to keep it, I'd probably, once again, tie it into your passive somehow.
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