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  1. ExistingExtraFileService    Found 0 extra files 10:12pm
  2. ExistingOtherExtraImporter  Found 0 existing other extra files  10:12pm
  3. ExistingSubtitleImporter    Found 0 existing subtitle files 10:12pm
  4. ExistingMetadataImporter    Found 0 existing metadata files 10:12pm
  5. DiskScanService Completed scanning disk for Jeopardy!   10:12pm
  6. DiskScanService Scanning disk for Jeopardy! 10:12pm
  7. RefreshEpisodeService   Finished episode refresh for series: [77075][Jeopardy!].    10:12pm
  8. RefreshEpisodeService   Starting episode info refresh for: [77075][Jeopardy!]   10:12pm
  9. RefreshSeriesService    Updating Info for Jeopardy! 10:12pm
  10. SceneMappingService Updating Scene mappings 10:12pm
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